Arkikuvahaaste – Everyday photo challenge 5/5

To see what this is about, read this post.

I skipped a day again…but I was so exhausted that as soon as Paxlet went to bed, I followed. After almost 9,5 hours of sleep, I’m feeling much better today. Also, I went to my work doctor yesterday and got new allergy meds and more asthma meds. These new allergy pills don’t seem to make me sleepy, unplugged my nose and stopped it from being as runny and my eyes don’t itch as much. Also, the new nose spray doesn’t feel like I am snorting acid. Pluses all around. As Mr Siili said, I’m feeling (almost) normal. Huh, yeah, I guess you could say I am feeling mostly normal.

Some bridges on my way to the work doctor’s office.
IMG_20140506_095518 IMG_20140506_095630

On my way home from work yesterday, I was sitting in the bus reading when two girls got on and sat next to and across for me. The one next to me said “moikka” (hi/hello) and I replied. I could immediately tell they were churchy people. My first thought was to ignore them as much as I could (very Finnish of me) and “get away as soon as possible” (at the very end of the bus line). But then, I re-thought to myself “why am I being so anti-social. They are people too and there is nothing wrong with having a conversation with someone”. The one next to me asked a question, in Finnish, about a hand-shaped reflector on my backpack. I explained where I got it and what it meant, etc. She was a bit confused and didn’t quite understand everything I said, as she definitely wasn’t Finnish herself. It turns out they are two Americans here on their mission from the LDS (Mormons) church. We ended up chatting the rest of the bus ride. They did try to get me to go to some genealogy event, which I didn’t commit to, but it might be interesting. I did tell them that I am not interested in the church/religious aspect of things, but if they would like, I could give them my number if they wanted to hang out with another American while they are still here. Mr Siili thinks it was a mistake, but I think you can never have enough friends/acquaintances.

Some of the trees are being cut down near/at my bus stop. Makes for an interesting watch while waiting for the bus.

This morning, Paxlet proudly put on his rubber boots all by himself. And insisted on wearing them to daycare even if it wasn’t raining outside. I sure hope it does rain in the next couple of days, like promised, for his sake and my allergies’ sake.

Paxlet scored majorly today with a package from a friend in the US. She is a former teacher and sent us all of her stickers. 100_2388


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