Pregnancy brain

No, not pregnancy on the brain, but pregnancy brain! I try not to blame many things on hormones (like PMS) as much as I can, but really, sometimes things are just too coincidental and funny to not be blamed on hormones.

Last night I was so tired that I had already crawled into bed and completely forgotten about Paxlet pictures by the time Mr Siili got home. So, the pictures weren’t taken until this evening and they are now ready to be viewed.

Today at work a lady started chatting with me asking me questions about a banking issue for the unit I work with. I replied to her and asked a few questions of my own. And then I remembered that during our morning coffee break we (with our entire group, but instigated by her) had talked about earthquakes, how they are measured and what is the difference between Richter and magnitude. So I quickly Googled it and started copying and pasting some of the more interesting parts of the page I found. She ignored this bit of chat and continued to ask a couple of things about her issue and then said she’d get back to me after lunch.

It was only a couple of hours later, when I realized that the person who had started chatting with me was Niina something-hill (not our team) and not Nina somethingdifferent-hill (our team). I had been rambling on about a subject to someone who had no clue what I was talking about! And she didn’t even say anything. Although, to find out later, she hadn’t even read those bits until I mentioned my goof up to her, as she was so focused on her issue. She said I’m not the only one who has done this. Man, I was so embarrassed, but I still told Nina from our team what I had done. I could hear her laughing across the room and she told me I had good reason to have lapses in my thinking. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this since being pregnant, although the other time was with 2 different Heidi’s.

I have my chiropractor appointment tomorrow at 16:30. I’m so freakin’ excited! Mr Siili helped me find the chiro (from the phone book and the first one on the list) just over 13 years ago when I was visiting here for 3 months. The guy spoke great English, listens to me when I say something doesn’t feel quite right after an adjustment and takes a second look and understands my owl-like (or some even say exorcist) neck. I’ve only ever gone to one other chiropractor here in Finland and I left there in worse pain than when I had gone in. I hope to not have to look for a new one for many years to come. 
Through pictures on the desk, I’ve watched my chiropractor’s two boys grow from itty bitty babies to the young boy and almost teen that they are now. I’m kind of excited to be able to finally go to him and be pregnant myself. Someone who has “known” me my entire Finnish existence and he gets to see another side of me. I’m also excited to see how chiro treatments are different, if at all, now that I’m pregnant and can’t really comfortably lay on my tummy.
But the greatest thing is, I know my neck and lower back will feel much better after the treatment. I love my chiro!
A couple of pictures that I just couldn’t resist sharing to end this post.

Why I starved my cats for 12 hours for nothing (and more good stuff)

It’s Friday and it couldn’t have arrived fast enough! Thankfully next week will only be a 4 day week as we have Long Friday (pitkäperjantai) off from work. It will also be a 4 day weekend as we also have the Monday after Easter (2. pääsiäispäivä) free from work, which means another short week the following week.

Seeing that Easter is near, it means spring is on it’s way and snow is melting. And now that the snow is melting, I need to switch to summer tires on my car again. But, my summer tires are so old and one of them won’t even old air pressure, I need new ones. So, I called my FIL today and asked if he’d help me again get new tires. He said it wouldn’t be a problem as he needs some for himself and one of his daughters. This means that Mr Siili and I will most likely be going to his parents house for Easter weekend so I can change the tires. Yes, that’s right, I will be changing the tires! The men will just make sure the tires are on tight.

As I mentioned a couple of times earlier this week, Rusty has been acting a bit old. He is 12 years old/young after all, but I’m not ready for him to be old-old. Just to ease my mind, I decided I should take him and Mansi to the vet to have a check up. During the call to make the appointment, I explained the symptoms and age of Rusty to the vet andshe suggested some blood tests to check if everything was ok. In order to get the best results, the cats shouldn’t eat for some time beforehand. So, I took their food away at midnight and our appointment was at 10:45 am today. Rusty woke up every couple of hours, went to check if his food was back and then came back to the bedroom to whine let me know that his food still wasn’t there. Then I would pick him up and he’s sleep for another while before repeating the process again, all night long. Needless to say, between my getting up to go pee and his alerting me to the food situation (or lack thereof), I didn’t sleep too well.

I got the cats to the vet and Mansi has a bit of plaque, but other than that she checked out just fine. She was complimented on her beautiful and shiny coat. Rusty also has a bit of plaque and some pink-er gums, but no action is needed just yet and we can just watch it for now. They asked me about his pee and poo habits along with his water intake, etc. I told them that I hadn’t seen any change in any of that lately. It’s just that he’s been acting a bit ‘old’. The vets mentioned dementia and that’s what has stuck in my mind most. So, because he doesn’t seem to be having any of the major indicators of something wrong, I decided not to get his blood tested. Yeah, I know! I tortured my cats for almost 12 hours all for nothing!

I did get them some more fibre-rich food, and we’ll see if that has any effect on them. But mainly we’ll just continue to watch Rusty and see how he is. There is a product (I’ll have to look at the brochure when I get home) that the vets suggested we give to Rusty in order to help with fighting dementia. But as I said, we’ll wait and see a bit longer on how things play out. I just really want my cats to be ok. Rusty truly is my baby and a mamma’s boy!

To make this day even better, I got some great news from work. Starting next month, there will be an increase in pay for everyone, which stemmed from the union strike and resulting negotiations last year. I personally will also be getting a small merit raise, based on my skills, performance during the last year, etc. There will also be a “one time bonus” for people. (Not quite sure if it is some people or all.) And!! April is the month when bonuses are given out based on last year’s targets and profitability of the company. There couldn’t be better timing for all of this! This will definitely make things nicer when thinking about buying some Paxlet stuff and also for our new house we’ll be moving into soon.

