#MicroblogMonday – Mohawk and Pigtails

Aaaand it’s Tuesday.

Paxlet finally asked for a hairstyle. A mohawk!!! And off we went to the hairdresser, as it was time to get it cute anyway.
wp-image-708545592jpeg.jpeg wp-image-210508635jpeg.jpeg wp-image-1941421891jpeg.jpeg
I think if he still likes this style, next time we can get the sides even shorter and the ‘hawk part more defined. And as soon as I’m not feeling lazy, we’re going to color his mohawk also. Green? Purple? Blue? I’ve got them all, he just needs to decide.

Little miss Tadbit isn’t to be outdone, either. Her hair is getting long enough for pigtails and a hair pretty on the front (to keep her bangs/fringe out of her eyes). The hair clip is quick and easy to put in and she loves it. The pigtails or ponytails on the other hand result in screeches as I am attempting to put them in. In addition, they only stay in for a few minutes.
wp-image-1044701192jpeg.jpeg wp-image-2061434494jpeg.jpeg

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#MicroblogMonday – Only four more weeks

Happy 4th of July to all my readers. And Happy Independence Day to my American readers!


That’s how little I have left before I head back to work and the kids start/go back to daycare. This is my last few weeks of parental leave and being a full time stay at home mom*. I am not having any more kids (waiting for my tubal surgery date) and as such, I don’t see any more long periods of being at home with the kids in my future. I like being home with my kids, even if I am frazzled and exhausted by bedtime most days. I’m just not ready to go back to work.

This time around, I’m not as panicked and worried about leaving Paxlet at daycare and going back to work as I was when I left Paxlet for the first time. For him, this will be normal and routine going back to the same daycare lady.  For Tadbit, this will be here first time going to daycare, but she has seen this lady almost every day of her life and knows her well enough. Plus, her big brother will be there with her. I am preparing that my heart will break if she cries, but I’m not worried about it.

I’ve been so lucky to be home as long as I have with my kids (1 year and 5 months, this time), but where has time time gone? Time goes by so quickly and the kids grow up so fast. Why can’t I make some parts of life go in slow motion?

*I’m not sure if I really qualify as a stay at home mom, because I have had and do have a job waiting for me when “it’s time” to head back.
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#MicroblogMonday – Candy Land

I found a much used Candy Land board game at the flea market today. It was only 2,50€! I loved playing this game as a kid and I was so excited to introduce it to Paxlet. Unfortunately it was missing 10 of the cards. You know, like, all of the special picture cards that drop you on a specific spot on the board: Gumdrop Mountains, Peppermint Forest, Peanut Brittle House, etc.
I did return it and get my money back, but I’m so bummed! We wanted to play the game.

What’s a game you liked as a kid?

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6 years a Finn

Getting my Finnish citizenship hasn’t really changed my life in any day to day way, but I was happy to get it anyway.

The biggest difference I have found having dual citizenship is that when I travel to the US, I need to have both passports with me. I have been told that having a Finnish/EU passport has the potential to make travel easier to say Russia or Cuba. I’ve never had any issues traveling with my American passport or being an American. I believe being a nice person, no matter your world status, is what matters.

As for matters of Finnish-ness, I’ll never be fully Finnish. For starters, I don’t drink enough alcohol. LOL. And while I am much quieter than I used to be, I’m still “the loud American”. Hey, I speak English and don’t have a problem with letting my voice be heard. Also, this west coast accent of mine, when speaking English, is just too American. My physical features are nothing exceptional, so I can and do pass as a Finn, until I open my mouth. I do speak Finnish and sound decently enough like a Finn* as long as I don’t get into long winded speeches, which reveal my many mistakes. In fact, I think I fooled/tricked someone (unwittingly) into thinking I was a Finn that decided to speak to my kids in English to be cool, or something.

Having dual citizenship just feels a bit nerdy/geeky. It isn’t really needed, but it is cool to have because no one else has it.
Like my artsy-fartsy representation of the Finnish flag? I had fun capturing it.

*I have tried really hard to pronounce words, letters and sounds as the Finns do and not an American/foreigner speaking the language.

#MicroblogMonday – Bad day, not bad mom

Today just wasn’t my day. It was the first day Mr Siili was back at work after two weeks home and it felt like nothing was going right.

