Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth perfume

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker and I were discussing smells. Particularly, perfumes. I said how I used to be able to wear perfume and essential oils, but these days I have become like my mom and I am extremely sensitive to smells. Many perfumes, hand lotions and fragrances actually make me ill if I have to be around them. I get a runny nose, headache, itchy-fevery eyes, which just makes for an over all yuck feeling. I have had to ask Christmas flowers to be taken out of the office and co-workers to not use a certain hand lotions or perfumes. I feel bad asking this, but if I don’t I feel physically ill.

All of this led me to remember Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth perfume that I got for Christmas one year. (Anyone else?) I loved that perfume! At least I think I loved it. Or maybe it was that my friends also had it and it was popular at the time. I grew out of it and I think I ended up tossing the last bit of it out. Years later, my mom reminded me of my love for it and how she couldn’t stand it. To her, it smelled like cat piss. Thanks mom! I’m thankful she didn’t tell me that at the time, I know I wouldn’t have handled it well.

Did you ever have Electric Youth or some other celebrity’s perfume?

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#MicroblogMonday – All drugged up

I got new allergy and asthma medications (aka drugs) today!

The new allergy meds shouldn’t make me tired. Yay! More nose spray and eye drops. Yay! And I even got a new asthma med. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with asthma and I’ve never had a different medication. After explaining that I still have some mucous-like stuff* in my throat when I take my medication regularly, the doctor said it sounded like I should try something a bit stronger. Fingers crossed I’ll be back to somewhat normal soon.

wp-1462794961505.jpeg wp-1462794968630.jpeg

Who would think that the arrival of these cute, little green leaves could make someone’s life so miserable? It’s true! Birch pollen is the bane of my existence right now. Have you ever wanted to dig your eyeballs out with a spoon? No? Well, maybe it’s just me then.

We just had the most beautiful 4 day weekend, Mr Siili took Friday off! Sun, a tiny breeze and temperatures around 22C/70F. And I was miserable from allergies and asthma the whole weekend. It didn’t stop me from going outside, who in their right mind would stay inside during the first really nice weather we’ve gotten this year?! Not this allergy and asthma suffering girl. Plus, the beautiful weather continues!

Anyone else suffering with allergies? What helps relieve the symptoms for you?

*The thick mucous stuff isn’t that bad, mostly annoying. But what I have found myself doing is clearing my throat and then spitting (when outside) to get rid of it. I really don’t want to teach my kids to spit all the time, so I hope this new medication helps. Yes, I could discreetly spit into a tissue, but I just don’t have one at the ready all the time. For snotty noses…that’s another (t)issue.

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#MicroblogMonday – bulletin points

Today is a bulletin point sort of day…

– I think I spoke a bit too soon. I am now feeling slight allergy symptoms, but so far not bad enough to force me to take medication. I’m impressed.

– I hate ants. Actually, I would go so far as to say I might even have a phobia of them. I know I have reacted irrationally around/because of them at times. And yet, my boy plays with them. He willingly lets them walk on his hands. *shudder*

– As we were walking home this evening, he picked up a piece of asphalt. I asked him to put it down…and he goes on to tell me that he had a fine piece of asphalt.  And when I finally did get him to put it down, he put it next to the “daddy” piece of asphalt.

– This evening Paxlet asked me to sing him a song about a screwdriver that was stuck in the ground and an ant that was playing with the screwdriver. This isn’t his first request like this either. He usually asks Mr Siili all sorts of silly things.

– I couldn’t get over the feeling of loss of my mom yesterday. It put me in quite a sad and foul mood.

– I finished sewing a full set of the cloth letters. They turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

– How can it be so difficult to pick out a name (first and middle) for such a little girl?! 5 weeks on and she still doesn’t have a name! We think we might have first name, but we can’t figure out a middle name that sounds good with it. I’m almost ready to choose a different first name, but we can’t even figure out any other names.

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Allergy Season

Allergy season is upon us! The alder trees are done blooming. And now it is the birch trees’ time to pollinate, yet I’m not feeling much in the way of allergy symptoms. I was just thinking to myself this morning that I haven’t been experiencing any allergy symptoms this year. Huh!? And then I go look at my handy-dandy trusty pollen report webpage in Finland and I see that birch pollen is everywhere!! And in full force! Ok, maybe that explains my slightly runny nose, but that’s all. This is the first year in…as long as I can remember that I haven’t been majorly affected by allergies, especially those due to birch: my worst enemy.

I’m not complaining one bit! It’s just…different. I’ll take this slight runny nose over not being able to breathe because of asthma, itchy eyes so bad I want to claw them out, a constant fountain of a nose and all around miserable feeling any day. Bring on spring!

Arkikuvahaaste – Everyday photo challenge 5/5

To see what this is about, read this post.

I skipped a day again…but I was so exhausted that as soon as Paxlet went to bed, I followed. After almost 9,5 hours of sleep, I’m feeling much better today. Also, I went to my work doctor yesterday and got new allergy meds and more asthma meds. These new allergy pills don’t seem to make me sleepy, unplugged my nose and stopped it from being as runny and my eyes don’t itch as much. Also, the new nose spray doesn’t feel like I am snorting acid. Pluses all around. As Mr Siili said, I’m feeling (almost) normal. Huh, yeah, I guess you could say I am feeling mostly normal.