And now, 20 minutes left at work, so I had probably get a couple of things wrapped up so I can go home and enjoy the kitties’ and Mr Siili’s company.

1 lonley frozen embryo + Xmas Quiz

I’m just so bummed right now, that I just don’t have it in me to write a proper post. I got my letter in the mail on Friday that out of the 5 embyros we left growing the week before, only 1 of them made it to 5 days and into the freezer. One embryo! Only one! I’m so sad.

It’s also only 4 more sleeps until I POAS. Time has passed..not slowly and not quickly, but just passed. Bleh.

Enough of this blah-ness, here’s some fun xmas questions that the annoyed army wife recently posted that are sure to cheer everyone up, myself included. Hohohoho!

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate, only because there isn’t egg nog in Finland, unless I make my own and that is gross! I wouldn’t drink much egg nog if I did get a hold of it, but a taste would be great. It’s been way too long.

Colored lights on tree/house or white? None. We don’t own any xmas lights. I do have puukynttelikkö (image below), which is a candelabra sort of thing that is very popular here in Finland. I just need to remember to dig it out of our closet and plug it in.

Xmas goats, Ms Mansi & puukynttelikkö

Do you hang mistletoe?  I don’t think there is mistletoe in Finland. So, nope, we don’t hang it here.

When do you put your decorations up? Uhm, when I have a kid. I almost forgot, I do sometimes make a gingerbread house. Below is last year’s.

What is your favorite holiday dish? Do I really have to choose one? I love the rossoli salad (mentioned in this post), rutabaga and sweet potato casserole and all of the sweets! I also love my mom’s pesto torta (recipe in this post).

Favorite Holiday memory as a child? Maybe the year all of us cousins were at grandma and grandpa’s house for xmas. We saw Rudolf’s nose in the distance, heard sleigh bells and hoof noises on the roof! It was so exciting!!

When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I have no clue. I just know that we had to pretend there was a Santa for our youngest brother.

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Growing up, we’d get to open one smallish gift on xmas eve. In Finland, Santa comes on xmas eve (kids get to meet him) and leaves all of the gifts. So, we open them all on xmas even and sleep in on xmas day.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? I’ve never had a tree of my own since I’ve lived away from home. I also don’t care for decorating it, so my mother-in-law usually does it.

Snow! Love it or Dread it?  At the beginning of the season, I love it. Give me until January or February, I’ll tell you a different story.

Do you remember your favorite gift?  The two toys that come to mind are the Rubik’s magick, which I still have, anda Magical Musical Thing (mine was blue). You could play it with your head (running the bar/stick back and forth).

What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?  Sweets and more sweets! I make tons of different cookies each year. Chocolate chip are always there.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Family time.

Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum? I can eat about 1 peppermint and that’s all. Other flavors, I might be able to eat a few more. Although, you only find a few (peppermint) candy canes here at all.

Favorite Christmas movie? I’m not that big on xmas movies, but maybe The Snowman is ok.

Saddest Christmas Song?  One Tin Solder

What is your favorite Christmas song? See above. I think we sang this in elementary school choir and it has just stuck with me ever since. I love the story of it.

It’s my Friday and I’m going to the movies

Less than an hour at work and my wekeend starts! Hopefully I can leave in 30 min, tops! In order to leave work on time, this will have to be short.
That’s right, I’ve taken Friday off from work! I did it just so I could go see Breaking Dawn part 1 at midnight and not have to worry about waking up early for work the next day (same day, but that point). I’ve been waiting for this night for a year now. Ever since the 3rd movie was released.

I am very much looking forward to the movie, but I’m also quite preoccupied with other stuff going on (new house + finances) at the moment that I’m not fully getting the excitement and build-up before the movie. Add hormones on top of stress and you’ve got a girl who is ready to cry at the drop of a hat. I have a feeling I’ll cry at home before heading out to the movie this evening. I hope a good cry makes me feel a bit better, but also doesn’t leave me with eyes that are too puffy.

In other words, Mansi got ahold of Moose yesterday! I managed to find him in the hallway, face down. Darn cat!

My Moose! -update

Yesterday, as I walked in the door after work, I found Moose in the hallway floor. I have no doubt who the culprit was. I scooped up Moose and kept him safe the rest of the evening. When I went to bed, I snuggled with Moose next to me, instead of just having him near my pillow.

I awoke sometime at O’dark-thirty to find Mansi hunched over next to my pillow staring intently at Moose! I quickly snatched Moose back into the safety of my arms and sleepily mumbled to Mansi, “That’s My Moose! Not yours. Mine.” And then fell back asleep until my alarm went off.

As I left for work, I made sure Moose was safely tucked under my pillow from the Mansi-monster. I hope Moose will still be safe when I get home this evening.

Once again, in other news:
I was a goof and mixed up the time for my clinic appointment today. I totally missed it by two hours. *hanging head in shame* I make all my appointments in Finnish. And when speaking (and writing) in Finnish, it is very common to use the 24-hour system. So, I made my appointment for 14:00 (four-teen), which I then turned it around in my mind as 4 (four), which is 16:00 (Four pm). And so, I thought my appointment was at 4pm today.

This is the first time in ages I have done this! 😦 I know I have this number issue (and yes, I do work with numbers for a living, I still think I’m dyslexic at times) and I work very hard to clarify times when speaking in Finnish. It didn’t happen this time. Thankfully the lady at the clinic was very nice and I now have my appointment scheduled for next week’s Wednesday at 13:00 = 1pm.