Paxlet Pictures

AKA baby bump pictures

Paxlet (Pax) is the name we’ve given our little one until he/she is born and we have a proper name for him/her. The name was created by Mr Siili (even if he doesn’t remember it). Mr Siili thought it would be funny if this little thing inside of me came out wielding a little pink axe (he’s killed too many orcs in his if you ask me). So when you take P for pink and axlet for a little axe, you get Paxlet.

But the main thing about the in utero name Paxlet, is that it is something we will NOT be naming this kid when he is born.

August 30, 2012 (41 weeks 1 day) – Paxlet is born!! He is quite swollen here from the whole birth experience, but I find him insanely cute and adorable. I’m also quite biased.
41 weeks 0 days – After my water broke and the last picture of me pregnant.
40 weeks 1 day – EDD come and gone and still in one piece.
39 weeks 0 days – Check it out! I actually got this week’s picture taken on time. It almost didn’t happen, but at the last minute RIGHT before I crawled into bed, I remembered. So back downstairs to bug Mr Siili to take a picture.
38 weeks 5 days – yet another week where I completely forgot and spaced out getting a weekly picture taken. I’m leaving you instead with my and my friend R’s bumps.
37 weeks 3 days – Since I was a bit late with the photo this week, I decided to do something a little different. This week, Paxlet is the size of a (mini) watermelon. And this is the last time I’ll be able to wear this dress for some time as it is VERY tight now and it won’t be easy to breastfeed with it.
36 weeks 0 days – getting bigger and not much else to say.

35 weeks – Again no weekly picture. I was visiting the in-laws on Wednesday and just kept forgetting to get a picture taken. So, I gave up for this week.

34 weeks 1 day – The real picture for the week. My shirt won’t stay down no matter how much I tug at it. Wondering if I should switch to a different shirt for the last few weeks or continue with this one that I started with…
34 weeks 1 day – just for fun. Rusty and I.
33 weeks 0 days – My tanktop doesn’t quite cover my tummy anymore! LOL
32 weeks 0 days – As I held onto the wood stove, Mr Siili said it looked like I was selling something, which brought about this picture. I think my tubby has popped (again?) since 30 weeks.

31 weeks – Once again, no picture happened this week. By the time I realized a picture hadn’t been taken, it was just too late in the week to even be bothered with it anymore.

30 weeks 0 days – The dangers of changing where the picture is taken mid-project: the pose changes and now I have something to hold onto (wood stove).
29 weeks 1 day – First picture in our new place (next to the fireplace)

28 weeks – No picture taken this week due to packing, moving and unpacking.
At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

27 weeks 1 day – last picture in the old place and allergies are very bad
26 weeks 1 day – Surviving allergies and all the dust we’re kicking up from packing. 🙂
25 weeks 1 day – Loving my bump, hating the allergies that have given me a lizard-like nose.

Mr Siili decided to get a bit “artistic” with pictures this week. One that I didn’t save was his thumb sharing the view. Below is one of the more normal of them all.

24 weeks 1 day – Even if the picture doesn’t show it well enough, I think/believe my tummy had grown quite a bit this week. My shirts (and other clothes) aren’t fitting as well anymore and this one definitely doesn’t hang down as low as it used to.
Plus, no saggy boobs this week! I wore a proper bra and then immediately switched to a more comfy one right after the photos.
23 weeks 0 days – I just realized how saggy my boobs look in this soft bra (for at home use only). Oh well.
22 weeks 0 days – This is a decently normal and cute picture! I like!
21 weeks 1 day – Just to switch it up a bit. Plus, I think this makes my tummy look bigger. LOL
20 weeks 0 days – I’m not seeing too much difference in bump pics for the last couple of weeks, but it has to be growing as my pants are getting tighter.

I had a hard time choosing which picture to post this week. So I chose the most normal one, but thought I’d link to two other ones in which I was “practicing” my smiles and faces. Enjoy.

19 weeks 0 days – I can see my bump, past my boobs, when I look down. It’s growing!
18 weeks 0 days – Been feeling good and not much else to say this week.
17weeks 0 days – Ok, done giving picture taking instructions to Mr Siili (not that he fully listened). *grin* He insisted that I was pushing my belly out there! Huh.
16 weeks 0 days – It took at least 30 pictures to get one I liked. Silly Mr Siili!
16weeks 0days pic #2 – This one seems to be a bit more at the same angle as week 15.
15weeks 0days – There’s something there.
I’ve sucked in my tummy (habit!) while pictures are being taken up ’til now. Of course no one is going to see much of a bump as long as I do that!
14weeks 1day – My attempt at taking my own picture.
14weeks 0days – Me: You chopped part of my head off! Mr Siili: Did it grow back yet?
12weeks 4days – I wasn’t ready yet!
12weeks 0days – Paxlet is measuring spot on!
11weeks 2days – Ok, I’ll smile
10weeks 0days – nope, nothing there
7weeks 5days – I’m not gonna smile!

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