Back to work

The kids and I survived our 8 weeks of summer holiday. We even thrived during some of that time. But it sure was challenging some days. I then had one more week all to myself, with the kids back at daycare and Mr Siili at work. It was bliss. I was lazy, cleaned a tiny bit, got my hair done, ate lunch downtown, slowly.

I do wish some of the days had a been a bit easier during the summer. Paxlet will soon be 5 years old. He is in a phase of not listening to us. We say something nicely/calmly several times and  he doesn’t acknowledge us in any way. When we raise our voice or yell, he say “yeah yeah” or starts crying. I know he’s a little boy with big emotions, but this is draining! And little Miss Tadbit (2yr 4 mo), she copies EVERYTHING her big brother does. ‘Peat and Repeat’ comes to mind. A a much better description of them than ‘monkey see, monkey do’, although that is valid too. She’s full of personality. And even the annoying things she does at times are still pretty cute, just because she is still young. I love my kids an insane amount, but they are challenging for me at times.

On my first day back at work, I barely manage to remember my computer password. Then I was still deactivated in the system, which thankfully only took a few minutes to solve. I had over 300 emails to go through. And basically just took my time getting back into the swing of things.

After work, as I was on the bus home, when I saw my bus in the lane next to us! I had hopped on the wrong bus! Thankfully it was easy enough to hop off at the next stop, take a 2nd bus, which brought me back around to my intended bus line home.

Then, at the library, a man working there did a double take at me and wondered/asked if I was the same woman who was with her 2 kids during the summer who spoke to said kids in English. (My hair color had changed since I was last there and I wasn’t with kids at this moment.) When I said it was me, he asked why I was speaking to them in English. When I replied that I am American, a little light bulb went off in his eyes. I’ve been asked this question before and I find it interesting. Either I look very Finnish (which I’ve been told I don’t do a bad job of it) and/or my Finnish language skills are so good that they think I’m a Finn (maybe, possibly, depending on what I’m talking about). However, I don’t think this specific guy heard me speak Finnish. I’m not sure what to think about this. Mostly I’m just amused.

So, the kids are back in daycare. I’m back at work. And life is back to normal again.

Who’s forty?

There are 3 summer workers in my team at work. They are getting ready to head back to school this next week and so today they brought in cake for us all. While we were eating the cake, the girls were asked their age, by another co-worker. The girls are 22, 22 and 24. In that moment, I felt numerically old andblurted out that I could be their mom! With shocked looks on their face, I told them I was 40 and that my youngest brother is 23 and at the time he was born, a high school friend had her first kid, so, I could be their mom. The older one told me she would never have guessed me at forty.

After work, I went to buy a new eye liner. I told the lady there that I think it is about time I bought a new one, as the one I am using is 17 or so years old and finally almost gone. Due mainly to use in the last year, as I decided I was going to  be 40, it was time to do a little something about my looks. She too said I didn’t look forty and I must be doing something right with my face.

It sure felt good to hear I don’t look forty, twice, because I sure don’t feel forty.


#MicroblogMonday – 10 years and a first day

Mr Siili and I have been married for 10 years.


I went back to work today. My day was decent; nothing out of the ordinary. Checking Deleting emails that had piled up while I was gone. I applied for program access rights again. Got my picture taken a new id card. Same ol’ same ol’.

Mr Siili’s day wasn’t so pleasant. He grumbled to me, for ages, about a project and a guy.

Paxlet whined about me not staying with him at daycare all day. But he did get dressed and teeth brushed in the morning without a hassle.

Tadbit didn’t cry when we left her at daycare. And she only had a little cry when she fell in the woods and then again before falling asleep for nap time. She seemed happy enough when I came to get her. No epic grin and slow-mo run to come greet me, but I did get a small smile and a request to come up to my arms.

I think we’ll do it all again tomorrow. How was/is your Monday?

