39 weeks + 1 day, #2

I don’t see any impending signs of Tadbit making an appearance in the next few days. Sure, I’m more achy than previously, but what do you expect one week six days before the EDD? I truly wouldn’t mind Tadbit coming any time now. Although, I have a feeling she too will be a week-ish “late”. I finally (yesterday) packed everyone’s bags: mine (sans Crocs that need to be washed), Paxlet’s (in case he will go elsewhere) and Tadbit’s (coming home clothes). The only requirement I have of Tadbit is that she doesn’t arrive on the 29th of March or 1st of April. The first date is because that is when my stepmom thinks she’ll arrive: mid-way point between my dad and mom’s birthdays. And second, I don’t want an April Fool’s day baby.

Paxlet's art work. He made a couple of cards with these stickers too.

Paxlet’s art work. He made a couple of cards with these stickers too.

My next neuvola appointment is Monday.

I have (new) stretch marks! They aren’t so many and they are on the lower part of my bump, so I didn’t notice them until I really looked in the mirror the other day. The stretch marks aren’t huge and I almost didn’t realize what they were at first. But they are there now. I think they will fade somewhat quickly after I give birth, but if they don’t, I’m not worried about it. I’m actually sort of happy/excited about them. Battle wounds, you know!

Sleep has been harder to come by this week. I’m either waking up to pee, (although some nights aren’t too bad), Mr Siili’s snoring wakes me, Mr Siili wakes me because I am snoring, Paxlet wakes me up, I have a weird dream, I’m aching in my hips, have a headache or I wake just because. I haven’t been taking naps during the day either, it just isn’t my thing.
I tried Paxlet without a diaper at night (Sun-Mon) again this week and he massively peed at midnight. This event required a quick shower for Paxlet and full on bed change. It shattered me, physically and mentally. I was exhausted still when he woke at 6am. That was also the start of my hips really hurting this week and pregnancy.

Last night Mr Siili and I got a great show of Tadbit moving around. It was quite painful for me and a bit freaky for Mr Siili. Very alien-like. Tadbit really does wait until the evening when I am sitting and resting to make her big and painful movements. As nice as it is that I know she is doing well in there, I’m not sure I’ll miss these moments.

Why can’t my food desires ever be healthy? Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was on sale this week. Mr Siili and I bought 6 containers. One has been eaten already. Hey, we shared it! I may not have eaten it all, but I sure got the lion’s share of it. *not so sheepish grin*

Symptoms: My skin, especially that of my tummy has gotten quite dry and itchy if I don’t put lotion on it after a shower/swimming. In addition, my tummy skin is sensitive to anything touching it. I don’t want to be touched on my naked bump!

Last Friday bump down  on 24th (38+6)?
Last Friday the midwife thought my bump was a bit lower, but I wasn’t so sure. She also said baby’s head is a bit engaged. Then on Tuesday (38+5) as I was sitting in the swimming hall sauna, I thought bump was lower because it didn’t fee as if my boobs were resting on my bump anymore. Plus, I don’t think I got as winded while swimming, but that could have been me going slower than normal. I just happened to take a picture a few days earlier, but now that I’ve put the two pictures next to each other, I think I’m imagining things. Anyone else see a difference or is it just me?

This week I started getting pain down the inside of my right thigh. Sometimes it is a dull ache and other times it is a shooting pain. I’ve had to stop walking a few times because of it.

Wet burps are gross. Thankfully I don’t get them that often, but still: gross.

I miss being able to walk normally, bending over to towel dry myself off, sleeping a bit more comfortably and other mundane things like that.

The doula and I were supposed to meet on Wednesday, but that has been changed to tomorow. I look forward to going over alternative and natural pain relief methods.

I think my moods have been quite normal, but I am sure Mr Siili would say something else. He is always of a different opinion than I am on my moods.

Milestones: Eeks, 6 more days until EDD. Less than 3 weeks of pregnancy, at most!

Misc: Today I took the bus downtown and walked around a store for 2 hours. Mr Siili and I had sex for the 2nd time this year. I washed two loads of laundry. Swept upstairs (instead of vacuuming). All of these were done with the hope of trying to get things moving along. Hahah

I took Paxlet swimming this week. He loved it! While it was fun, I won’t be doing that again until baby is here.

Mr Siili and I finally discussed baby names. Rather, I told him the list of names I have been gathering, he made fun of some, we discussed some and then he couldn’t remember any he had supposedly thought of at some point. I’m not too worried yet about a name, as I know he wants to see the baby before committing to a name. It was the same with Paxlet, but this time I know more what to expect. It would be nice to have a couple of names that we both at least like.


