#MicroblogMonday – Remembering

Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Some years, it sneaks up on me and others I am very much aware of it. It’s what happens when a holiday isn’t celebrated where you live (and you’ve been away from country for the holiday for most of 17 years). I think this year it has mostly sneaked* up on me. I mean, I knew Thanksgiving was coming, but I didn’t really start feeling it until just the other day and especially last night.

The night before Thanksgiving is when my grandma died. I was 14. I had wanted to stay the night at a friend’s house that night, but my mom wouldn’t let me. But that next morning she said I could go to my friends. I thought it strange, but being 14, I didn’t think about it much further. Until that evening after the Thanksgiving festivities had ended and my mom told us the news. We ended up leaving to my grandparents house the next day.

I remember that I didn’t have my school work with me. We were reading Great Expectations in English class. I remember Perrin (4 years older than me) taking me and my siblings to a truck stop for hot chocolate while we were in my grandparents’ hometown. He had taught me how to play pool that summer. And I had a huge 14 year old girl crush on him. (It would never ever be anything more, because he was a proper Mormon boy.) I remember seeing my grandmother in her open casket. It was her, but it wasn’t. It was also the first (and only?) time I’ve seen a dead person. I remember the dress I wore to the funeral: the same turquoise dress I wore to my 8th grade dance. (My grandmother wouldn’t have wanted me to be sad and wear black my mom told me.) I remember the last conversation I had with my grandma. She was telling me that she might get her ears pierced.

I remember.


*Sneaked is a correct past tense form of snuck, I googled it.

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#MicroblogMonday – Hair we go!

I have an appointment on Thursday to get my hair done. It’s now been about 10 months since I’ve done a thing with it. The hair appointment is booked and baby sitter reserved! The appointment is with my favorite stylist, he was even on Finland’s version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Sillä Silmällä.

I think I’m going green/blue, with more green…

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#MicroblogMonday – Adventure in holiday travel home

We went to my in-laws for Christmas. It was decent and uneventful. The trip home was an adventure though.

Our girl cat hasn’t been feeling her best lately and I’ve had to give her cortisone pills everyday. These pills have made her poo less than desirable in consistency. And wouldn’t you know it, she didn’t go to the bathroom before we left the grandparent’s house.

It was horrendously stinky! Gaggingly so, as per Mr Siili’s actions. Yet, I was laughing like a loon with tears streaming down my face. Because, you know, that is what I do in stressful situations. We pulled into a rest stop and started getting things sorted out and then I start gagging and laughing even more. I may have peed myself some, even though I DID go to the bathroom before we left. (You try having two kids vaginally and not have a little bit of incontinence.)

I’m not sure who was more offended: Mansi by the indignities done to her or us for the smell we had to endure. Thankfully the sun was shining and the rest of the drive home was uneventful.

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This year I hosted my first ever Thanksgiving. Yes, hosted. my friends and I already celebrated it this evening, one day early. It only took me 16 years to have a turkey-day party and I have no idea why. The was a huge success. Everything was just so right! From finally setting a date, everyone (but one gal) being able to make it, the food prep the day before with my great friend R, cleaning the house today and eating all the yummy foods today.

We had just the right amount of food with only minimal leftovers. There is enough for me for lunch tomorrow and then some turkey to be frozen for turkey-noodle soup in the future. I can’t believe how easy stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and candied yams are to make! My good friend R came over yesterday and it only took us 3-4 hours to make all of those, plus a pesto torte. This 3-4 hours included a cheesecake breakfast break to plan our day and a lunch break. Tadbit slept most of the time, which helped a lot too! Having R over was so much fun and it was the perfect thing to get me already in the holiday mood. Today I cleaned and tidied the house (downstairs) a bit and popped the turkey in the oven. I even made gravy with the turkey juices and bits. Oh my goodness, it too was easy and tasted delish!

To continue the “just right”-feeling, everyone arrived on time. That’s a pretty big feat if you know some of the gals in our group. It was great to have us all together again. We laughed, cried and laughed some more. I can’t believe I’ve known these girls almost my entire Finland-life. We have been through so much and I know we will go through so much more. These girls are my friends that are family. For their friendship and more I am ever thankful.

