#MicroblogMonday – Before and after, pregnancy changes

Before I was pregnant/had kids, I firmly slept on my left or right side. Favoring my left. This was still true during pregnancy with Paxlet and after he was born. Again, when I was pregnant with Tadbit, I still preferred my left side, but I flip-flopped. As much as a pregnant lady can. However, I have recently been waking up and finding myself on my back! I’ve never really been a back sleeper, but it seems I am now.

Have you had things change in your life that you used to do differently?

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#MicroblogMonday – Bad day, not bad mom

Today just wasn’t my day. It was the first day Mr Siili was back at work after two weeks home and it felt like nothing was going right.

I lost my temper and my cool many times today. I yelled at the kids much more than I care to admit. I threatened too many things, however, I did manage to keep the threats mostly realistic.

At bedtime, I really lost it and put Paxlet in bed without his teeth brushed or a shower and no bedtime book or songs. He screamed and cried with full body sobs. I told him I love him, I just didn’t like his actions today. Mr Siili came home and saved Paxlet’s bedtime routine.

Tadbit hasn’t been much easier in going to bed either lately. And tonight has been no exception. Screaming, playing, milk, playing, screaming and more milk. Eventually, sleep will come.

I feel like a horrible, no good mom today. But I know that isn’t true. I’m a mom that’s just had a horrible day.

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Screaming and crying

As I lay on top of my bed, the clock reads 21:18 and Tadbit is still screaming, for almost an hour already. I’ve been (mostly) laying on this bed with her since 19:24. Bedtime started out as normal, but something has obviously gone wrong. Was it Mr Siili coming into the room for a bit while I sat with Paxlet? (Not a common occurance.) She has had both boobs, yet keeps pulling at my shirt. We’ve gone downstairs for more porridge and an impromptu game of signing “more” water to drink out of a normal drinking cup. Was it some gas that she has now passed? Have we had too much excitement these last few days?

I have no idea what the matter is, but I too have cried this evening. I would love to call my mom up right now and ask what she did when me or my siblings wouldn’t go to bed. But I can’t. Tomorrow will have been five years since I could call her. I wasn’t even pregnant yet then.

It’s now 21:45. Tadbit isn’t screaming, but she isn’t sleeping either.


She’s happily and quietly putting clothes in and taking them out of plastic freezer bags. And I still miss my mom.

The clock now reads 22:17. I’ve let Tadbit play for almost 40 minutes more. I change her diaper, lay her down and she starts to scream again. I lay down next to her, trying to explain to her that it is bedtime. I need her to sleep so I can sleep too. As I start crying again, she holds my arm and falls asleep.

#MicroblogMonday – More hair fun!

I can’t wait for Paxlet to have an opinion on his hair. I want to see how he wants it cut/styled. Mohawk? Long? Shaved? Colors*?


Tadbit had her first hair cut a week ago Sunday. Literally, it was one hair. It was growing down into her eye, while the rest of the hairs are still at forehead length.


I bought these two hair dye colors last week: Herman’s Amazing hair color in Marge Blue and Daisy Yellow.
I should have put them my hair once the kids were asleep that night, but by the time they were asleep, I just couldn’t be bothered. So I finally dyed my hair on Friday, when I thought for sure Tadbit would take a 1-2 hour nap. She only napped one hour. I put her in her crib, dragged it in the hallway and let her watch me dye my hair. When it was time to wash the dye out, she got a bath and I got a shower. Both of us were happy.

I love the green I got when I mixed the two colors! I can’t wait to do it again in a couple of weeks. I’m also thinking of trying out some more colors at some point in the (near?) future.

*Coloring we’ll have to look at for chemical and safety reasons, but I’m not opposed to colors.

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#MicroblogMonday – I experimented so you didn’t have to

I’m all about my 5 minute (or less) microwave mug cakes and cookies. They are dangerously quick, easy to make and pretty tasty too. I also all about making a double batch of cookie dough, baking a few cookies and then prepping the rest of the dough into cookie size balls and freezing them. Then all I have to do is take them out of the freezer, thaw the dough a tiny bit and I’m ready with freshly baked cookies with no mess or hassle.

This evening I got the idea in my head to thaw one of the cookie dough balls a very tiny bit and eat it raw. I thawed it a bit too much, but I ate the gooey thing anyway. Yum! That put the idea in my head to see how these cookie balls, meant for the oven, would cook in the microwave… I just had to sacrifice two more cookie dough balls for this experiment. The first I cooked in the microwave for 30 seconds, but it over cooked and burned the bottom half of the cookie. Blech! Burnt cookie smell anyone? I only ate the top half, after it cooled down. The 2nd (really the 3rd, by now) cookie ball I zapped for 10 seconds and it was perfectly raw and gooey.

Lesson learned. I’ll either cook these in the oven or make sure I carefully thaw them only a tiny bit in the microwave.

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#MicroblogMonday – Vomiting, it is over!

It felt like a long and dark path, but I think we’ve made it through all the illnesses. In the end, everyone had gotten sick, except for me. (I wasn’t having any of it! NO vomiting for me.)

In any case, we are all doing well and recovering. But at this very instant, I’m falling asleep, so this will kept nice and short. Take care, everyone!

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#MicroblogMonday – Vomiting, part 2

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support on my freak out about vomiting last week. Tadbit only puked that night and not again. She has been a bit off on her sleep (and mood) since then, so nights have been…rougher? short? sleep deprived? all of the above

As you’d expect, siblings can’t always let well enough alone. Paxlet had to give it a go last night and vomited, once, all over his bed and himself. We’re not sure if his was actually a stomach bug or from the shit-food he ate earlier in the day. (Sausage, Karelian piirakka, pulla/sweet bun with whipped cream and jam anyone?) Paxlet is feeling ok today, but I can tell he is a bit under the weather. He’s not eating much AND he asked to go for a nap today (at 2pm, which is generally wake up time, but hey!). He fell asleep in with minimal “singing/chatting” in less than 10 minutes and slept almost 2 hours, plus he went to bed at a normal time.

As a side: Paxlet doesn’t seem to remember the event of last night. When Mr Siili or myself asked him about it, he just got a bit blank in the face and didn’t really seem to answer anything about it. Is that normal? Could it be that he was just so tired and out of it that he sort of forgot? He did fall back asleep as soon as we got him cleaned up and into bed again.

While I’m much more calm today than I was after Tadbit’s episode, I’m still on high alert for any potential signs of vomiting (cough, gurgle, hiccup, etc). I’m not sure if it is the “been there done that” effect or that Paxlet is older and can hopefully voice something about how he might be feeling, but I’m not feeling panicked. Grossed out and a slightly nervous, yet, but not panicked. The major downside to this all? I smell vomit EVERYWHERE! Seriously! on a positive, it’s only Mr Siili and I left who haven’t vomited… And I am NOT going to! I’ll stay sick several days longer if that is what it takes to not vomit.

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