Arkikuvahaaste – Everyday photo challenge 4/5

To see what this is about, read this post.

I was a bit lazy today in the photo department. But I think this one sums up my day and thoughts quite well: medications (and vitamins).


This is what I take everyday, or at least should take everyday during peak allergy season. Eye drops, allergy pills, nose spray (that feels like I am spraying acid in my nose), asthma meds and different vitamins & minerals.

This morning I took Paxlet to the nurse in order to be seen by the doctor. So I was late to work. Then I left work early to take Paxlet to the doctor’s appointment. The good news is he doesn’t have allergies, at least not yet. I guess kids under 2 don’t generally have allergies. It takes 2 years before their body can’t resist pollen/allergens. So, I guess we’ll see if he has issues next spring or not.

The not so good news is that he most likely had a viral cold. 😦 It thankfully wasn’t too bad, but he is definitely springing back now. More energy and on the go go go!

I wish my allergies were on the go go go too. I am so miserable with not being able to breathe. My nose is constantly plugged, yet 2 seconds later it is dripping like crazy. It is also scaly like a lizard. My eyes itch. (A person doesn’t really need eyes, right? I’ve got a spoon that would fit perfectly. Yes, I’m being facetious, sort of.) As pretty as birch trees are, I strongly dislike hate them right now. What we need is a decent rain to wash all the loose pollen and dirt away. Until then, I’m miserable.


What do you think?

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