Toy day

Thursdays are “toy day” at my kids’ daycare. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to pick one toy to take with you for the day.

It used to be that the kids could take a toy everyday if they wanted. However, lately there has been some kerfluffles over toys, so our daycare lady changed it so that they kids can only take a toy one day a week. Sleep buddies are allowed everyday, but they stay in the backpack except for nap time.

Tadbit was easy. She wanted a little (Matchbox) car. She put it in her backpack. Done.

Paxlet on the other hand… He wanted a stuffed giraffe (ok), with the long string leash attached (not ok, as it becomes a swinging weapon). Then he wanted a foil Moomin balloon (not ok, because of the sharp plastic piece on it and the possibility of it popping). Next he wanted one of Tadbit’s toys. And finally he asked if he could take his soft green Moomin ball (~6in diameter). Yay! Then Paxlet changed his mind and wanted to take the bracelet he made last night. After a few second’s thought, I agreed.
This might sound like it wasn’t so difficult to choose when I write it ou t, but during the actual negotiation, there was a lot of whining (from Paxlet) and negotiation/explaining (from the parental units) going on.


Last travel thoughts before traveling

We’re leaving dark and early in the morning, so this is my last post before we get on the way. (I just realized I could blog on my phone on the bus trip to the airport or at the airport, but I highly doubt that will happen.) We are packed as well as we can be and only the last minute things that are needed in the morning (toothbrushes, deodorant, food that is in the fridge, etc) that will be in carry on will be added.

Three people, three suitcases, 3 backpacks (Paxlet has a Paxlet-size pack inside the bigger bag) and 4 passports (I have 2 passports). Paxlet has decorated all 3 suitcases with stickers. And Mr Siili packed all of the junk that I managed to find and buy to take to family and friends in the US. Yes, it was almost a suitcase full in itself. Thankfully it will  all be staying there! And yes, he grumbled about it. (I need to give him a big hug and kiss for it. :D)

As for all the things that I have been worrying over, this is how it went down:

Snacks = have a plan to make savory muffins (sun dried tom, spinach, cheese), raisins, banana chips, dried fruit, cuc sticks, carrot sticks (fresh & steamed), granola/breakfast-type bars, apple wedges, fishy crackers (goldfish, however ,they are not gold), Cheerios, rye bread sandwiches (for the first part of the trip) and smoothie pouches, if I remember it all. The pouches are liquids and I forgot about the liquid issue. We’ll have to put all liquid type food & stuff (hand lotion) in a 1 liter bag x 3; one per person. I have a small water bottle for Paxlet and I, but we will have to dump the water out before security checks OR toss the entire bottle. Once past security checks, we can fill the bottles up again (if we can find somewhere besides a bathroom).

Toys = We don’t have a tablet, but my new phone has a drawing/notepad app on it that keeps Paxlet quite happy, tons of (new) stickers, paper, colored pencils, books, Pupu (stuffed rabbit), some fuzz-craft balls and other small toys that can be easily packaged up and dragged along.

We don’t have too much time between plane transfers, but if we do have some down time, we’ll look for interesting stuff to keep busy. So far, Paxlet is pretty good about not “wanting” items from stores or at least not making a big fuss if we say no and move on.

Language: Paxlet hears Mr Siili speak English to me daily. 🙂 So he does know daddy speaks English. But in general, we do practice OPOL. I try my hardest not to translate things into English when Mr Siili says something, unless I feel a point really needs to be made. Paxlet will learn what he learns in each language as he learns it.

As for Paxlet’s language skills, he basically only speaks Finnish (by choice?), but understands both languages perfectly (or as perfect as a 2 year old does). He will say things in English if I ask him to, if he is copying what someone says or on the rare occasion when I have not heard or understood him, he has repeated words in English (usually a key word from the sentence).

I am sure we will work it out with the language “issues” I am creating ahead of time. LOL. I think part of my main worry is past family drama and issues towards Mr Siili.

Confusion & De-stressifying: We will definitely be explaining to him what is going to happen beforehand (he knows we are flying in a plane to see grandpa and grandma S), as it happens and afterward recaps. As with all things kid related, that I have learned so far, observe the kid and see how s/he is doing and follow their lead.

We will be staying in a hotel, so we will have a place to escape, take naps and just wind down in general.

I’ve done what I can to get ready for this trip. Now it is just off to bed and try to get a little less than 4 hours of sleep before we need to get ready to leave. Wish us luck! And everyone take care.

#MicroblobMonday: If it’s really good

Nothing like a cat puking on my bag to get me to wash this bag, that most likely hasn’t been washed in the almost 20 years that I’ve had it. I love this bag. And it looks beautifully new and clean after a wash in the washing machine.

Paxlet often gives me little toys in the morning when he is playing and I am getting ready. Sometimes he tells me I need to take them to work. This is what he gave me this morning.

I was sharing some recipes (Pumpkin Pie + crust & Chewie Gooey Brownie Cake) this morning and one of them was from my coffee house days. Which reminded me of one of the ladies I worked with. I’m sure I’ve written this before, but it makes me smile, so I’m sharing it again. She loved Harlequin romance novels. If it was a good book, they kissed at the end. If it was a really good book, they kissed in the middle. It makes me wonder how badly she’d blush (or maybe even have a heart attack) at the books I read, such as Outlander.

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Fun shopping

Last night while out for a walk collecting fall leaves with Paxlet, I noticed that there was to be a flea market for children’s items at the nearby school today. When Mr Siili got home from work, I informed him I was going, without Paxlet and asked if he had any cash on him. *big grin* This morning, I was off and riding (my bike) there at promptly 10am with 23 euros (20 was from Mr Siili) in my pocket.

In an hour’s time, I was home with 2 euros and 50 cents in my pocket and tons of stuff in tow! I had so much fun! Seriously, flea markets, yard sales, garage sales or whatever you want to call them, is where I have the most fun shopping. I just love the thrill of finding something I need (or not) at a great bargain.

What did I buy for 20,05 euros you ask? Well, I bought:

– a travel stroller for 5 euros

– 3 pairs of pants, 1 body (with Mickey Mouse on it), a knitted dickey and a “helmet” hat for 6 euros


The blue thing is the knitted dickey and the white is the “helmet” hat. No idea what they should really be called.


Pants and Mickey outfit.

– 3 cars, which Paxlet just loves, for 2 euros


The orange car is a McD’s happy meal car form 1995 with Grimace in it.
I didn’t really “need” this one, but Mr Siili and I watched a Psych episode last night that discussed Grimace and so I just had to buy it. lol

– a decently realistic mobile phone that makes sounds for ,50 cents


Toy phone on the left, my “smart” phone on the right.

– and last, but not least a bike seat for Paxlet to go on bike rides with us (next spring) for 7 euros.


And that, is what I call a fun shopping trip!

Here’s Paxlet just after nap today playing with his cars.


Mr Siili said I should have had the camera ready when I pulled out the police car. Paxlet’s eyes just went wide!