#MicroblogMonday – Romantic Spice

…because a touch of spice is always nice.

A little known fact about me: Years ago, I was a Romantic Spice consultant. That’s a fancy way of saying I sold sex toys. You know, like a Tupperware party, but with sex toys and lotions instead.

However, I was quite young and hadn’t yet found my (mostly) confident self, so I ended up I only doing a couple of parties and that was it. Then I moved to Finland a year or so after.

The crazy thing is…even though it has been almost 16 years since I moved to Finland, I still have some of the demonstration pieces. They have never been intimately used. I really should just get rid of them, but I’m having a hard time throwing them out.

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6 week postpartum update

Baby girl aka Tadbit is 6 weeks (3 days) old and I’ve not been pregnant that long! She’s growing like a weed and I’m not. *big grin* Today Tadbit weighed in at 5680 g (12,5 lbs) and 57 cm. She’s almost 2 kilos (4 lbs) heavier and 7 cm longer. Momma’s breast milk is doing it’s thing.

As for me, my hemoglobin is back to a normal number (for me), my blood pressure is normal and nothing in my urine. Yay! My uterus has also shrunk and felt normal to the doctor. Most post delivery bleeding had stopped by 3 weeks, but was completely done by 5 weeks. (Plus a spot here and there this last week.) I noticed my couple of stitches were gone around 3 weeks. However I still had some issues with pooing pain-free. Thankfully that isn’t an issue anymore. I do, however, get random sharp pains in my abdomen area that last only a flash and are gone. I assumed it was something contracting or moving back to its proper place. The doctor didn’t seem concerned when I explained it to her.

I/We are done having kids! Two is all I want and I am very lucky to have gotten what I wanted. I would like for either Mr Siili or I to get snipped (vasectomy/tubes tied), but there is a wait in the public sector for non-life threatening procedures, so there will be a bit of a wait. Honestly, it will probably be me who has the surgery as Mr Siili isn’t too keep on it. Fine with me, as I would prefer to not have to worry about hormonal birth control. That said, I have a prescription for the Nuva Ring for birth control, but I won’t be using it for some time still. It can affect milk supply and I’m not having any of that! If I were to get pregnant, we’ll worry about it when/if the time comes. I don’t foresee Mr Siili and I getting intimate too often still. I, unfortunately, still have no desire, which I think is somewhat totally normal and understandable. But still, poor guy.

I was able to put all my rings back on around 3 weeks postpartum. However my wedding ring was still a bit snug.

At two weeks postpartum, I was down half my weight gain. My first weigh in at 8 weeks pregnant was 68,3 kg and I ended the pregnancy around 88/90 kg. Now at 6 weeks out, I weighed in at 74,3 kg (163,5 lbs). That’s only 6 kilos up from the first weigh in and only 8 kilos more than when I got pregnant with Paxlet. I’m not worried about the weight at all, never have been. I would like to work on the post-pregnancy tummy flab. That should be decently easy to do something about it so long as I do something!

I love having my body back! I can bend over, drive the car without awkwardness, twist and pop my back, see my lady bits and walk, especially now that my lungs have adjusted to having space again.

This is me tonight:
6 weeks 3 days postpartum

6 weeks 3 days postpartum

p.s. I’ve finally updated the last of Tadbit’s pictures.

Coffee with a view

I met up with my very good friend R and her youngest daughter for coffee today. My friend chose this cafe/bar for the view. The train station is right below us and her daughter could watch the trains come and go. I’m definitely going to take Paxlet here!

#MicroblogMonday (on Tuesday) – What day it is anyway?

I remember the first weeks and possibly couple of months being foggy when Paxlet was first born. This time is no different, except for the fact that I am aware it is foggy.

At the end of last week, I couldn’t figure out why Mel hadn’t posted her Friday Blog Roundup yet. Turns out, it was only Friday even though it felt like Monday to me. I’m assuming the reason for that was that Thursday was a holiday for us (Helatorstai = Ascension), meaning Paxlet and Mr Siili were home for the day, then back at work on Friday. I was also deliriously sick with a fever and full body aches.

On Monday, I was going to write a #MicroblogMonday post, I was even thinking of what I could write and then evening came, bedtime routines were set in motion and before I knew it I was crawling into bed exhausted.

And so here I am, Tuesday day and evening having to remind myself that it is only Tuesday and that Tadbit and I both have a neuovla appointment in the morning.

I think this fogginess is only going to get worse as summer comes. The sun doesn’t set. (Ok, it does set this “far” south, but only for a few hours and it doesn’t get fully dark.) I will still be sleep deficient from a baby (and toddler) waking in the light night. And we will have Paxlet at home, no daycare, with me/us 24/7 for a full 8 weeks.

Anyone else lose track of days?

Ask me again in a few months if I know what day it is.

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On Parental Holidays


I’ve never re-blogged something before, but this just hit the nail on the head for me. Just because I now have two kids, doesn’t mean Mother’s day or Infertility issues have disappeared.

Originally posted on Just Stop Trying and It Will Happen...:

So, I just experienced my first Mother’s Day.

Well, not my first, of course.  I’ve been experiencing them as long as I’ve been a daughter, celebrating my own mother, grandmother, and the other mothers in my life.  One a year, every May, until I was married…

Then I spent four Mother’s Days preferring to eat (and drink) my feelings about not being a mother myself rather than celebrating anyone else’s functional reproductive systems.

Mother’s Day 2013 was spent feeling like I was caught in some limbo between motherhood, grief, and infertility.  That was a dark day spent thinking about how I should be cuddling my newborn Gummy Bear.

Last year, I found myself harboring the secret of our little Jelly Bean.  Unable to voice my fears and elation to anyone but the husband at the time, I ultimately chose Mother’s Day 2014 as the day we would tell our families…

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#MicroblogMonday – bulletin points

Today is a bulletin point sort of day…

– I think I spoke a bit too soon. I am now feeling slight allergy symptoms, but so far not bad enough to force me to take medication. I’m impressed.

– I hate ants. Actually, I would go so far as to say I might even have a phobia of them. I know I have reacted irrationally around/because of them at times. And yet, my boy plays with them. He willingly lets them walk on his hands. *shudder*

– As we were walking home this evening, he picked up a piece of asphalt. I asked him to put it down…and he goes on to tell me that he had a fine piece of asphalt.  And when I finally did get him to put it down, he put it next to the “daddy” piece of asphalt.

– This evening Paxlet asked me to sing him a song about a screwdriver that was stuck in the ground and an ant that was playing with the screwdriver. This isn’t his first request like this either. He usually asks Mr Siili all sorts of silly things.

– I couldn’t get over the feeling of loss of my mom yesterday. It put me in quite a sad and foul mood.

– I finished sewing a full set of the cloth letters. They turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

– How can it be so difficult to pick out a name (first and middle) for such a little girl?! 5 weeks on and she still doesn’t have a name! We think we might have first name, but we can’t figure out a middle name that sounds good with it. I’m almost ready to choose a different first name, but we can’t even figure out any other names.

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Another Mother’s Day

When I was little, mother’s day was about my mom. It was nice. I knew nothing else.

Then when I wanted kids and found myself lacking for several years, mother’s day became a hard pill to swallow. But I still had my mom.

Then my mom died and I got pregnant. That first Mother’s Day, while pregnant, was difficult and bittersweet.

And every year since, Mother’s Day has been bittersweet. Some times more sweet than bitter, but often not more bitter than sweet.

Happy Mother’s Day, Robbin​! I think of you often and miss you always. It pains my heart something fierce that you’ll never get to meet my two munchkins. But I know you are near and watching over us. I hope I make you proud.