Pole dancing and Aurora Borealis

These two things have nothing in common except for the fact that I did former and saw the later tonight!

This was me second time ever trying pole dancing. The first was at a bachelorette party years ago.I’ve thought that experience over the years and longingly watched the studio near my work for some time. Finally I went at a friend’s urging. We had fun! But I am going to hurt from the tops of my fingers all the way down to the tips of my toes. And some new bruises to boot. I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

Before tonight, I have only ever seen the northern lights once. And that was up in lapland, as we were getting on the train to head back home. Most nights when the lights have been visible in my town, I either don’t hear about it until the next day, it is cloudy or I can’t be bothered to stay awake and go outside in the middle of the (cold) night. Tonight, I went out there! I drove 3 minutes away (literally) to get to a bit darker place to be able to see the northern lights. And I did see them! They are strong, moving and all over the sky. Amazing!

#MicroblogMonday – On catching up on sleep


It has to me Murphy’s law or…maybe it’s just me, but I have noticed that it is just not possible to catch up on sleep. Each evening that I actually go to bed early or try to go to bed early, something happens to prevent me from getting a much needed full night’s sleep. For example, one of the kids will wake up in the middle of the night and not go back to sleep easily or something forgotten (laundry in the machine, perhaps) will need to be taken care of before I can crawl into bed. And last night was no exception.

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#MicroblogMonday – Rainbow of flavors


How do you eat your Skittles?

For me, I eat the greens first as I like lime the least, even if green is my favourite color. Then I eat orange and yellow interchangeably. Both are tasty, but I don’t have that strong of an opinion on them. Then it is quite often a tie between purple and red,  depending on my mood. Most times, red wins and it is eaten last as strawberries are unbeatable!

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Crowns & Giveaway – winner announced

After my post last week, I had someone buy two of my crowns! I was and am totally thrilled. I’ll be putting them in the mail on Monday. I hope the recipients will like them.


After using a random name picker I found via Google, Mel at Stirrup Queens is the winner! I hope you’ll like your stripey crown.


p.s. Why didn’t anyone say I had the date wrong in the last post? Today is the 27th, not 26th.

#MicroblogMonday – Crowns & Giveaway


When Paxlet was almost 1 year old, I made him a crown for his birthday. He wouldn’t wear it then, but these days it is fun to wear.


It’s a bit early, but I thought I’d make one for Tadbit also (same  as the top right) and then I got a bit carried away and made a few more. I’ve made one more, for a friend’s birthday, but I forgot to take a picture. A shame really, as it was a beautiful petrol with gold trim.

After I made these, I thought I’d try selling them on a local FB group, but no one seems interested. I think I’ll just give them away to friends instead.


In fact, I’m making this one right now. It’ll be an adult size: one point longer and slightly taller than the others. However, the kids’ size fits most adults too, well at least they all fit my head.

To those of you reading, I like to think of you as my online bloggy friends. If you’d like a crown, handmade by yours truly, please leave a comment saying which one of the four crowns you’d like (from the middle picture above): the red flowers, pink/peach stripes, purple & white spots or blue & white hearts.
Make sure you give me a correct email address when you leave your comment. The giveaway will close on Sunday Sept 26th, 2015. I will randomly draw the winner and notify you via email soon after.

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I volunteered today and I feel great!

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about a soon to be influx of Syrian (and other) refugees to Finland. This has prompted a huge out outpouring of donations to the Finnish Red Cross (SPR = Suomen Punainen Risti). There has been so much stuff donated (clothes, shoes, bedding, cribs, strollers, furniture, etc) that the local SPR has asked people to wait a couple of weeks before bringing in more stuff because they don’t have enough space to put it all. Plus, it needs to be sorted and organized.

I sent an email to the appointed local SPR lady in charge letting her know I was willing to help. Yesterday came an email saying that there will be a sorting and organizing talkoot (“work party” in English) today (and Sunday). Once Tadbit woke up from her 3 hour midday nap (Wow!), the two of us headed out to help in the talkoot.

At the talkoot, I carried Tadbit on my back in my Mei tai – Palm & Pond carrier. Being the happy go lucky baby she is, she just hung out and watched what was happening. There was lots of new things to look at and many people to watch. Especially as most of them came up to us and talked to her and asked about her. Many commented on how happy and non-fussy she was being. Usually at that point Tadbit would chatter some sort of reply to the person. LOL.

In the end, Tadbit and I were only there for about 2 hours, which I feel a bit bad about. But the email did say any amount of help would be appreciated. And I know I did get some stuff done. I hope to go back on Sunday, preferably without Tadbit.

#MicroblogMonday – I forgot the seat belt

There’s a first for everything, but this isn’t really a first (or last) you want to experience.

On Saturday, I took both kids to the store with me. We did our shopping, put the food in the care, the cart away and then I asked Paxlet to crawl into his seat as I put Tadbit in hers. I closed her door, walked around the car and closed his door and then I got into the car, put my own seat belt on and drove off. I wouldn’t have realized I forgot Paxlet’s seat belt until we got home if I hadn’t had to slam on my breaks to not hit the car coming towards us, in our lane! When Paxlet flew out of his sit and hit the back of mine, and I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye (back of my head? how did I see behind me?!), that is when I realized what I didn’t do. Thankfully, Paxlet wasn’t hurt and I was soon able to pull over and put his seat belt on him.

It was all I could do to not break down in tears. I could imagine all too well how that situation could have gone. I count my lucky stars and hope it never happens again.

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