#MicroblogMonday – Recycling

Bleh, the original post became too wordy.

I try to recycle (and re-use). It makes me feel good. Paper, cardboard and bio-waste, plus regular garbage containers are at the ready for us to use at home. We should be getting metal and glass too, but that has been “in the works” since the beginning of the year. Until we do get them, I take the glass and metal to a store we frequent that has containers for them. In addition, this store has a plastic recycle bin!

Now that I am consciously and more carefully trying to recycle what I can, we have much less regular household garbage going out. The biggest culprit is plastics! Plastic is everywhere and takes up so much (garbage) space! In the first two weeks of this month alone, I had two over flowing bags of metal, glass and mostly plastics to recycle.

I know that I should think about a product and its packaging before I even buy it. That would help drastically with the need to recycle in the first place. But, in some ways that seems very daunting and expensive. Not everything can be purchased in reusable bags/containers, without a huge cost.

Do you recycle?

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#MicroblogMonday – This and that #3

I played adult today and finally opened/started a retirement fund-thing for myself. How am I not 18 or 21 anymore? And why does it still feel like I am playing house at times?


It has been 4 months since I first got my hair bleached and dyed. My “roots” were showing pretty bad, but I finally bleached them last night. I was so nervous to bleach my own hair, but it wasn’t so bad. I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. After that, I dyed all of my hair green again. I mixed the Marge Blue and Daisy Yellow of Herman’s Amazing hair color that I had from a previous dye job. Except I used a more yellow and got a more spring green color. I love it!
There are more hair photos at the bottom. I was having fun this morning.


Tadbit might be the sporty one in the family. She loves her brother’s hockey stick and ball. She’s even pretty good at hitting the ball with the stick. But what she really likes is this mini golf club and golf ball that we got in a Kinder Surprise egg. She saw me once show Paxlet how to use it and she has been “practicing” with it ever since. The ball is also a prized item to walk around with, when we let her. (The ball is very small and more likely to be easily swallowed than choked on, but we’d still like to keep it on the outside.)


Yesterday I gave Paxlet his very own craft box. I took crafty items from my many craft boxes, put them in a box just for him and told him to go at it. He loved it! There is stickers, tape, a glue stick, tissue paper, colored paper, cardboard bits, wooden craft shapes, straws, string, fuzz balls, and so on. Scissors are kept separately, which he can have when he asks for them.


And the rest of the pictures.


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#MicroblogMonday – All drugged up

I got new allergy and asthma medications (aka drugs) today!

The new allergy meds shouldn’t make me tired. Yay! More nose spray and eye drops. Yay! And I even got a new asthma med. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with asthma and I’ve never had a different medication. After explaining that I still have some mucous-like stuff* in my throat when I take my medication regularly, the doctor said it sounded like I should try something a bit stronger. Fingers crossed I’ll be back to somewhat normal soon.

wp-1462794961505.jpeg wp-1462794968630.jpeg

Who would think that the arrival of these cute, little green leaves could make someone’s life so miserable? It’s true! Birch pollen is the bane of my existence right now. Have you ever wanted to dig your eyeballs out with a spoon? No? Well, maybe it’s just me then.

We just had the most beautiful 4 day weekend, Mr Siili took Friday off! Sun, a tiny breeze and temperatures around 22C/70F. And I was miserable from allergies and asthma the whole weekend. It didn’t stop me from going outside, who in their right mind would stay inside during the first really nice weather we’ve gotten this year?! Not this allergy and asthma suffering girl. Plus, the beautiful weather continues!

Anyone else suffering with allergies? What helps relieve the symptoms for you?

*The thick mucous stuff isn’t that bad, mostly annoying. But what I have found myself doing is clearing my throat and then spitting (when outside) to get rid of it. I really don’t want to teach my kids to spit all the time, so I hope this new medication helps. Yes, I could discreetly spit into a tissue, but I just don’t have one at the ready all the time. For snotty noses…that’s another (t)issue.

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Sometimes I could be in the US

Today, as I was driving home in my automatic car, after picking up Subway for dinner, while listening to Nirvana on the radio, with the window down and the sun shining all around me, I felt as if I could have been driving in the US. And then I saw a street sign that we just don’t have in the US and I remembered that I am in Finland.

#MicroblogMonday – Win! Win!

Today, I got a FB message saying I had won a free spot/table at a flea market (for a week?) to sell stuff. I never win anything! Much less a FB competition. But this time I did and I’m stoked about it. Now to get pricing the kids’ clothes to sell.


In another win today, Tadbit will be going to the same daycare/childminder as Paxlet in the fall!!! This topic has consciously been on my mind since December. And subconsciously since (before) she was born. We really like our daycare lady and I wanted both of my kids to go there. It doesn’t hurt that she lives directly across the street from us either. I feel spoiled.

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#MicroblogMonday – Park

It’s still raining, winding and sometimes even sleeting. Welcome to spring in Finland.

The weather doesn’t stop the need for kids to burn off energy, so yesterday morning after being half awake since 4:30am and fully awake since 6am, the kids and I went to Sorsapuisto (duck park).

We were the first ones at the park at 9:25am.


Paxlet and Tadbit had lots of fun running around.



It was actually decently warm and a bit sunny while we were there.
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Funny Finnish-ism: sand cakes and “ei paha”

Spring is here, although you wouldn’t know it by the snow and sleet flurries we’ve had the last couple of days. This means that the sandboxes are no longer covered in snow and the muddy-sandy bog that they had become, has dried up enough to be called a sandbox again. It also means the sandboxes can be played in, much to the children’s delight!


Here in Finland, kids make “sand cakes” (hiekkakakku*) instead of a “sand castles”. (Unless they are specifically making a sand castle, then they might call it a hiekkalinna.)

And when kids have filled up a bucket/container, flipped it over and before they have taken said bucket/container off the creation, they will often say a little rhyme while tapping the top/bottom to ensure that they get a “good cake”.

Älä tule paha kakku, tule hyvä kakku!
Don’t come a bad cake, come a good cake.

I don’t remember anything like this from growing up or since then, in the US. So this was quite new and charming to me when I first moved to Finland. These days, it is  normal and cute.

Even cuter, is when Paxlet was first learning to make sand cakes, he would only say “ei paha” (no/don’t bad) while performing said  and the last syllable would be higher pitched than the rest. Nowadays, he’s becoming a pro at making sand cakes and has no problems saying the rhyme in its entirety.

*As I googled hiekkakakku to make sure I was spelling it correctly and as one word, I got many hits on an actual cake-type with this name. Most seemed to involve some cognac in the recipe.