Only I would have known

Tadbit and I went to a flea market yesterday. I found clothes for her and Paxlet. However, when the clothes were rung up at the cash register, the total was less than I had calculated in my head. I just figured that I had added something incorrectly. No worries, I thought. It was in my benefit. But later in the evening when Paxlet and I were looking through the clothes, I noticed one of the items still had the price tag on it. *frown* So I had calculated correctly, but the sales lady just missed that item. I could have just left it at that and gone on with my life. It wasn’t my fault that the lady had missed it. But I would have known that I hadn’t paid for it and I would be reminded of it each time Paxlet wore it. Plus, the person who was selling the item wouldn’t get their money.


So, I emailed the flea market and told them what had happened. I got a reply this morning and the lady will make sure the person gets their money and I will pay for item the next time I go back there, because I know I will go back there. I love me a bargain!
What would you have done?


Most flea markets here in Finland work that people rent a table from the store and the store handles the money. When your rental time us up, you pick up what didn’t sell and get paid the amount toy did sell.

Midnight blue


In the sun.


Natural light

I was informed today that dyeing one’s hair this color is in fashion right now. Who knew?! Not me. I was just using the last of my hair dye colours. 

#MicroblogMonday – In the blink of an eye

While the 8 weeks at home with both kids felt like forever when I think of it in terms of Paxlet (sometimes). I feel like I barely remember any of the things having to do with Tadbit. She was 2 months old at the beginning of the summer “holiday” and 4 months when it was over. When did Tadbit stop being a baby baby and become a big baby?

I’m feeling a bit…sad. This is definitely the last time I will be experiencing any baby things with my own kids and it feels like they are slipping through my fingers too fast. And I know this time goes quickly, yet it is still happening!

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Tadbit is 4 months old

I haven’t said much solely about Tadbit lately, so I thought I’d do a monthly update. She turned 4 months old last week. It occurred to me last night that she was 2 months old when Paxlet’s summer holiday started and now she is 4 months. She has changed and grown so much in the last two months!

Weight & Length: Last week she weighed in at 7540 g (16,6 lbs) and was 63,5 cm (25 in) long.

Sleeping: I think there is a bit of the 4 month sleep regression going on, coupled with a growth spurt, and I’m not getting as much sleep as I was earlier. The last couple of nights she has woken every couple of hours to eat. Naps can be anywhere from 4 hours to 45 minutes. I’m thinking now that Paxlet is back in daycare, Tadbit’s naps will become more routine and predictable.

Eating: I’ve got another champion eater on my hands, or rather boobs. She has gotten more efficient at eating and it now generally takes much less time to feed Tadbit. She also is quite good at letting me know when she doesn’t want to eat anymore.

Diapers: I just today opened a pack of size 4 diapers (7-11 kg). She could have stuck with size 3 for some time, but we’re out of those… I hope this larger size will help curb the explosions that happen almost daily, in all different diaper brands. I think the explosions have more to do with how she is sitting than anything else. Ugh!

Clothing: Tadbit is wearing size 68 cm / 3-6 month clothing, with a few 6-9 month pieces thrown in. We have been given so many summer clothes (short sleeved & legged) that there is no way we will wear them all. It just isn’t that warm nor for that long. I feel a bit sad for that.

Hair: She was born with some dark hair and most of it has fallen out to be replaced with blond hair. The same happened with me.

Personality: She is a very happy baby. She loves to talk, laugh, giggle and watch her brother. She is also a “don’t want to lay back” baby. Also like her brother, she watches everything around her with a very intense look. She’s not going to let anything get by her notice. This little girl is also very demanding and not afraid to let us know when she is unhappy. The binky didn’t stay in her mouth? She’s going to fuss! The toy fell away from her reach? Yup, she’s going to let us know about it, loudly. Poor Mr Siili is not going to get any peace and quiet in this household. LOL

Milestones & Firsts: Tadbit is rolling over from her back to the front on her right side. Today I saw her roll on the left for the first time.

She can reach for and grasp things quite well these days. And getting them into her mouth is easy!

On her 4th month birth date, she started blowing raspberries and hasn’t stopped. She finds it quite funny if you blow them at her and she is proud of herself when she does it to.

#MicroblogMonday – I survived 8 weeks of summer with both kids at home


I’m a bit torn over my feelings on this post title and the content to come. Yes, I know I wanted not one kid, but two and I have been extremely lucky to have them. However, with Paxlet quickly coming up on 3 years of age, he is a handful! He sometimes fights anything and everything I do or say and then screams or cries when something is done that he doesn’t approve of. Add on top of that the refusal to take a nap, even if it is needed, or even rest for a short bit, unless we are in the car then falling asleep is a given. Having him home these last 8 weeks from daycare has been totally exhausting! So, in that sense, I survived those times when he was screaming, crying and fighting me.

I realize that people who have twins, or more, deal with more than one kid all day from the get go. I also realize that not all moms can or want to have their older kids in daycare while they are at home. For me, I have found it a godsend while I was getting my feet under me after having Tadbit. It helps that Paxlet likes his daycare lady and the kids. Plus they are able to play his extra energy out much better than I am.

During the times he was happy, not screaming and we were working on things in the same direction, summer was great! We did quite many things at home and away from home. I enjoyed the good times. Paxlet is truly a smart, talkative (my ears are hanging on by threads) and sweet little boy that is growing up so fast.

In “honor” of Paxlet heading back to daycare today, Tadbit and I had a restful day at home and I took a nap with her in the morning. Aaahh! Sleep!

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#MicroblogMonday – 39

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 39.


I’ve been hating my wardrobe lately. It’s really plain, boring and most clothes have been bought some years ago (many are from 6 years ago, plus or minus). I don’t feel most of them are me anymore.

One day, not long after Tadbit was born, I happened to see these beautifully bright and vibrant clothes in the store I bought a nursing bra at. But when I looked at their price, OMG! I was not going to pay 70+ euros for one item. A few days later, I happened to mention these clothes, whose brand name I had forgotten, to my good friend R and she asked me if the brand was Desigual. Why, yes! That was them! She has a few pieces and just loves them, even if they do cost a pretty penny. A week or two later and she informs me that Desigual’s website is having a 50-70% off sale and would I want to create an order with her. After quickly painstakingly going through their sale items, I had 15 items that I more or less liked. I narrowed it down to 6 items and then 4, but I was trying to get it down only 2 items. I mentioned this to Mr Siili and asked if he’d come give me his opinion when he asked if I would like to have this as my birthday gift? Would I ever?!

One order later and an agonizing 5 day’s wait and I am now the proud owner of 2 beautiful and feel-good dresses and 2 comfy and cute shirts.

love hanaleis

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#MicroblogMonday – 16 years

Tomorrow is 16 years ago that I hopped on a plane to come live in Finland.

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