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#MicroblogMonday – Only four more weeks

Happy 4th of July to all my readers. And Happy Independence Day to my American readers!


That’s how little I have left before I head back to work and the kids start/go back to daycare. This is my last few weeks of parental leave and being a full time stay at home mom*. I am not having any more kids (waiting for my tubal surgery date) and as such, I don’t see any more long periods of being at home with the kids in my future. I like being home with my kids, even if I am frazzled and exhausted by bedtime most days. I’m just not ready to go back to work.

This time around, I’m not as panicked and worried about leaving Paxlet at daycare and going back to work as I was when I left Paxlet for the first time. For him, this will be normal and routine going back to the same daycare lady.  For Tadbit, this will be here first time going to daycare, but she has seen this lady almost every day of her life and knows her well enough. Plus, her big brother will be there with her. I am preparing that my heart will break if she cries, but I’m not worried about it.

I’ve been so lucky to be home as long as I have with my kids (1 year and 5 months, this time), but where has time time gone? Time goes by so quickly and the kids grow up so fast. Why can’t I make some parts of life go in slow motion?

*I’m not sure if I really qualify as a stay at home mom, because I have had and do have a job waiting for me when “it’s time” to head back.
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33 weeks + 1 day, #2

Thursday was my first day back at work after a week of sick leave. My bump was so sore and I was exhausted in the evening. We had a work meeting that took us across the street for it and I think that was too much walking for me. The meeting was seriously just across the street, less than a block away! I cried yesterday evening. Tears of pain and frustration. Paxlet has been a bit difficult to put to bed lately and I get frustrated because I can’t move and bend like I need to, Paxlet wiggles more than I can handle and it all just makes me even more sore and tired. Unfortunately, Mr Siili just won’t do in Paxlet’s eyes for the bedtime routine. Ugh.

Eight more days at work before I start maternity leave. I am so ready for it! With Paxlet, I felt I could have easily worked another 2 weeks or so. Not this time!

Even during my sick leave, I was still quite tired most mornings and days. I did manage to nap a day or two. I’m just not a napper. However, I feel totally tired, sometimes exhausted to be back at work. I sleep ok when I sleep, but between semi-frequent night bathroom trips and Paxlet waking up, however brief, during the night, I’m not getting enough shut eye.

If Mr Siili’s comments are anything to go by, this Tadbit-bump has visibly grown even more lately! I know I definitely feel it! And the winter pants I bought barely a month ago show it too! They are now quite snug and the button doesn’t want to button up, comfortably. Thank goodness for suspenders.

I think I might be a horse/old nag these days. I have become quite swayback lately. I just can’t seem to stand up straight, no matter how much I try. I also lean back to counter balance this growing bump. All of this just makes my back achy-sore. I am so ready! And so adds another animal to my list of animals I feel like.

Tadbit has been really pushing and stretching lately. It hurts! She still has her spine (and bum up?) along the right side of my bump. The last few nights she pushes around so much that the right side of my bump is larger and hard, while the left side is deflated and squishy-empty. Plus, she’s definitely getting stronger with her movements. I yelped again last night and was almost in tears over the pain. I am so over it!

I have been eating way too much junk food in the evenings. I might almost call it a craving, but it isn’t for anything specific most nights, just junk food: salty and sweet. Again, this was the same as with Paxlet. I avoided sweets like the plague in the beginning of the pregnancy and then during the 3rd trimester, I pigged out!

I was totally looking forward to the last Ice Cream Social I organized before maternity leave at work today. It’s Friday the 13th and the day before Valentine’s day. (I love Friday the 13th! V-day, meh, just an excuse.) The ice cream (6 different flavors) and toppings (candies, nuts, sauces, cookies, etc) were yummy! What more could anyone want? I did eat way too much though. I’m not talking about eating for two…I more like ate for 3 or 4. The downside is that I did have to walk to the store to buy the ice cream, which was only a block away. But it was too much for my achy breaky bump and back. I’m quite sore again tonight.

