#MicroblogMonday – 1 + 8

This is Paxlet’s last week of daycare before his summer holiday starts.

Summer holiday is 8 weeks long (again) this year.

After I have survived 8 weeks home with the kids, Tadbit starts daycare and I head back to work.

Talk about mixed emotions.

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Cutting cucumbers and ice eggs

I feel like my last post made it seem as if we are on the go go go and always doing something fun or exciting, which is definitely not the case. We have quite a bit of down time where we are just at home playing with Legos and other toys or outside in the yard and nearby areas. With 8 weeks of no daycare for Paxlet, we’ve got to find something to do to keep him entrained and not destroying the house.
My little big boy, Paxlet, is 2 years 10 months. My little girl will be 3 months this weekend. Today was the first full day alone with the two of them. We had our challenges and a few unpleasant scenes, but overall it went decently well. I am however exhausted. Not that that is new.

In the nearby park this morning we made sand cookies and cucumbers.


After lunch, we prepped a little something for tomorrow’s hot day: dinosaur and spider ice eggs. I saw this idea somewhere on the interwebs and just knew I wanted to do this once we got some warm and sunny days.


Keeping Paxlet entertained

Paxlet is on holiday (from daycare). A fact that he tells anyone who will listen to him. He is also on strike from naps most days. He’d tell you he did sleep at nap time though. When I In fact he’s only had two naps in almost two weeks. It’s rough, because he is tired, but just won’t let himself mellow out long enough to doze off. Instead, I’ve been trying to find activities, quiet and action packed, to keep him entertained and occupied.

So far, we’ve played with homemade play dough, played outside in the yard and nearby surrounding areas, gone to a mom and child group a couple of times, taken a boat trip to an island for a windy and cold day, watched the construction work across the street, went to an amusement park, rode the bus just for fun, went to a jungle gym,  gone to some new parks, went to a birthday party, explored a (junk) store that he’s never been to, read books, visited the cousins, watched a tiny bit of youtube videos and played with rain water and from the hose.

We still have more parks to explore, arts and crafts to do, sidewalk chalk to draw with, friends and cousins to visit (again), animals to check out at a local-ish farm, more youtube to watch, and whatever else we can come up with to keep busy. Some of the things that we’ve already done will be done again.











31 weeks + 1 day, #2

This is it! I’m down to single digit weeks for the count down. Eeps!

I have been feeling very full of baby lately. It is somewhat painful and exhausting.

I was about to write that I have not once felt hiccups this pregnancy! And then Thursday evening I felt some! They were delicate little things, but definitely hiccups.

Tuesday morning, my work offered everyone breakfast as a thank you for the hard work we did during year end closing. While this isn’t really pregnancy related, this pregnant lady was very thankful for breakfast and not having to pay for it or prepare it herself.
I’ve been feeling almost constantly hungry lately, but nothing specific pops out that I must have.

One of my teeth had been hurting me for the last week or so. Especially when I drank or ate something cold and ate anything sweet. Apples hurt just as much as sweets. So I called the dentist on Monday and had an appointment by Tuesday afternoon. I had a tiny cavity and badly eroded gums on that specific tooth. My tooth is still a bit tender, but I am happily eating what I want again without pain!

On Wednesday, I used my last official holiday day to take the day off and go to visit a friend, I. Paxlet, my friend R, her younger daughter and I took a train to our friends house and hung out for a few hours. We were assisted by a very helpful bus driver to get to our destination. Enjoyed yummy homemade pea soup. And then I’s son came home from school crying that his arm hurt, badly. He cried if you looked at it and screeched when his mom touched his hand. I couldn’t stop myself crying along with the son. Stupid pregnancy hormones. R and myself told I to take her son to the doctor’s now! We’d watcher her sleeping daughter and figure out our getting home situation. In the end, I’s husband made it home quickly and took their son in for an x-ray, R and myself made it to our bus and train home and there wasn’t a single break, fracture or crack in I’s son’s arm. It was a fun, exciting and exhausting day. In fact, I think I am still recovering from it today.

