This year’s mother’s day was much better than last year’s

Last year’s mother’s day was nothing like I expected or wanted: Mr Siili and I were grumping at each other, I didn’t get the recognition that I wanted and I was missing my mom something fierce. This year was quite different. Sure, I was and am still missing my mom, but Mr Siili and I were much better this year. And Paxlet is cuter than ever!

We didn’t do much for mother’s day, but it was enough and what I wanted. Mr Siili wanted to buy me flowers, but I told him I didn’t need or want them (I totally appreciate the thought though). He also tried to buy us breads I would like, foods I would like and every other little everyday things that we would buy while food shopping, but in a manner of my “likes” over all else. We didn’t really end up with many food selections that a much different than normal.  The biggest specialty of the weekend was the ahven (perch) filets we had for dinner on Sunday. Only because we don’t buy fish as often as we should/think about. And, the bread he “bought for me”, I didn’t have a single piece of it. LOL.

Mostly, we just spent the weekend together.

This is what I saw when I woke up and went downstairs. Mr Siili told me later that one of the papers had fallen down and Mansi was playing with it in the middle of the night.

This is what I saw when I woke up and went downstairs. Up close.

Paxlet made me a card and gift (hand-printed sun on a wash cloth) at daycare. It brought tears to my eyes when I opened it. He let me give him some extra hugs.

Paxlet's card and gift (hand-printed sun on a wash cloth) made at daycare.

My mom never wanted us to spend tons of money on her for mother’s day. She’d much rather we make her a card, be nice to her, wash her dishes or something else along those lines. I feel the same. But I was still please with this sweet gifts from Mr Siili. It’s a Daim/Skor covered marenki/meringue.

Mr's Siili's gift of Daim/Skor covered marenki/marengue .

I wasn’t in the mood to bake a cake,so we had Mother’s Day waffles! All of us enjoyed them!

Mother's Day waffles, by choice!

So, yeah, this year was much better than last year. And I can only hope future years will be the same or even better.

I did spend some of the day thinking of those who aren’t yet a mom in the way they want to be, those who have lost their mom’s and just women and moms in general. I hope you had a good Sunday, no matter where you are in your mother-journey.


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