#MicroblogMonday – Bad day, not bad mom

Today just wasn’t my day. It was the first day Mr Siili was back at work after two weeks home and it felt like nothing was going right.

I lost my temper and my cool many times today. I yelled at the kids much more than I care to admit. I threatened too many things, however, I did manage to keep the threats mostly realistic.

At bedtime, I really lost it and put Paxlet in bed without his teeth brushed or a shower and no bedtime book or songs. He screamed and cried with full body sobs. I told him I love him, I just didn’t like his actions today. Mr Siili came home and saved Paxlet’s bedtime routine.

Tadbit hasn’t been much easier in going to bed either lately. And tonight has been no exception. Screaming, playing, milk, playing, screaming and more milk. Eventually, sleep will come.

I feel like a horrible, no good mom today. But I know that isn’t true. I’m a mom that’s just had a horrible day.

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