Some bridges on my way to the work doctor’s office.
IMG_20140506_095518 IMG_20140506_095630

On my way home from work yesterday, I was sitting in the bus reading when two girls got on and sat next to and across for me. The one next to me said “moikka” (hi/hello) and I replied. I could immediately tell they were churchy people. My first thought was to ignore them as much as I could (very Finnish of me) and “get away as soon as possible” (at the very end of the bus line). But then, I re-thought to myself “why am I being so anti-social. They are people too and there is nothing wrong with having a conversation with someone”. The one next to me asked a question, in Finnish, about a hand-shaped reflector on my backpack. I explained where I got it and what it meant, etc. She was a bit confused and didn’t quite understand everything I said, as she definitely wasn’t Finnish herself. It turns out they are two Americans here on their mission from the LDS (Mormons) church. We ended up chatting the rest of the bus ride. They did try to get me to go to some genealogy event, which I didn’t commit to, but it might be interesting. I did tell them that I am not interested in the church/religious aspect of things, but if they would like, I could give them my number if they wanted to hang out with another American while they are still here. Mr Siili thinks it was a mistake, but I think you can never have enough friends/acquaintances.

Some of the trees are being cut down near/at my bus stop. Makes for an interesting watch while waiting for the bus.

This morning, Paxlet proudly put on his rubber boots all by himself. And insisted on wearing them to daycare even if it wasn’t raining outside. I sure hope it does rain in the next couple of days, like promised, for his sake and my allergies’ sake.

Paxlet scored majorly today with a package from a friend in the US. She is a former teacher and sent us all of her stickers. 100_2388

Arkikuvahaaste – Everyday photo challenge 4/5

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I was a bit lazy today in the photo department. But I think this one sums up my day and thoughts quite well: medications (and vitamins).


This is what I take everyday, or at least should take everyday during peak allergy season. Eye drops, allergy pills, nose spray (that feels like I am spraying acid in my nose), asthma meds and different vitamins & minerals.

This morning I took Paxlet to the nurse in order to be seen by the doctor. So I was late to work. Then I left work early to take Paxlet to the doctor’s appointment. The good news is he doesn’t have allergies, at least not yet. I guess kids under 2 don’t generally have allergies. It takes 2 years before their body can’t resist pollen/allergens. So, I guess we’ll see if he has issues next spring or not.

The not so good news is that he most likely had a viral cold. 😦 It thankfully wasn’t too bad, but he is definitely springing back now. More energy and on the go go go!

I wish my allergies were on the go go go too. I am so miserable with not being able to breathe. My nose is constantly plugged, yet 2 seconds later it is dripping like crazy. It is also scaly like a lizard. My eyes itch. (A person doesn’t really need eyes, right? I’ve got a spoon that would fit perfectly. Yes, I’m being facetious, sort of.) As pretty as birch trees are, I strongly dislike hate them right now. What we need is a decent rain to wash all the loose pollen and dirt away. Until then, I’m miserable.

Another trip to the doctor for allergy meds

It’s been 2 weeks now since the birch trees have let their pollen into the wind and I am still suffereing! Most of the symptoms during the day are managable. In addition to my regular allergy pills and daily asthma med, I have another asthma medication for when my chest feels constricted from an acute asthma attack, I have eye drops for when I want to scratch my eyeballs out and I have nasal spray that sort of unblocks my nostrils, for a short while, sometimes. While none of these seem to fully relieve my symptoms, they do well enough that I can survive until it rains again and the birch, plus other pollens, lessen.

It’s during the night that I’m having problems. I am not a mouth breather normally, so sleeping is difficult to do when you have to sleep with your mouth open. The reason for this is because one of my nostrils is usually fully blocked and the other one isn’t fully open either. Although, which nostril it is seems to depend on which side I am sleeping on and they switch every couple of hours anyway.

So, after a particularly bad night last night for Mr Siili and myself, I called to our work nurse again to ask for another appointment with the doctor to see if there was anything else I can take to help with my nose. Our work doctor wouldn’t be in the office until Thursday, so I was booked with a general doctor in the same building (still paid for by work).

This doctor was one I had seen last November for a throat infection when I was going through IVF #3. He was quite nice then and now. After asking what’s the problem and me telling my symptoms, he started suggesting things I could use. I quickly interupted that I am pregnant. When I mentioned this little fact, he remembered that I had/we had been trying to get pregnant and congratulated me. Next the doctor spent probably 20 minutes looking through his medicine book to try to find something more or different I could take for my blocked nose. Unfortunately I am already taking at least one type of medication in each form that I can while pregnant.

The only thing I can really do is to try some other non-medicinal nose sprays or washes. Which, has brought me finally get up the courage and try the Sarvikuono (rhino horn), which is the Finnish version of the Neti Pot. So, this evening I’ll be mixing up my solution of sea salt and warm water and rinsing out my sinuses. Wish me luck!