Tadbit is 1 month old

Yesterday was one month since my Baby girl was born. Where has the time gone? Seriously! I vaguely remember the same happening with Paxlet during the first weeks/month. When Tadbit was born, we were still getting some snow flurries that would stick on the ground for a few hours and now when I look again, all the birch have tiny visible green leaves on them. It also doesn’t freeze at night anymore.

Tadbit still doesn’t have a name. I think about it constantly. We think we have a first name, but we can’t seem to find a second/middle name to go with it. And yes, we would like a second/middle name. I would be willing to go with a different first name, but we absolutely don’t have any other names in sight or mind. Ack! Thankfully we have one more month to figure out a name, but I’m stressing already.

I have found that as the days and weeks are going by, I am loving this little girl more. I know I loved her before she arrived and my heart swelled when she did arrive, but the feelings of love I had for her in the beginning just felt so different than what I remembered with Paxlet. I am thankful for the weekdays and Paxlet being at daycare, as that has given me time to just be with Tadbit and bond with her. I do feel a bit guilty still at times when I think of what we have “done” to him, but on the other hand I am happy that we have been able to give him a sibling. (It will be up to the both of them to like each other for their entire lives.) I love her.

This little girl is growing so much already before our eyes. I got the first real smiles a few days ago. Mr Siili got some the following day. Tadbit’s also definitely more aware of her surroundings. She’s looking around at things. I can see wonder and thought (as opposed to a blank stare) in her eyes when she’s awake and looking around. We’re also getting more coos and sounds from her. I love it as babies grow out of the larva stage and start getting some personality.

She’s growing physically too! Some of her newborn sized clothes already don’t fit! And I have some more that we’ll have to stop using very soon. Size 3 diapers are going to be a reality pretty soon.

From day one, Tadbit has been a good sleeper. Even better than Paxlet! She usually sleeps 3-4 hours at a time and then is awake 1-2 hours. This is marvelous at night, even if it still feels like I never get enough sleep. Yes, I know the whole saying of “sleeping when the baby sleeps”. I just never did it much when Paxlet was a baby and I don’t do it so often now. Once I’m awake, I’m awake and find it hard to get back into bed. Especially if I help Paxlet get ready in the morning for daycare.

I gave Tadbit a bath for first time on Sunday, at 4 weeks of age. She just laid in the bath with big eyes. No screams or struggles, so I think she liked it.

I have been using my Amazonas wrap quite a bit with Tadbit. It has been so easy to put her in it and wear her wherever I need to. She’s fussy at the store? Put her in the wrap. I need to get Paxlet from daycare? Put her in the wrap. She’s fussy in the evening (colic / witching hour) and nothing will quiet her? Put her in the wrap! It is taking my lower back a bit to get used to, but I love that I can wear her and she’ll fall asleep almost immediately. I do still have the Snugli that I used with Paxlet, but I don’t find it as comfortable as the wrap. I mean, I do like it and it is easy to put the baby in it, I just find the wrap is more adjustable and allows the weight to be a it more balanced. I wish I had bought the wrap earlier with Paxlet. I do use the stroller with her sometimes, but she doesn’t always settle in it. Plus, it is easier to be out and about with Paxlet with Tadbit in the wrap, most times.

On the flip side of using the wrap all the time, Tadbit will generally fall asleep and stay asleep if I lay her down or take her out of the wrap. Whereas Paxlet would wake up very quickly. Tadbit will even sleep in her box for part of the night already. Paxlet didn’t do that until quite some time later (months later?).

Life is different, yet the same. I’m still getting used to it all, but I think I’m pretty happy when I’m not so tired.


Out with the newborn, clothes that is

I would really love to have a second child and a sibling for Paxlet. I really don’t see that happening, yet I can’t help but hope and think about it. In the meantime, as Paxlet is getting older, (he’s almost 2!!) and there’s no sign of me being pregnant, Mr Siili is wanting to get rid of all of Paxlet’s too small and no-longer-used items. Mr Siili has no sentimental attachments (that I know of) to any of Paxlet’s toys or clothes. But I do.

Some clothes and other items (for ex. 1970’s Snugli carrier*, food grinder) were mine and my siblings when we were little that my mom had saved and then my step-mom and sister shipped to me. There is no doubt in my mind that I can’t get rid of those. But at the same time, Mr Siili says I should just ship them back to my siblings so they can put them in storage for themselves. But, what if we do, but some bit of magic, happen to get pregnant again. I couldn’t ask for my family to ship them to me yet again! Plus, they don’t need them just yet. If they do, I will send them straight away.

