#MicroblogMonday – cat adoption

We adopted two girl cats this last weekend. They are 9 months old. The names they came with are Mini and Milli, but they won’t stay that way. Once we get to know them and their personality, we’ll choose something else. If we get to know them. They have been in hiding since they came to us on Saturday afternoon. Tadbit doesn’t even know they exist in our home yet, which is probably for the best as I’m sure she’d want to smother pet them.

So, now we wait.

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#MicroblogMonday – Remembering

Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Some years, it sneaks up on me and others I am very much aware of it. It’s what happens when a holiday isn’t celebrated where you live (and you’ve been away from country for the holiday for most of 17 years). I think this year it has mostly sneaked* up on me. I mean, I knew Thanksgiving was coming, but I didn’t really start feeling it until just the other day and especially last night.

The night before Thanksgiving is when my grandma died. I was 14. I had wanted to stay the night at a friend’s house that night, but my mom wouldn’t let me. But that next morning she said I could go to my friends. I thought it strange, but being 14, I didn’t think about it much further. Until that evening after the Thanksgiving festivities had ended and my mom told us the news. We ended up leaving to my grandparents house the next day.

I remember that I didn’t have my school work with me. We were reading Great Expectations in English class. I remember Perrin (4 years older than me) taking me and my siblings to a truck stop for hot chocolate while we were in my grandparents’ hometown. He had taught me how to play pool that summer. And I had a huge 14 year old girl crush on him. (It would never ever be anything more, because he was a proper Mormon boy.) I remember seeing my grandmother in her open casket. It was her, but it wasn’t. It was also the first (and only?) time I’ve seen a dead person. I remember the dress I wore to the funeral: the same turquoise dress I wore to my 8th grade dance. (My grandmother wouldn’t have wanted me to be sad and wear black my mom told me.) I remember the last conversation I had with my grandma. She was telling me that she might get her ears pierced.

I remember.


*Sneaked is a correct past tense form of snuck, I googled it.

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#MicroblogMonday – It’s been a Monday

This morning started with Tadbit being awake from 4-5. I’m not sure why she was awake, as she didn’t tell me, but she sure didn’t like my raised voice just before 5 telling her to go back to sleep.

Then, a yogurt cup exploded all over the inside of my bag. Yes, it was not very smart of me to not put it in a condom (aka a plastic bag). But how was I to know that my bag would jump toward freedom as the bus doors opened because I forget to keep it leashed over my shoulder when I stood up on the bus? The plastic yogurt container was shredded upon impact. I think my bag has survived the wash.

I got two nice cuts from glass class today. On the flip side, I finished the pencil holder I was making. It’s a bit wonky, but that’s me. My box:

20161114_141333 20161114_141343

My next project: some hearts of all colors.


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Toy day

Thursdays are “toy day” at my kids’ daycare. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to pick one toy to take with you for the day.

It used to be that the kids could take a toy everyday if they wanted. However, lately there has been some kerfluffles over toys, so our daycare lady changed it so that they kids can only take a toy one day a week. Sleep buddies are allowed everyday, but they stay in the backpack except for nap time.

Tadbit was easy. She wanted a little (Matchbox) car. She put it in her backpack. Done.

Paxlet on the other hand… He wanted a stuffed giraffe (ok), with the long string leash attached (not ok, as it becomes a swinging weapon). Then he wanted a foil Moomin balloon (not ok, because of the sharp plastic piece on it and the possibility of it popping). Next he wanted one of Tadbit’s toys. And finally he asked if he could take his soft green Moomin ball (~6in diameter). Yay! Then Paxlet changed his mind and wanted to take the bracelet he made last night. After a few second’s thought, I agreed.
This might sound like it wasn’t so difficult to choose when I write it ou t, but during the actual negotiation, there was a lot of whining (from Paxlet) and negotiation/explaining (from the parental units) going on.

US Election 2016 results

I’m feeling a bit sick to my stomach and at a loss for words.

I think Obama said it best with “…the sun will rise in the morning…”, however I am a bit less optimistic about the second half of the sentence: “and America will still be the greatest nation on Earth.”


#MicroblogMonday – No tubes tied for me

A month ago I went to the gynecologist to discuss getting my tubes tied*. I was waiting for the doctor to get back to me about my endometriosis surgery back in 2009 as I couldn’t remember what was, or wasn’t, found. It turns out I did have some endometriosis and an endometrioma (cyst) removed. I’m quite bummed about not being a good candidate for going hormone free. The doctor said, that not only could stopping hormonal birth control possibly allow the endometriosis to grow/form again, and because of my age, if I had to re-start hormonal birth control again, it could cause more health issues such as blood clots (and whatever else she said), than if I were to just continue with it.

The Nuva Ring is a good birth control option for me to continue with or I can switch to the Mirena IUD. Both are low in hormones, plus they are mostly localized to the uterus/ovary area. The Nuva Ring is easy and I basically only have to deal with it twice a month. But I still have to deal with it. I have had a copper IUD before and Holy F! was it painful to get it inserted. It might have had to do with the fact that I hadn’t had kids yet, or it just is painful. Also, the IUD strings were the wrong length and they poked Mr Siili when we were intimate, which wasn’t too pleasant for him. With the Mirena, I was told that most women’s periods go away after some time. (I bet mine won’t. They like to be very regular.) I would still be able to use tampons and the IUD lasts for up to 5 years.

I’m going to give the Mirena IUD a try. The thought of less bleeding and not having to deal with birth control for several years won out. It will also be quite a bit cheaper. Just under 200€ for the IUD compared to 45€ ever 3 months for the ring. Now I wait for my appointment in a month to get it inserted.

*Actually it was getting Essure mico-implants put in the tubes to scar the tubes so that eggs can’t pass through, thus not get pregnant.)

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#MicroblogMonday – Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re not doing much to celebrate it here, but I have put my cat ears and tail on for the day. I get lots of looks. LOL.

The kids and I made pumpkins the other day. These are mine.

The kids and I made pumpkins the other day. These are mine.

The winter tires were put on my car this weekend. I’m so thankful to Mr Siili and his brother (and family). The snow can come now. In fact, I’d prefer a bit colder and snow than this hovering just above freezing. The damp cold just goes to my bones.

Daylight savings was this last weekend. I forgot about it and thought the kids had actually let us sleep in until 7:20! It took me two hours to realize the time had changed and Tadbit had actually woken me up at 6:20. This morning was even worse.
Let me just say, kids + daylight savings = suckage!

I’m heading to my glass class again tonight. I’m by far the youngest person there, at 40 years of age. There are a couple of Finns that have lived in the US for many years and one Swedish-Finnish lady, but I still feel like I am the only foreigner. Everyone is nice and their works are amazing. I feel I need to step up my game and do something where I actually take my time to do it properly. Most of all, it’s nice to have a few hours of total me time.

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