I’m managing with the maternity clothes I have, especially since I only have a 8 more days at work. I have been wearing sweatpants at home and even out of the house…to the store! That is so not me. I cringe at myself, but they are warm and comfortable.

We’re still no where on names. I guess it is hard to get anywhere on names when they aren’t even discussed yet. I’m (more) fine with it, this time, as I know Mr Siili will need to see the baby before he can think about putting a name to it. I however have been emailing myself all sorts of names. Some names I actually like and others that aren’t so bad and fit my criteria, but most likely won’t get anywhere near our top 5. I really really like the name Lydia, but it so happens to be my car’s name. I think I could get over it and so could my car, but I don’t think Mr Siili could. LOL

The other day, Paxlet told me that we need to buy the baby its own potty. I asked if Tadbit could share his potty and he agreed. A neighbor boy has a younger sister and she was up and awake earlier this week while outside and Paxlet was so interested in her. He kept wanting to be up in my arms to see her. And he waved at her. She’s only 8 months old. The last few weeks, Paxlet has been kissing the bump as part of his bedtime routine. Talk about melt my heart!

I am so tired of leaking. I wear a liner and nothing happens. I take said liner off and I leak. It’s just so gross and leaky. I do however like not having a period. Which reminds me…I have no idea what we’ll do for birth control once Tadbit is born. IUD again? Nuva Ring? Condoms (hahahahahahahaha)? The snip for Mr Siili? The snip for myself?

I don’t think I’ve been too moody. I’m sure Mr Siili would have a different opinion.

I do know that I am ready for my body to be my own again. Not being able to bend over, even while sitting in a chair, much less while standing and bending at the hips/waist, is the pits! I so want to stretch and pop my back without sharp twinges and pains. I’m thankful for not being too swollen yet. I don’t have horrible hip pain. I sleep decently enough. I am able to get around. I don’t have anything worrisome in this pregnancy. All in all, things are quite easy for me, again, yet it is harder this time around. I’m just ready for this pregnancy to be done already. It’s nothing like I imagined it would be the second time around.

I seem to be full of exclamation points this post!

Have I mentioned that I’m really ready for this pregnancy to be done?!

#MicroblobMonday: If it’s really good

Nothing like a cat puking on my bag to get me to wash this bag, that most likely hasn’t been washed in the almost 20 years that I’ve had it. I love this bag. And it looks beautifully new and clean after a wash in the washing machine.

Paxlet often gives me little toys in the morning when he is playing and I am getting ready. Sometimes he tells me I need to take them to work. This is what he gave me this morning.

I was sharing some recipes (Pumpkin Pie + crust & Chewie Gooey Brownie Cake) this morning and one of them was from my coffee house days. Which reminded me of one of the ladies I worked with. I’m sure I’ve written this before, but it makes me smile, so I’m sharing it again. She loved Harlequin romance novels. If it was a good book, they kissed at the end. If it was a really good book, they kissed in the middle. It makes me wonder how badly she’d blush (or maybe even have a heart attack) at the books I read, such as Outlander.

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9 weeks, #2

Oh, My, Goodness! Am I ever tired! Having a cold for the last few days hasn’t helped much, but I am just so exhausted anyway. Paxlet is asleep, he went down quite easily. Mr Siili is at a work function, who knows when he’ll be home. And I’m trying to decide if I should play a bit on my computer (after posting this) or just head straight to bed. The longer I sit here, the more I am leaning towards the latter.

This little blob/Tadbit/baby is about an inch long now. Which is about the size of a grape. I ate some dark purple grapes this evening…not sure how I feel about that.

3 more weeks until my first (of two, if all is ok) ultrasound. I can’t wait for it!

I feel so bloated, gassy and just overall big and tender in the mid-section of my body. I vaguely remember that from last time, but definitely not this bad, this early. Truly, every pregnancy is different. I just hope we’ll be lucky again in the non-colicky, happy baby department.

