Outlander S2E1

Tomorrow! Tomorrow, is only a day away!


Bits and bobs

I been gathering this post all week. It seems like my blogging thoughts are in random little pieces these days. I’m sure I could find something long and worthy to write, but I just can’t be bothered. Here are my thoughts as they are.

Earlier this week, Paxlet said “olet tuhma” (according to Mr Siili) and I thought Paxlet had said “tyhmä”.

tyhmä a stupid, unintelligent, foolish, soft-headed, brainless, dopey, obtuse, fool (yl am), daft (br), dim-witted, dozy (br), drippy, dumb (henkilöstä), gormless (br) Onpa tyhmä kysymys What a stupid question

tuhma a 1 naughty 2 bad (worse, worst) 3 rude, wicked tuhma vitsi a rude joke ■ a 4 (rivo) naughty, rude

As you can see neither word is very nice. And calling someone stupid just raises my hackles. I learned and experienced early on in my Finnish life that kids often call their parents, friends and just about anyone that displeases them “tyhmä”. And it irritates me to no end. I’ve tried explaining it to other Finns that calling someone stupid is fighting words. You don’t say that unless you really mean it. Does anyone else feel this way or am I a lone American on this feeling?

The next morning, Paxlet called his overalls “tuhma”. And then in the next sentence he said to me “Olet ruohon leikkuri” aka “You are a grass cutter” aka “lawnmower”. Now, at first I just laughed. But as I got to think about it during the day, he loves machines and he does like the lawnmower, so he must really like me. 😀 I know he likes me because he has told me so. He has also told me “Paxlet happy boy” and “Paxlet momma boy”.

Many of the buses, their routes and numbers changed at the beginning of the summer. The bus I take most regularly was #22, now #9. The other thing that changed was that once an hour, the bus actually comes past my house to its end spot and then turns around. All other times, it is a 7-8 minute walk to the closest stop. I love having a bus stop in front of my house, plus it works well for going to and coming home from work. However, since these stops are new(ish), many of the bus drivers still haven’t figured out where to stop or how to use the end turn-around. I’ve had to walk around the bus to get into (instead of stepping up into the bus from the curb) it a few times. And we’ve even had the bus driver go past our stop! Not that it is such a big deal, as it is only a 2-3 minute walk home from the end, but hey! the driver missed our stop, right in front of our house! After this last incident, I happened to take the same bus from the same driver the very next day and he recognized me. He even called out to me as I got off the bus saying as how our stops now have their official signs!

Living in a newly developed and developing area, there is still lots of construction going on. Across the street from us used to be a forest. Now most of the trees are cut down and the land leveled. The cool part is that we have 4 diggers across street from us. It is a young boys’ (and girls’) dream come true! They get to watch diggers, dump trucks and other big vehicles, come and go and work. We’ve spent quite a bit of time watching them this last year.

We’re planning on visiting my family in the US later this year. The tickets are expensive and the trip long. However, Mr Siili’s sleuth and research skills look like they have paid off and we’ll hopefully be getting a good deal on both. Well under 3k€ round trip and only about 24 hours of total travel time, each way.
I am looking forward to buying things from the US! And seeing family too. I need some more toothpaste, deodorant, underwear, some maternity clothes (much cheaper than here), candy (different than Finland) and other random things I think of while there.
My family doesn’t say Paxlet’s (real) name quite correctly. I know that I/we chose Paxlet’s name what it is so that it would be easily said and mostly correct the world over. But, I would have also hoped that my family would try to say it the way it is meant to be said: with an a (father) and not an ä (cat). I wonder if it will change when we are there and they will hear it more often from us.

Paxlet speaks more Finnish than English, but he understands both languages without a problem. Some things/phrases he says in English and when he spend more time with me, he will use a bit more English, but still the majority of his words are in Finnish. However, he does spit out gems like the following. I was putting my foot in the door way so he couldn’t slam close the door. He said: Momma foot way. Äiti väistä jalka. (Momma move foot.)

And last, but not least, I am halfway done with Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, book 8 of the Outlander series. I know I will feel lost for a bit after finishing it. Thankfully I have the TV series I can watch and re-watch if I have serious enough with drawls.

5 days, 5 photos, 5 friends

Happy 293rd Birthday, Jamie Fraser! May 1st is the main male character’s birthday in Diana Gabaldon‘s Outlander series. I am reading the 5th book in the series (The Fiery Cross) and it just so happened that I came across his birthday today in the book. And then later on in my reader feed, Karen at Outlandish Observations posted an “ABCs of Jamie Fraser”. I love her list. I also saw on FB that the 8th book in the Outlander series comes out on June 10th in the US (June 5th in the UK). I have been waiting to read this book since right after the last one came out 4,5 years ago. And then this summer, the Outlander TV series will start (made by Starz). Squee!