I think I pulled a muscle in my back on Thursday. Or I at least tweaked it a bit and was uncomfortable all evening. Thankfully a Panadol (Acetaminophen) helped.

Today I didn’t wear my support belt while at work, thinking that I’d be sitting enough that it wouldn’t make a difference. I did however forget to put it on when I went across the road to get lunch. And in the end, I’ve been very very sore this afternoon and evening. So much so, that I told Mr Siili that I just couldn’t handle walking around the store to food shop, with or without Paxlet. So we ate what we could find in the freezer (fish fillet & french fries, canned corn and fresh pear). Shopping can be done tomorrow.

My rings are going to need to come off soon I think.

I’ve been trying to decide which animal I most closely resemble or represent lately: penguin, cow, beached whale, something else? LOL

I miss being able to put socks and shoes on easily. Drying off after a shower is also more complicated.

I’ve been having night sweats most nights now. It sucks being insanely hot one second and then cold in the next.

I realized that I have a food aversion: cottage cheese! If I have to, I can mix it in with food and eat it…but it almost makes me gag when I put it on Paxlet’s plate, smell it or even just look at it.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me recently if we know which gender the baby is and are we telling. I have replied with “it is supposed to be a girl, but it can still change before it’s born”. I mean, they can’t be 100% sure which gender it is, unless you actually test for it. So, Tadbit could still be a boy…but most likely not.

We have a car seat! Well, in a month when my friend no longer needs the car seat anymore, we’ll get it. She bought it new 3 years ago and it has never been in an accident. It also looks very well kept and clean. It also has a base so that we just need to click it in and out of the car. Yay! This friend also has a stroller that this car seat can clip into/onto. I am trying to decide if I want to buy that also, and then sell our stroller.

I have my next neuvola appointment on Monday. I will talk to the midwife about my aches and pains. I wonder how much weight I’ve gained in the last 3 weeks.

30 weeks + 2 days, #2

I’ve been so lazy and tired lately. Or rather, if I don’t absolutely have to do it, I probably won’t. Which is why this weekly update is late again. I just couldn’t be bothered to do it on Thursday and again Friday. I was so tired! I did however, manage to get Mr Siili to take my 30 week Tadbit photo on time.

There are only 10 weeks, 70 (68 now) days, until the EDD. That’s 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy. And only a month left at work. I’m not sure which number is more exciting or scary. LOL. I think Tadbit will stay put past her EDD, but then arrive quickly when the time comes. Just like her big brother.

Aches and pains. There are lots of those lately. I have realized this week, that for the most part, I’ve come to accept them as a normal part of this pregnancy. Back at 22 weeks when we had just come back form the US and the aches and pains were really just starting, I was a bit scared of them. Now, I’m not so worried. I think part of it has to do with knowing that I am far enough along in this pregnancy that if Tadbit does decide to come, she will most likely survive (80-95% or something like that). I definitely don’t want her to come yet, but if it were to come to that…. we all would be okay.

It has been ages since I have been able to twist my back to stretch and pop it. Oh, my, how I miss being able to pop my back.

Earlier this week I bought a new (to me) pair of black stretchy pants. They are so comfy! But also black… Now I have 2 pair of black pants and 2 pair of leggings, which are ok to wear every once in a while, but they are just that uncomfortable in the lady bits area.

Sleep has been hit and miss. I know I should get to be earlier, but it just doesn’t always happen.

Last night, Tadbit changed positions! She has been laying with her back up and down the right side of my tummy. When I woke up in the middle of the night, my entire right side was empty! And all day today, I have been feeling kicks and wiggles in places I haven’t felt before or in a while. I think she might be laying on the bottom of the uterus now. I’m not really sure.

I need to go to the dentist. I have a tooth that is hurting and it isn’t going away. Anything cold or sweet touching that tooth sends pains through my mouth.

I am hungry quite often lately. Several times this week, I’ve really wanted something to eat, but I have no idea what. Something salty more than sweet, but we didn’t have much in the house that would have been easy to fix.

Thursday morning I walked half a kilometer to the bus stop, at a slightly faster pace than was comfortable for me at the moment and I paid for it the rest of the day. By evening and night, I was in horrendous pain. 😦 Thankfully an ok night’s sleep helped with most of the discomfort. I won’t be doing that again for a while!

