#MicroblogMonday – Glass

I’ve not been in a mood to write or do much of anything lately. So here’s some glass bits instead, knee various states of doneness. 

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#MicroblogMonday – Xmas glass

I’ve almost got my baking sorted for gifts. This year every cookie/sweet recipe I think of making has chocolate in it.

This year, we’ll be going to my BIL and SIL’s for Xmas. We’ve always gone to my in-laws (for the last 17 years, minus one year in the US), so this is going to be…different. My kids will get to see and meet Santa for the first time. (Paxlet doesn’t believe in him. Thanks Mr Siili.) However, Santa won’t be showing up until 8:15pm. My kids are usually asleep by then. It’s going to be a looong Xmas eve.

Here’s some glass stuff I’ve finished, just in time for the holidays. I have a couple more of these hearts finished, in different colors, and many more waiting to be soldered.


These Santas/elves and stars I made 5 years ago, but only just got the beads put on them to hang them. I had sort of procrastinated on it, but in the end it was good I did. My current glass “teacher” has this ultraviolet glue thingy that can attach beads to glass and they stay put much better than epoxy and metal clasps.


These angels are another thing from 5 years ago. I had everything soldered together except the heads and halos.


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#MicroblogMonday – cats, glass & advent calendar

The cats have come out of hiding a tiny bit. Last night, Mr Siili and I wiggled a toy and white-face played with it. She doesn’t want you to try and touch her, but she will play some. Black-face has let me touch her once or twice, while she is under the bed. Yeah, we don’t have names for them yet, so we are calling them white-face and black-face. Original, huh?

White-face watching me. This is as far as she will come downstairs, that we know of.

I finished a couple of heart decorations today and added heads to two angels that I started 5 years ago. Pictures to come, someday.

As it is December and the countdown to Xmas is on, it is advent calendar season. I don’t remember them much, if at all, in my childhood, but here they are big. You can buy chocolate filled, toy filled, pictures only and any other fillings you can think of, usually for a price. There is also the endless diy versions too. I don’t want to feed my kids more sugar, nor buy toys for them, so I set out to create my own advent calendar with mostly crafts to do and moments to have with Paxlet and Tadbit. What we have done so far…

A gingerbread igloo and penguins with eggs.

Snowman cards.

Joulutorttu (Christmas tortes/pastries)

Glue colored rice on stars.

Glitter and glitter-glue on stars.

Paxlet cut out his stars. I cut Tadbit’s. Then we decorated them.

Xmasy stickers on stars.

I gave them a set of bracelets each (,50 cents each 🙂 ).

There were glowsticks in this. We went for an evening walk with the glowsticks, then they got to take them into their bath to play.

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#MicroblogMonday – It’s been a Monday

This morning started with Tadbit being awake from 4-5. I’m not sure why she was awake, as she didn’t tell me, but she sure didn’t like my raised voice just before 5 telling her to go back to sleep.

Then, a yogurt cup exploded all over the inside of my bag. Yes, it was not very smart of me to not put it in a condom (aka a plastic bag). But how was I to know that my bag would jump toward freedom as the bus doors opened because I forget to keep it leashed over my shoulder when I stood up on the bus? The plastic yogurt container was shredded upon impact. I think my bag has survived the wash.

I got two nice cuts from glass class today. On the flip side, I finished the pencil holder I was making. It’s a bit wonky, but that’s me. My box:

20161114_141333 20161114_141343

My next project: some hearts of all colors.


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#MicroblogMonday – Glass works again

And I forgot to blog again last night.

Yesterday late afternoon I went to check out a glass club. They do Tiffany style work (stained glass windows, lamps), fused glass (pieces melted together) and even mosaics (bits glued onto something in a pattern). I am so excited to become a part of this club and to get back into making glass stuff.

I made my first stained glass pieces back in high school over twenty years ago. I made some roses, a pen holder, a mandala window piece and a combined mirror/glass window piece. In more recent years (still over 5 years ago), I made an angel, butterflies for a mobile and then a bunch of fused glass jewelry.

The possibilities are endless and ideas are flowing, it’s only a matter of choosing what I want to do first.

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Butterfly mobile

Butterfly mobileI finally got this butterfly mobile put together. I’ve had it in mind for a couple of years now, but just never got around to it. I made the butterflies when I was doing the glass course (2010-2011) with the intention of making a mobile, but while going through IF and treatments, I just couldn’t get myself to make it. After getting pregnant and having Paxlet, it was just a matter of laziness or being busy. But it is now made and hanging above his crib.

