#MicroblogMonday – Glass works again

And I forgot to blog again last night.

Yesterday late afternoon I went to check out a glass club. They do Tiffany style work (stained glass windows, lamps), fused glass (pieces melted together) and even mosaics (bits glued onto something in a pattern). I am so excited to become a part of this club and to get back into making glass stuff.

I made my first stained glass pieces back in high school over twenty years ago. I made some roses, a pen holder, a mandala window piece and a combined mirror/glass window piece. In more recent years (still over 5 years ago), I made an angel, butterflies for a mobile and then a bunch of fused glass jewelry.

The possibilities are endless and ideas are flowing, it’s only a matter of choosing what I want to do first.

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#MicroblogMonday – Mohawk and Pigtails

Aaaand it’s Tuesday.

Paxlet finally asked for a hairstyle. A mohawk!!! And off we went to the hairdresser, as it was time to get it cute anyway.
wp-image-708545592jpeg.jpeg wp-image-210508635jpeg.jpeg wp-image-1941421891jpeg.jpeg
I think if he still likes this style, next time we can get the sides even shorter and the ‘hawk part more defined. And as soon as I’m not feeling lazy, we’re going to color his mohawk also. Green? Purple? Blue? I’ve got them all, he just needs to decide.

Little miss Tadbit isn’t to be outdone, either. Her hair is getting long enough for pigtails and a hair pretty on the front (to keep her bangs/fringe out of her eyes). The hair clip is quick and easy to put in and she loves it. The pigtails or ponytails on the other hand result in screeches as I am attempting to put them in. In addition, they only stay in for a few minutes.
wp-image-1044701192jpeg.jpeg wp-image-2061434494jpeg.jpeg

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#MicroblogMonday – What color to (hair)do?

It’s been ages since I’ve had my hair cut. I am sure I got it cut about a month before Tadbit was born (beginning of March this year), but I can’t find mention of it anywhere. The last time I have record of a cut was October a year ago. It is now time to get my hair done!

My question is this: What color should I dye it? Green? Purple? Turquoise? Fire Engine Red? Personally, I’m leaning more towards a green-turquoise, slightly heavier on the green. But I also like purples.

My current hair. And I suck at selfies.
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#MicroblogMonday (on Tuesday) – What day it is anyway?

I remember the first weeks and possibly couple of months being foggy when Paxlet was first born. This time is no different, except for the fact that I am aware it is foggy.

At the end of last week, I couldn’t figure out why Mel hadn’t posted her Friday Blog Roundup yet. Turns out, it was only Friday even though it felt like Monday to me. I’m assuming the reason for that was that Thursday was a holiday for us (Helatorstai = Ascension), meaning Paxlet and Mr Siili were home for the day, then back at work on Friday. I was also deliriously sick with a fever and full body aches.

On Monday, I was going to write a #MicroblogMonday post, I was even thinking of what I could write and then evening came, bedtime routines were set in motion and before I knew it I was crawling into bed exhausted.

And so here I am, Tuesday day and evening having to remind myself that it is only Tuesday and that Tadbit and I both have a neuovla appointment in the morning.

I think this fogginess is only going to get worse as summer comes. The sun doesn’t set. (Ok, it does set this “far” south, but only for a few hours and it doesn’t get fully dark.) I will still be sleep deficient from a baby (and toddler) waking in the light night. And we will have Paxlet at home, no daycare, with me/us 24/7 for a full 8 weeks.

Anyone else lose track of days?

Ask me again in a few months if I know what day it is.

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