Today is May 1st aka May Day aka Worker’s Day.But here in Finland it is called Vappu and a holiday. It starts on April 30th and carries on through today. It’s the start of summer and a huge carnival-type celebration. It’s almost mandatory to eat munkki (sugar donuts) and drink sima (honey mead). While I did have some of each, in our household I made Dallas-pulla (sweet rolls) and cinnamon buns. I took Friday off, so this year Vappu is a long weekend for me. Not that I was out celebrating yesterday or today.


There’s a meme going around the Finnish FB crowd. Thankfully this meme is not about posting to your status what color some portion of your clothes are, where you put your bag, how many weeks along you are or some other very well veiled attempt at raising awareness for breast cancer or something. This meme is about sharing the everyday bit of your life. In Finnish it is “arkikuvahaaste” aka Everyday photo challenge.

The idea is this:

For 5 days, you take a photo (or more) a day that somehow captures your ordinary, everyday life and share it (explaining a bit about the photo, if you want). Each day you do this challenge, you challenge one person to join you in the challenge.

I’ve enjoyed watching other people post their pictures on FB and tell a bit about their day. Up to this point, I have not been tagged and I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about it. Let’s just say I’m indifferent. But because I like this idea, I thought I’d share it with you all and challenge anyone who reads this to post at least one picture a day (more if you want) for 5 days.

It’s like those chain letters we’d get as a kid, but without the envelope. Leave a comment to let me know if you decide to do it and I’ll add your blog to my post so others can enjoy your pictures too.

Baths and hedgehogs

Sunday evening, Paxlet and I made some salt dough ornaments. (They turned out insanely cute!). For color, I used some of my cake decorating food coloring diluted with a bit of water so we could paint brush it on. It worked beautifully and the colors are bright and vibrant. Downside? Food coloring isn’t quite easy to wash off skin, especially not when it is all over a 1 year 3 month old little boy. It didn’t help that I painted his hands to get hand prints. When he was done, I carried him upstairs to the bathroom for a bath.

My phone got an accidental bath too. I snatched it out of the bath before it fully submerged, but it still got water inside the back cover. After seeing that my phone was booting itself and not working, I took it apart and put it in a dry rice “bath”. Thankfully I still have my very old phone (it has a color screen and can vibrate when instead of ring) as a back up. But this very old phone sucks! The 6 button sticks, the ring tone is mechanical and there is no way to have the phone vibrate only for the morning alarm. And worst of all, I can’t read any books on it. What was I going to do while Paxlet was falling asleep? What was I going to do while I fell asleep? It’s not like I can turn the light on and wake him…

I just let my mind wander while Paxlet was falling asleep, almost falling asleep myself. But I solved my (first world) problem about how I was going to read before going to sleep. I have the ebook I am reading as a paperback too! I’m reading Outlander (Book 1) by Diana Gabaldon (again, for the 3rd time). I borrowed the bike flashlight that Paxlet had been playing with all day and hid under my covers and read.

As I was reading, I came to a spot that had me in fits of laughter and giggles and tears running down my face. I remember when I was reading it last time, I had this same reaction. Mr Siili heard me giggling and snorting and asked what was so funny. When I tried to tell him about it, I laughed so hard it took me a few tries before I could get the words out. He didn’t find it all that amusing. I’m also quite sure that the first time I read this passage, I had the same reaction.

Warning: mini-spoiler ahead

Excerpt from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander – Chapter 23 Return to Leoch (close to the middle of the book)
Horrocks!” I exclaimed suddenly, sitting bolt upright in bed.

“Hah?” Jamie, startled out of a sound sleep, shot sideways out of bed, ending on the floor in a crouch, hand on the dirk he had left on top of his piled clothes. “What?” he demanded, staring wildly around the room. “What is it?”

I stifled a giggle at the sight of him, crouched naked on the floor, red hair standing on end like quills.

“You look like a fretful porpentine,” I said.

He gave me a dirty look and rose to his feet, replacing the dirk on the stool that held his clothes.

“You couldna wait ’til I woke to tell me that?” he inquired. “You thought it would make more impression if ye woke me out of a sound sleep by shouting ‘Hedgehog!’ in my ear?”

“Not ‘hedgehog,’ ” I explained. “Horrocks. I remembered all at once that I’d forgotten to ask you about him. Did you find him?”
And I’m actually giggling again now while I post this.