38 weeks, #2

I put it off all week, but I finally went swimming this morning. It felt good to be there, even if making myself go there was difficult. Swimming is definitely helping my neck to not be as sore as it was, but it isn’t 100%. I managed to count the laps I swam today. In 30 minutes I did 15 laps, which is 750 meters (3/4 km, almost 1/2 a mile). That’s about half my normal swimming.
Each time I have gone swimming there has been a mummo/granny that has commented on my bump or surprised that I am still out and about and able. In fact, swimming is so much easier than walking. I actually feel somewhat graceful like a seal in the water, instead of a beached whale.

I was looking for stretch marks the other day, I don’t see any new ones still.

I am finding myself waking at night and not able to get back to sleep as easily. Especially when it seems that Mr Siili takes that instant to start snoring. I know he is tired, so I don’t poke him to get him to stop. Thankfully Paxlet mostly sleeps through the night. When he does wake, it is usually enough that I go cover him back up and tell him to go back to sleep.

Tadbit is a wiggler. As much as I love feeling her movements and getting reassurance that she’s still alive and kicking in there, it quite often hurts when she moves! She loves to stick her bum out to the right side or right up under my ribs. She also kicks/punches/headbutts me right in the lady bits. Ouch!

I seriously crave junk food. Anything sweet, chocolately, salty, you name it! Going to the store today after swimming with only an apple in me was not the best of ideas.

I don’t think there are any new symptoms this week. My bump still gets in the way, I’m achy off and on, tired when I don’t sleep well and minimal swelling. I still waddle like a pro and walk slower than ever.

I miss being able to stretch my back and being able to turn over easily in bed. I know these will come back soon enough, but it sure makes things more challenging until then. I also miss not getting so winded with a short walk. Achyness is part and par for the course, I can live with it still.

I have a neuvola appointment tomorrow. I think it will be a normal appointment: weight, hemoglobin, urine and blood pressure checked. We’ll listen to Tadbit’s heart rate and check the fundal height.

While this isn’t exactly pregnancy related, being pregnancy has affected the dentist appointment. I broke down and called the dentist on Tuesday. I have two teeth on the bottom (one on each side) that are bothering me, one of them painfully so. It ended up that the tooth on the right had a huge cavity and/or chunk missing form it and was infected. I needed two sets of numbing shots and even then I just about jumped out of the chair when the dentist drilled too far. In the end, he packed the area with medicated cotton and put a temporary cover on the tooth. If the pain continues or gets worse, I have a prescription for it. However, in the meantime, I am not to chew on that side, which is a bit difficult because it is hard to chew on the left side also. And once Tadbit arrives, I am to make an appointment to get x-rays and then get both teeth fixed. I sure hope the pain stays away and that the temp filling doesn’t break.

My stepmom has said that they have mailed a package our way. I’m excited for it to arrive and to see what has been put in it.

I wrote earlier this week that I finally met with a doula. I’ll be meeting her again next week. We’ll go over some natural pain relief techniques.

I am very much looking forward to labor and delivery. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Last time I was naively ready for it. This time I feel more prepared for it in that I know what to expect from the pain and I hope to relax through it as much as possible. The biggest concerns or stresses are not knowing when Tadbit will decide to arrive and what will happen with Paxlet. But, even those things I know will work themselves out.

Earlier this week, as Paxlet and I were walking home from daycare, he wanted to hold my hand. It was one of those sweet and pure moments that melted my heart because he wanted to be connected to me. And then probably within the next 10-20 minutes he was fussing and throwing a tantrum because I asked him to wash his hands or use the potty. I love my little boy! I’m excited for him to meet his sibling, but I know it will also be a time of change. My little boy will no longer be an only child? and !

#MicroblogMonday – Birthday, thoughts & shopping

Happy Birthday to my mom. She would have been 57 years old today.


I went swimming for the first time in ages last week. Let’s just say I want to live in the pool for the next few weeks.


I went to the chiropractor today. The first time I’ve been there in almost a year. The second time I’ve gone when pregnant, but this time I was much further along, so no way I could lay on my tummy. He was still able to treat my neck and most of my back. My neck feels better, but I don’t think it will stay “better”. My back is feeling pretty good at the moment, however it wasn’t that bad when I went in. I hope swimming tomorrow helps all bits involved.

After the chiropractor, as I was going to get in my car, my mind was miles away in my own thoughts. I banged my forehead into a sign. I had a major headache for at least an hour and now I am left with a “pretty” wound.


I found a 5€ bill on the ground on my way to the chiropractor. Then I spent way too much time and money at a clothing store and 2 flea markets today. I bought myself some clothes, Paxlet some pajamas, shorts, a book, stickers and some baby clothes. My goodness, I had almost forgotten how cute baby clothes are!


All in all, it’s been a decent and SUNNY day so far. Time for me to go get Paxlet from daycare. What should we have for dinner?

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