#MicroblogMonday – Hosting Thanksgiving

I have lived in Finland for 16 years and only ever once been to a Thanksgiving celebration here. And that was during the second year I lived here. This year, I have finally gotten my act together and I am hosting a Turkey-day celebration in my home!

Mr Siili isn’t too keen on having a 3-4 kilo (6,6-8,8 pound) bird in the house, but I don’t have 20 friends that I would want to invite nor do we have the room for that many. So it looks like I’ll either buy some turkey breasts/legs or frantically freeze what doesn’t get eaten of the whole bird.

Our menu will looks something like the following, as it’s what my family does for Thanksgiving.

oyster balls (stuffing)
corn bread stuffing
pesto torte
candied yams/sweet potatoes
green bean casserole
cranberry sauce
pumpkin pie
crudités tray (gherkin sweet pickles, black olives, green olives, stuffed celery, pickled okra)
potato rolls

What’s your favorite dish for Turkey-day? What makes the meal for you?

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#MicroblogMonday, on Tuesday

Thanks, Mel! #MicroblogMonday is a great idea.

Paxlet turned 2 on Saturday. I’m so amazed that I get to watch this little boy grow and learn. It’s going to be so much fun to see what the terrific twos bring us. I really want to blog his birthday, but I am generally so tired and feeling blech in the evenings that I just can’t be bothered. Some day…

Minä (I) hide hands, Paxlet says, as I get ready to wash his hands after eating.

We’re most likely going to see my family this year, sometime around Turkey Day. I just need to get my very tired behind in gear and look for flights. Any suggestions if before or after, money-wise and less craziness, would be better for traveling in the US? Also, can you rent car seats?
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Thankful Friday (a day late, sort of)

I say “sort of” because Thanksgiving seems to be the day where people express their thankfulness, en masse. But, really, there shouldn’t be just one day a year in which we express that we are thankful.

I hope everyone had a great Turkey-day. Here in Finland, it was a Thursday like any ol’ other regular day. Except, it wasn’t quite a regular any ol’ day for me. Thanksgiving is my second most favorite holiday, after Halloween. And I totally miss Thanksgiving. I miss the food and the family getting together. Even after 13 years of being away from it, I still miss it dearly. So, I spent the day thinking of my family and not feeling very grateful.

I know I have a lot to be grateful for and generally I think I am grateful for what I have (most of the time anyway), but yesterday, I just wasn’t feeling it. So while I read many blog posts and FB statuses about what other people were/are grateful for, I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything. Today’s another day and I’m in a better frame of mind and feeling much more grateful.

I’m grateful for…
…my wiggly, drooling all over me & everything else, grinning, cooing, wanting to sit up-not leaned back little boy. He is the joy of my life! I am so thankful for him, even in the moments when I want a few minutes to myself.

…Mr Siili. I know I don’t tell him enough that I am grateful for him. I will do better. He has put up with me and loved me for so many years and I know he’ll continue to do so for many more.

…living in Finland where I am given the right to take at least 10 months of paid maternity leave. When I think about it, I already dread going back to work next spring, yet I know I am so lucky to have this chance to be at home with Paxlet for this long.

…my family and Mr Siili’s family.

…my dad and sister coming to visit me next month. I’ve got a post partly written up on this subject and hope to post it this weekend.

…Rusty and Mansi. While I don’t pay as much attention to the kitties now that Paxlet it here, I love them just the same and I’m glad they are in my life. Although, sometimes it’s a love-hate relationship with Mansi, the spazzy and energetic youngster.

…the interest rates being insanely low for our home loan.

…every single person I’ve met online, face-to-face or not. You have all left a warm spot on my heart and in my life and helped me through some of the darkest days and rejoiced with me during the better ones. Thank you!

…being able to get around town by bus, with the stroller, for free.


…momma & baby groups that I’ve been testing out to see if I can find some other moms that I might have something in common to hang out with.

And the list could go on forever, but I won’t.