Friday night my co-workers and I went out for a work-paid dinner. We had appetizers, dinner and dessert. They had alcohol, I had 1 hot chocolate and lots of water. I ate TOO. MUCH. And I knew I was eating too much, but my goodness it was so yummy! And I wasn’t paying for it. Thankfully no heartburn for me, only major discomfort. I did wonder how I was going to lay down to sleep last night without it all coming back up. I stayed awake long enough for it to settle a bit. This morning however, I had a definite food-hangover.

Next week, Paxlet, my good friend R, her daughter and myself will be going to visit a friend in a nearby town by train. I’m using my last holiday day. Paxlet is excited to go on the train again. And it will be great to see two of my friends!

What we did during our holidays

Ugh! This post was all typed up, photos inserted and ready to be published, when I saw this in the upper right hand corner of my screen:
And I clicked on the “classic mode” link, WITHOUT pressing “save draft” first and lost everything I had done yesterday. And WordPress hadn’t had time to automatically update on its own. Double Ugh.
Here’s version two of this post, but probably not as good as it was yesterday.


Mr Siili and I split our holiday/vacation time up this year into two two week periods. Mostly this was done so that Paxlet would only have to go to one summer daycare instead of two or three. It worked out quite nicely.

The first part of our holiday started the long weekend of Juhannus (mid-summer). It was typical Juhannus weather: rainy off and on, a bit chilly with some sun peaking out every once in a while. The not-so-perfect weather didn’t stop us from doing things and it was especially nice to have time off from work.

The second two weeks was hot, hot, hot! Finnish summers are lucky to reach 20C (70F) for a few weeks during the entire summer, with a couple of days to one week at 25C+. This summer, however, we had almost 5 weeks of 25-30C (77-86F)! (We were one day short of breaking the “most days over 25C in a row.) While this was just a tad bit too hot, we still had fun!

This is what we did during our holidays, in photos, in no particular order.

We visited Paxlet’s cousins for a day.
It just so happened that Paxlet (right) and his cousin dressed almost identical. Paxlet had the most fun with his youngest cousin, as the other two are in their teens already, but he did play with them all. Especially on the trampoline. We also went forest strawberry hunting; serious business for our boy!

We did some crafts and arts. Paxlet glued and stuck stickers where he wanted them, without help. He also cut some paper pieces, with help. The colander/strainer with pipe cleaners sticking out of it was something I saw on another blog. It was a hit and we’ve done it again since then.
100_2951 100_2950 100_2984

Snuggled with Rusty cat, when not chasing and screeching after him and Mansi cat.

We went to the grandparents, played in water, went to the beach, went to the park, played in soapy water, saw Saimi (brown horse) and Hansu horses,
100_2834 100_2893 100_2903 100_2943 100_2820 100_2798 100_2813   100_2935

This next photo requires special mention. While at the park, outside the goat pen, some birds (in this picture a Jackdaw) kept landing on the fence. Paxlet wanted to hug the birds!! He was quite upset that the birds wouldn’t let him get close enough to hug them.

We stayed home, went to parks, played with water, met up with friends, went to more parks, played with colored water. You can make some pretty cool (and gross) colors if you start with just the basics of red, yellow and blue.
100_2975 100_2973 100_2865

Back to work

Day two of being back to work after a 2 week holiday/vacation and we’ve survived so far. Just and just, but we have survived. I have it in my head to write about some of our holiday, but I am just so exhausted each evening by the time Paxlet is asleep. Yes, pregnancy is kicking my butt this time around. We didn’t do much for our two weeks off. Heck, we didn’t really leave home unless it was to go to the store for food, much less leave town. It was a good holiday though. Lots of heat, heat, heat, which mean lots of water play for Paxlet.

Anywho, it isn’t even 9:30 pm yet and I am laying in bed. Once I hit post, I’m shutting down my computer and going to bed early tonight!! Wish me luck getting lots of restful shut-eye. I hope to write more sooner rather than later.