Knitted bunny

Just in time for Spring (and Easter weekend).
A while back, Paxlet’s daycare provider showed me a knitted bunny she had made. It was cute, simple and made by knitting a square and then sewing it up. I thought I could do that! And so I did!

I think I’ll leave this bunny faceless for now. My attempt at eyes was pretty pathetic and I actually like the all white bunny.
I Googled “knitted square bunny” and found this nice tutorial from Jo So & Sew (among many other possibilities). If you’re quicker than I am, you can get this done in a very short time.

#MicroblogMonday – Spring grass

Isn’t spring supposed to be here already?! You wouldn’t know that here. We’ve had rain off and on the last few days, which isn’t bad as it helps all the snow melt. But today it is sleeting (räntä)! I’m ready for more warmth.

Two and a half weeks ago we planted some grass seeds, that just didn’t really come up. After a second planting of grass seeds, we finally have grass!

This was 4 days ago:

These are from a few minutes ago:

grass1 grass4
The little matchbox is where the chickies go to sleep at night. Paxlet puts them in there at night. Then in the morning he puts them back in the grass.


This little creature is a hedgehog that Paxlet made at daycare last week. I think it, the hedgehog, is having a bit of hair/spike problem from a cat (or two) taste testing it.


Although this has nothing to do with spring or grass, it was too cute to pass up. Mansi-cat desperately wanted to play with Paxlet and be fwiends (that’s not a typo). Paxlet on the other hand didn’t want to be tickled by her tail, nor did he want Mansi sitting/laying on his legos!


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Celebrating spring

Welcome to March’s ICLW.

If you don’t know what ICLW is, check out the explanation at Mel’s Stirrup Queens blog.


A very short bit about me: I’m an Oregonian born and raised, but I’ve lived in Finland for the last 15,5 years with my Finnish husband, Mr Siili. Once we felt we were ready enough, it took us 3,5 years with lots of doctors’ help to get pregnant with Paxlet (2,5yr). Since then we have been surprised with a 2nd pregnancy (15 cycles after AF came back after breast feeding) and Tadbit is due in a couple of weeks, around Easter weekend. It truly can happen after only one time, if everything lines up just right.

If you want to know more, check the “A bit about me” tab at the top.


The eclipse today at 12:23pm.

The eclipse today at 12:23pm.

Spring is in the air! Well, maybe lots of dust from the graveled sidewalks with a bit of pollen from the south is in the air. But the sun has been out lately, the temperatures warmer (+10C during the day at times) and the snow has been melting! We can see grass poking through in some areas, but I haven’t seen any flowers yet, although I have read of others in my town seeing them on FB. Don’t worry though, we’ll most likely get snow fall again next week. I knew it was too good to be true.

I plan on making a few more of these in spring colors.

I plan on making a few more of these in spring colors.

We don’t celebrate Easter in this household, so spring time fanfare is what it is about for me/us. This will be the first year I’ve really done anything to celebrate spring with Paxlet. He is now old enough to truly understand what is going on and help more with the arts and crafts. To help celebrate spring, I have bought a couple of trinkets to give Paxlet in the next week or two, in addition to the crafts we have done and will do.

The little chicks are to be put in the grass if it ever grows.

The little chicks are to be put in the grass if it ever grows.

My stepmom has said a package is headed our way and she packed some plastic easter eggs in the box. (I hope it arrives quickly!) It’ll be fun to hide the plastic eggs around the house for Paxlet to find.

In honor of spring or Easter, you choose, Paxlet and I have been doing some arts and crafts to help brighten up our house. We have sown some spring grass seeds and are now waiting for them to grow. It’s been almost a week and I don’t see any starts yet, I’m getting concerned. (We bought more grass seeds today, let’s see if we need to plant them.)

Our non-existent spring grass.

Our non-existent spring grass.

We, okay okay mostly me, have made some colorful sheep. They too are waiting for the grass to grow.
We have also made some stained glass (tissue paper) butterflies to put in our window. I think they have turned out beautifully!

I also hope to dye some eggs in the near future. It’s been years! since I’ve done it and it wasn’t really that much fun dying eggs by myself the last time I did do it. I am sure Paxlet will enjoy the colors and messiness of it all.


Directions on how to fold the origami bunny basket/lantern, check out Origami Spirit‘s page. There is a very nice video to follow.

The sheep idea was found at the inadvertent farmer‘s blog.