And life goes on

Ugh, has it really been that long since I last posted?! Twenty-three days, beginning of June, according to my last published post. I knew it was a while, but I didn’t realize that long. I feel like I’ve got so much to say about not much stuff. Does that even make sense? I’ve always got thoughts of something I should/could/want to write about, but just can’t make myself get around to it. In any case, here are my thoughts in bulletin points because I can’t be bothered to write full posts about each item.

– June 16th marked 4 years of being a dual citizenship holder. Next month will be 15 years that I’ve lived in Finland. That’s basically my entire adult life and soon it will be half my life. Time just…flies.

– Paxlet is now saying 3- and 4-word sentences, sometimes even 5-word sentences. He also talks almost non-stop. Just like his momma. *big grin* This afternoon for example, as I was trying to get him down for a nap (which was unsuccessful, by the way) he was snuggling with me and then sat up a little, rubbed his hands on my shirt and said: Äiti hieno green shirt. (äiti=mom, hieno=nice/wonderful/great). This was also my first compliment from my boy!

– Paxlet. He just blows my mind. I am so lucky to have him and get to watch him learn and grow everyday. He’s picking up numbers (not that he gets the correct all the time, but he says 1, 2, 3 or third when talking about things) and he can quite often identify orange correctly and sometimes a few others colors as well. I bought him a building set a few days ago, because I thought it had a screwdriver in it, which is is in love with right now, but it only has pliers and a wrench (with a flat screwdriver bit on the edge). He loves the pliers and has even built his own “car”. He comes up with new words and actions everyday. He even makes jokes! How I love this little boy.


That’s Paxlet’s “car” he made on the right. It originally was a pig.

– I finally had my doctor appointment, but not much to be said about it. As this was through the public doctor, she only did a quick internal/external exam (no signs of endo, just like always/before surgery, but it doesn’t mean anything for me). As I have one frozen embryo at the public fertility clinic, I should go there to have that done before doing anything else. They would also be able to tell me more of what is going on inside of me (u/s machines) and what to do next (after the FET fails). The doctor could send a referral for blood work to see if anything there has changed, but I declined for now. I honestly don’t think anything has changed in that respect. I did forget to ask about my no/low sex-drive and the possibility to get progesterone suppositories. As low prog is a problem for me. I should call and try to get a phone consult (quicker than trying to see her in person, esp during the summer).

– I’ll call the fertility clinic after the summer holidays and see about getting our last embryo transferred.

– I had meant to post last week. I was going to say that there was only 4 more days until my first 2 week holiday started, but it’s Tuesday of the next week already and this is my 2nd day of official holiday, although I haven’t worked since Thursday, as it was Juhannus/midsummer this last weekend, which means no work on Thursday or Friday. Mr Siili and I haven’t killed each other yet and we’ve been home together for 6 days. Little snips and snaps here and there, but we’re doing decently well.

– There was about 2 weeks or so during this month that Paxlet just wouldn’t go to bed easily. Sometimes it took more than an hour to get him to sleep, with tons of screaming, crying, gagging from the aforementioned and lots of unhappiness. It’s been better the last few nights. But, now he doesn’t seem to want to take naps every day. He is way too young and tired to go without a nap. So we all suffer, sometimes more than others, until bed time. He also likes to wake in the middle of the night and not go back to sleep. Or he tries to go to sleep, but then wiggles and his blanket falls off him and so he continually wakes us for a while. Sometimes an hour or more. I try to remember he is still little, but in the middle of the night I’m not always at my best.

– We’ve had some beautifully warm, hot even, days. Part of the reason I didn’t blog earlier. And then (now) we’ve got some chillier days with tons of rain, some snow (it didn’t stick!), hail and thunder storms. It’s a typical summer, minus the snow.

– I found a long lost friend via FB. Every so often, I would find the letter she sent me in 1995 (people, that is almost 20 years ago!!) and I would think about her for a bit. This time when I ran across the letter, I thought to see if she is on FB. Low and behold, she is!  We’re now catching up on each others’ lives. Sometimes, FB can be good.

– Paxlet and I are hopping on a train on Saturday to go to a Renaissance fair with a very good friend and her two young daughters. It will be Paxlet’s first train trip and both of our firsts’ to the fair. And next week we’ll head to the in-laws for a few days. Tons of activities planned here. I also hope to Skype with my sister later this week. Holiday is good.

I am sure there is more that wandered through my mind. I guess I will just have to blog more once I think of it.

Happy Midsummer

It’s all downhill from here, so you’d better get your winter jackets out. At least, that’s what I’ve heard from several Finns already. Every year it’s the same thing… Such a pessimistic bunch!

Yesterday was the official date for the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. Here where I live in Finland, the sun rose at 3:42 and set at 23:13, meaning the sun was above the horizon for 19 hours and 31minutes. With the sun being so close to the horizon, it doesn’t get fully dark here, which even after all these years still amazes me.

While the actual date of midsummer or solstice is past, here in Finland it’s a weekend long celebration and it’s just getting started. Most people don’t work on Friday (even if we do get paid) and shops that are open today, the liquor stores included, close at noon and most won’t open until Monday. (Although, some smaller food shops will be open Sunday.)

Juhannus, or Midsummer, in Finland is a big deal. I would go so far as to say that it is the second biggest holiday celebration after Christmas. This is the time when many people start their summer holidays (4 weeks) by leaving the city and heading to the countryside to their summer cottages (mökki). Summer cottages bring to mind simple and easy living, relaxation, sauna and quite often no running water or electricity (or at least only one or the other). There is a lot of cooking on the grill and more than enough meat and makkara (sausages) to eat. I mustn’t forget the liberal amount of alcohol that will also be consumed by many this weekend too.

A good holiday weekend is had when then death toll from road accidents and drownings are low. This is usually determined, in part, by the weather. The sunnier and nicer the weather, the more drownings there tends to be. This year, the weather is a mixture of sunny and cloudy, but surprisingly not much rain is foretasted. This will be an unusual midsummer if there is no rain! In fact, I’m not sure I can remember a mid-summer without rain.

Juhannus weather 2012

Having said all of the above about Juhannus, Mr Siili and I will spend the weekend at home (in the city). We’ll go to sauna (our own sauna, whenever we want!), relax and find a park to walk to and just hang out. We’ll hopefully eat a makkara or two, but not by grilling it, as a grill is one of the things we haven’t purchased yet. We might try cooking it on the sauna or if all else fails, I’ll fry it in a pan. *grin* (I really want to eat a makkara or two!) But first, Mr Siili’s stomach needs to stop hurting. (At least we know it isn’t his appendix.)

Hyvää juhannusta, kaikkille! 
Happy midsummer to all!