#MicroblogMonday – Park

It’s still raining, winding and sometimes even sleeting. Welcome to spring in Finland.

The weather doesn’t stop the need for kids to burn off energy, so yesterday morning after being half awake since 4:30am and fully awake since 6am, the kids and I went to Sorsapuisto (duck park).

We were the first ones at the park at 9:25am.


Paxlet and Tadbit had lots of fun running around.



It was actually decently warm and a bit sunny while we were there.
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#MicroblogMonday – Little adventures

Yesterday Paxlet and I went to the Duck park, even though it was foggy, wet and misty. He needed to get outside and run some energy off. I peed before we left the house, twice. Yet, I needed to pee as soon as we arrived! I held it for as long as I could and then spied a free public toilet. It was clean enough, so long as I put tp on the toilet seat and sat carefully. It was also big enough that Paxlet could wander around looking at things. Especially the buttons on the wall. There was a “lower the toilet seat” button, a “flush” button and an “SOS” button to call for help. There also happened to be a second SOS button near the floor. Paxlet asked what the buttons were and I told him to leave them be. As I was standing up to pull my many layers of clothes back on, but still bare bottomed, Paxlet nudged the floor SOS button with his toe. It started beeping!!! As I frantically try to get my clothes back on, I press the SOS button and it continues to beep! Thankfully, no voice came to us over a speaker and no one broke the door down before I got decent. And the beeping stopped as soon as I pressed the “open door” button to leave.
*phew* What an adventure the park bathroom was!

Today, I forgot my house key at home. Only I didn’t notice it until I was trying to go home. As I was talking to a neighbor, thinking Paxlet and I had to go all the way back downtown to get Mr Siili’s key, I remembered a friend who live nearby has a spare key. She had thankfully just gotten home and we were free to stop by to get our key. Paxlet and I could have waited 10 minutes to take the bus that leaves in from in front of our house or walk down the road a bit to try and get the previous bus. Neither option worked, as I wasn’t going to wait 10 minutes and the previous bus left before our eyes. I did remember at the last minute that but 20 should be coming soon AND it goes right in front of our friend’s place. I started trotting towards the bus stop. Then I saw the bus and started running. I ran through a wet and muddy lot, waving my arm for the bus driver to see us, not that they will always wait for you. This time I was able to make it to the bus just as the last people were getting off the bus. Out of breath! (And in pain.) But on the bus. We made it to our friend’s place, got the key and took the same bus back towards home.
I don’t with to repeat that little adventure any time soon. My key is already clipped to my work key (and it should be in my bag too).

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Sauna, a family affair

Sauna. It’s a very Finnish thing. In fact, I believe I have heard it said (written?) that sauna is a Finnish invention. I don’t really care who invented it, I am just thankful it was invented. I love sauna! Maybe not as much as some Finns, but I do love the heat, the sound of the water evaporating into steam and relaxing in sauna.

Up until this last Sunday, Mr Siili and I have either had to go to sauna one at a time or wait until Paxlet was asleep and hope that he would stay asleep so we could enjoy an unhurried sauna. Unfortunately, Paxlet has woken up during several saunas. Let me tell you, not very relaxing. That’s right, this last Sunday was Paxlet’s first time in sauna, at almost 14 months old.

I read on a Finnish sauna website that the average age for Finnish babies to go to sauna for the first time is 3,5 months. Paxlet is a late bloomer in this respect. I had always read and heard that it is best to wait until the child is about a year old. But then again, sauna is such an integral part of Finnish life (and death) that it makes sense that kids start going to sauna early.

When we took Paxlet to sauna, we only had a bit of löyly (steam radiating from the rocks when you sprinkle on water) so it didn’t get too hot. We also mostly kept him on a lower bench and only let him up on to the top bench to sit with Daddy when he wanted to go up there. In addition, Paxlet was only in sauna for a few minutes for the two times we let him in there, with a shower to cool down in between. As soon as his cheeks and head started getting a bit warmer, it was out of the sauna for him. Also, if Paxlet had expressed displeasure in being in there, we would have removed him immediately. In fact, it was the exact opposite: Paxlet loved sauna. He especially loved the hissing sound from the löyly (Mr Siili only tossed on a tablespoon or two of water at a time).

I can’t wait for more adventures in sauna with my boys! And no, I didn’t take any pictures of Paxlet’s first sauna. But I did take pictures of the park we went to earlier in the day.


The rapids running through the center of town and right next to the park.


Paxlet being his cute self after getting off the spider web-swing.


Paxlet sitting in the flower sand table.


One section of the park. City landscape.


Playing in the ambulance.


Laughing in the direction of a kid as he walked by. I’ve no idea why he laughed.


Walking through the train.