There are also some clothes and other stuff from Mr Siili’s mom. Those are easier to give back, because they live much closer and I personally don’t have as much of an emotional attachment to them and neither does Mr Siili. In addition, I wonder if his sisters (one my age and one 10 years younger) might want this stuff to use when/if they have kids. But, I don’t want to ask them about their plans because it isn’t really any of my business. But, I also don’t think my MIL wants the stuff back either, although I am sure she will take it.

The bit of stuff and clothes that I’m having an especially hard time parting (or thinking about parting) with are the clothes that have been given to Paxlet and what I have bought for him. Some of the clothes are just too cute and I loved it when he would wear them, for the short time he did. Others, such as most everything from the maternity package, I just want to save them in case we have another kid or for my siblings if/when they have kids. There are tons of almost new, great quality clothes from the maternity package that I just don’t have the heart to get rid of them; either by donating or selling on FB or at a flea market. Mr Siili says I should keep a couple of the items that are harder to replace and a few that I have the most sentimentality towards. But I just don’t find it that simple.

What have you done, or would you do, regarding your baby’s clothes? (And other small-ish items?) Have you kept everything? Nothing? A few things? What did you keep? I’m really having a hard time, mentally, figuring out what to do with this stuff. And yes, I know it is just stuff. We can buy it all again if we ever need too, but I WANT and NEED to save a few things for Paxlet when he (and his partner) possibly have their own kids someday. Paxlet, as a male, might not have mooshy feelings that I saved the stuff, but I hope his partner might.


*In the almost two years since I’ve  managed to track down the instructions for this vintage carrier, I’ve had 31 people ask me for them. I find that cool and amazing!

Vintage Snugli carrier – update

— Updates at the bottom –

Since I wrote about the 1970’s vintage Snugli carrier I received for my baby shower last year (bought by my mom and sent to me by my sister and stepmom) and how I found the instructions for it, I have had several people contact me for the instructions. In fact, the email I received just the other day makes 9 requests total!

I am so happy that I was able to find the instructions for my own use. I definitely wouldn’t have realized a couple of things about the carrier without them. And I am thrilled that others have found my blog post about it and that I have been able to pass on the instructions.

So, if there’s anyone else out there who has a vintage Snugli carrier and needs the instructions, just email me at jsththr at gmail dot com and I’ll be glad to send them on to you.

December 15, 2014: To date, I have received well over 50 requests for the instructions! And I have gladly shared them! If you need the instructions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me at jsththr at gmail.

July 4, 2017: I do not have, nor have ever had, instructions on how to MAKE your own Snugli. I only have the instructions how to USE the Snugli.

November 13, 2017: Please email me at jsththr at gmail dot com if you would like instructions.

Snugli carrier

— Update at the bottom —

One of the baby shower items that was sent from my family was a Snugli baby carrier.  As my stepmom tells me, my mom had used one of these with either one of or both of my younger siblings. And so my mom was quite excited to find one at the second hand shop.

This particular Snugli dates back to the 1970’s, when this company was still small and making each carrier by hand (on a sewing machine). The instructions weren’t sold with this, and I’m sure it isn’t difficult to use, but this carrier is going to be used to carry my baby and I want to know I am using it safely. Which, led me on an instruction finding chase.

First place I looked was Snugli’s website (now owned by Evenflo) to see if they had instructions there and if they didn’t have them online, was there a contact number or email for them that I could use. I did find a 1-800 number and I called them (via Skype, because even though I live in Finland, using Skype to call 1-800 numbers is free!). The lady who answered my call was nice, but because this Snugli model is so old, they don’t have any instructions for it and she wasn’t able to find them online (from their own personal site?). Also, this version of the Snugli is too different from any of the current models for the new models’ instructions to be of any help, so the lady said. I thanked the lady and said goodbye.

I next started Googling to see what I could find. It only took a couple of searches for me to find two potential hits. The first hit I found was a similar looking Snugli that had been sold on Etsy. I book marked this in order to come back to it later if I couldn’t find anything else. The second place I found was a chat forum post from earlier this year where a lady’s husband had found her a vintage Snugli at a second hand store, still with its original package and receipt! I signed up to the forum and private messaged the lady in hopes that she’d reply to me. And what do you know, in less than an hour she had replied and said she could scan the directions for me. How cool is that?!

I am now waiting for the instructions to arrive in my inbox. I’ll keep you updated!

Edited: I have received the instructions. If anyone out there needs them, let me know and I can forward the pdf to you.

December 15, 2014: To date, I have received well over 50 requests for the instructions! And I have gladly shared them! If you need the instructions, please don’t hesitate email me at jsththr at gmail.