Butterfly mobile

Showing off the colors (and the snow outside).

Butterfly mobile

Another mobile picture with (part of) the crib included.


This is how big each of the butterflies are. I have 3 left and no idea what to do with them yet.

Reverse Birthday Gifting

 As I said earlier this week, my birthday is July 28th. I’ll be 35 years old/young this year. I’m not quite sure what to think about it, really. It seems that as I’ve gotten older, my birthdays cause me more confusion. I want to be excited about my birthdays like when I was a little kid. I have great memories of birthday parties, even if I do have a summer birthday. Yet, these days, it is rare I have a party. Most of my friends are off doing their own thing, especially being that it is summer. So, I try not to get up my hopes nor have any sort of expectations and still I can’t get this sort of undercurrent buzz out of my system that my birthday is coming.

This year isn’t any different. Up until today, I haven’t really had time to consciously think about my birthday. Work has kept me very busy for the 3 weeks and after work I’m just so tired and hot that I don’t think about much. But today marks the first day of holiday and I’ve finally got some time on my hands. Yay! But I have still had that undercurrent buzz I always have, but I also know this year’s birthday will be a little different. The differences this year are my mom and my age. This is the first birthday without my mom. I’m a bit sad about it now, but I think it will effect me more on the day. As for my age, I’ve never been particularly worried about it. For the most part, age is just a number and some days (mostly) I feel younger than that number and other days older. But 35 seems to be the ‘magical age’ of when TTC gets harder and pregnancies become higher risk. But I’ve (we’ve) already been having a hard time TTC for the last 3 years, how much harder can it get?! This stresses me.

So, as usual, I’m trying not to have any sort of expectations for my birthday. I don’t really want anything that can be bought. Although, it would be nice if Mr Siili would make dinner (or suggest going out without me having to decide where to go) and maybe a cake. Other than that, let’s see what happens.

Now, about that Reverse Birthday Gifting (in other words, give away) I mentioned earlier this week and probably the only reason you’ve read this far… (hehe, I hope not.) I really liked what Mel at Stirrup Queens did for her birthday. She gave some games away instead of wishing for gifts. I’ve always liked giving and this seemed like the perfect timing.

I thought about this for quite some time of what I’d like to offer. I love doing crafts, but I wasn’t sure what I felt would be worth giving away. I’ve made bookmarks, phone cozies, dream catchers, collage items and more. And then I also have glass jewelry that I make. I love making these items and I’ve gotten amazing compliments on them, so I thought I’d offer one (or two) up for the prize. Above you can see some (additional) examples of glass pieces I’ve made over the last 2 years.

The glass pieces I’m giving away are below. I have decided that the lucky person can choose 2 pieces of the following 12 items.

I know the picture doesn’t do them justice, but I think I did pretty good at getting the colors quite true. But just in case the coloring looks different on your monitor than mine, I’ll explain them quickly.
1. red & yellow base with a smokey-clear-black cover
2. black base with a blue metallic design and covered with clear
3. black base with metallic rainbow and covered with clear
4. white base with bits of metallic orange and covered with clear
5. red bits in the shape of a star
6. a see through grey stripe flanked by 2 green stripes and covered with clear
7. lime green base with a metallic clear/pearl strip and covered with clear
8. purple base with orange strips (same orange as in #4) and covered with clear
9. 3 stacked layers of milky purple, each one progressively smaller
10. lime green base with a metallic clear/pearl on top (no clear cover)
11. metallic turquoise base with a darker turquoise piece in the middle and covered with clear
12. black base with a metallic green/yellow piece and covered with clear
The 12 pieces above have not yet had their backing put on them (so you can choose which way you want them to hang). The backing will look like the following. A metal bit glued onto the glass and then a hoop for the necklace.

When signing up for my Reverse Birthday Gifting, I’d love to know your favorite color.

Please make sure that I have a way to contact you in case you are the lucky one to receive my gifting. (If you don’t want your email here on my blog, you can email me at rowan6 at gmail dot com. Make sure you put Reverse Birthday Gifting in the subject. Sign-up for this will end at midnight July 28th local Finnish time (UTC/GMT +3 hours). I’ll draw a name at random (using a random number generator thing online).
Best of luck and Happy Birthday to all!