I lost my temper and my cool many times today. I yelled at the kids much more than I care to admit. I threatened too many things, however, I did manage to keep the threats mostly realistic.

At bedtime, I really lost it and put Paxlet in bed without his teeth brushed or a shower and no bedtime book or songs. He screamed and cried with full body sobs. I told him I love him, I just didn’t like his actions today. Mr Siili came home and saved Paxlet’s bedtime routine.

Tadbit hasn’t been much easier in going to bed either lately. And tonight has been no exception. Screaming, playing, milk, playing, screaming and more milk. Eventually, sleep will come.

I feel like a horrible, no good mom today. But I know that isn’t true. I’m a mom that’s just had a horrible day.

Screaming and crying

As I lay on top of my bed, the clock reads 21:18 and Tadbit is still screaming, for almost an hour already. I’ve been (mostly) laying on this bed with her since 19:24. Bedtime started out as normal, but something has obviously gone wrong. Was it Mr Siili coming into the room for a bit while I sat with Paxlet? (Not a common occurance.) She has had both boobs, yet keeps pulling at my shirt. We’ve gone downstairs for more porridge and an impromptu game of signing “more” water to drink out of a normal drinking cup. Was it some gas that she has now passed? Have we had too much excitement these last few days?

I have no idea what the matter is, but I too have cried this evening. I would love to call my mom up right now and ask what she did when me or my siblings wouldn’t go to bed. But I can’t. Tomorrow will have been five years since I could call her. I wasn’t even pregnant yet then.

It’s now 21:45. Tadbit isn’t screaming, but she isn’t sleeping either.


She’s happily and quietly putting clothes in and taking them out of plastic freezer bags. And I still miss my mom.

The clock now reads 22:17. I’ve let Tadbit play for almost 40 minutes more. I change her diaper, lay her down and she starts to scream again. I lay down next to her, trying to explain to her that it is bedtime. I need her to sleep so I can sleep too. As I start crying again, she holds my arm and falls asleep.

I loved Moominworld!

I think the kids loved the trip too. It was a long day, but we all survived and had lots to see.

This is a picture intensive post, with a couple of stories thrown in.

Tadbit, on the bus ride there, wearing a Moomin Troll (Muumipeikko) onsie. She’s playing with a tic-tac-toe set I made.

Paxlet wearing a Moomin shirt. Never sitting still.

Our view as we walk across the bridge to Moominworld island. It was the most beautiful, sunny, warm day. At times almost too hot, but then we’d get in some shade and it was perfect.

The Moomin family house. I wish I had more time and a slower pace, instead of chasing after one or both kids, to check out all the details in this house and every other place. The few I did get to see were amazing!

Moomin Troll’s play house (next to his parents’ house). There’s a slide on the right hand side to get down.


Moominpappa. When Tadbit first saw Moominpappa and touched his nose, she giggled. A bit later, as he gave us his full attention, she squeaked a bit in fear.

View from the island.

Moomin Pappa’s ship/boat.


Hemuli’s house. He has collections of stamps, butterflies, plants and more in there.


Snork (Snorkmaiden’s big brother).

Resting (with a wiggly Tadbit on my lap) in a hammock that oh so love-ily matched my hair!

View from said hammock.

Mr Siili and Paxlet “resting” in a hammock, with Tadbit wanting to join in.

Hattifatteners (Hattivatti).

Snufkin and a goofy me. He walked by me and commented that my hair color matched his clothes color. I replied and said it is a great color.:)

This toy ship was a common sleeping room in the Moomin family house. Just one of the many details.


The backside of Little My (Pikku Myy). She’s always been one of my favorite characters. A bit naughty and definitely mischievous. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of her front side.

Stinky (Haisuli) and a police. Stinky is a troublemaker and often in jail. He causes trouble wherever he goes. Just before I took this picture, the police asked Stinky when was the last time he had taken a shower, because he stunk. The little boy leaned in to smell him! Hahaha!

Here are some links if you want to see more pictures of the Moomin and learn a bit more about the characters.

Many characters with their names in English. And Finnish. I personally like some of the names better in Finnish, as they make more sense. Or maybe I am just used to them that way.

A list describing who is who and their personality.
This link has the Swedish names along with descriptions.