No picture was taken last week and there won’t be one taken tonight, as I have a feeling I’ll be passed out in bed before Mr Siili gets home. I will have to remember to get it done tomorrow evening. (And someday, possibly, put them up on a page.)

At work, our floor was recently renovated and every person now has an electric desk that we can move up and down to sit or stand as we please. My work is encouraging us to stand and move about, in part with these new desks, by encouraging walking meetings and even meeting rooms without chairs, as getting us to move and be more active is healthier. We, as people of this day and age, sit way too much. I was really looking forward to standing a bit more, I know I grumbled about not being able to get an electric table earlier as I didn’t have a “medical” need for it. But since getting this table, the few times I’ve tried it I just start feeling queasy and not well. I am sure it is pregnancy related. However, the work physical therapist guy came around today to make sure everyone’s chair and desk are in correct positions for sitting and standing. When I asked him if there was something I could do to help me stand more, without the horrible side-effects, he asked if I had tried the saddle chair and Stitz standing stool. I’ve tried the saddle chair a few times, but it always seems to rub/poke me right in the crotch and I end up feeling irritated and like a UTI is coming on. Not good. As for the other one, I had to ask him to repeat it a few times and then he just offered to go get one to show me what he was talking about. I love the Stitz standing stool! And he is recommending to my work to get me one. *huge grin*

In addition to telling the work PT guy, I told Paxlet’s daycare lady today. I wanted to ask her about afternoon pick-up times, as I am going to increase my work hours, so I get more pay now and thus get more pay when on maternity leave. Right now, I only work 5 hours a day, sweet I know, but it also comes with the pay cut that goes with shorter hours. I drop Paxlet off at 8:00 and pick him up anywhere form 14:30 to 15:00. That’s basically what the other two kids’ schedules are also. (There will be a 4th kid at some point, but as of yet, that is an unknown.) I know she can work longer, officially, but I just wanted to find out a bit more of her opinions. Without any change on Paxlet’s schedule, I can officially work another hour. But I was hoping to bump it up to at least 7 hours a day, 8 being full time. Anything over 6 working hours a day will require me to get Paxlet’s daycare contract amended to a later pick-up time. It’s not a problem, it just needs to be thought out and then done.
The whole reason this is…even an issue, is that our daycare lady doesn’t work in a huge daycare. She is through the city, but she works privately out of her home with just a few kids. That means that if she has to start working full days and go over her 40 hours a week limit, she will have to start taking time off the following month to compensate for that. And that is not something I wish to contemplate. We like this lady and want to stay with her as long as possible. It is also a huge added bonus that she literally lives across the street from us. She also told me that if I am feeling extra tired some days, that I can just send her a message and can pick up Paxlet an hour or so later so I can get some rest. How cool is she?!

Not too much else in the way of pregnancy this week. Nausea is still a battle most of the time, though thankfully not as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago. Pizza (had it twice for lunch this week), burgers, chips with fake nacho cheese dip and anything else greasy, salty and fatty seems more palatable. Even if it doesn’t feel so nice later. Fruits, juices and sweets, blech. It is such a weird feeling/sensation to see a chocolate bar, candy or some other sweet thing that I would usually buy and eat without a thought, but these days it makes my stomach curdle, even just thinking of it or looking at it.

Last night I had a dream that a friend of mine gave birth to her little girl yesterday. She sent me a text message saying something like “our squishy pink little girl was born….” I happened to see her today, in one piece, and told her. She will be delivering in a week’s time, the latest, as her doctors don’t want her going over her due date as she has gestational diabetes. I am excited for her.

We haven’t really told Paxlet that he’ll be a big brother yet. I’m not sure if he’ll get the concept/idea at this age and stage. I’m thinking more when I have a bump, that we can start talking to him about it a bit more. Anyone have experience with kids about 2 years and 7 months apart?