Recap: Doula, Child’s Play and Dentist

Ugh, I just suck at blogging on Mondays. I meant to write this on Monday, but by the time I actually had both hands free and a second to breathe without a baby wrapped on me or a toddler talking my ear off, I was just too exhausted to do anything. Last night was the same, however I did manage to at least get this started so Iwouldn’t forget what I wanted to write. Yeah, I do that a lot. I think of something I want to blog about and then don’t write it down so I forget what the topic was, but not the fact that I had a great idea. Such is life.


The doula finally had time to come by and discuss my labor and delivery with Tadbit, among other things. On my hospital notes the midwife said I pushed for 24 minutes. The doula said she calculated 10 minutes. That seems more along what I remember. The doula also said the midwife was saying that “it” was taking too long. Neither of us could figure out what could have been taking too long, as my active labor was less than 3 hours! Mr Siili doesn’t remember the midwife saying anything like that. In any case, I don’t remember much of what anyone was saying to me. Especially not when there was a contraction.


After Paxlet using his word-sounds for play, I realized I do the same in English and must have done the same growing up. Because I caught myself saying “sweep sweep sweep” and “brush brush brush” the other day. I guess what struck me as interesting was hearing it in Finnish.


I went to the dentist twice last week. On Wednesday I was there for 30 minutes to get a cavity/lost filling fixed. While I was in the dentist’s chair, Mr Siili was outside in the car with Tadbit. All went well, even if my tooth is still a bit sensitive (as to be expected).

Friday’s visit was for the root canal tooth. Again, Mr Siili was outside with Tadbit. This appointment was scheduled for 75 minutes. However, I didn’t even get called back until an hour after my appointment started. Mr Siili was not too happy.

The dentist thankfully numbed my tooth very well and I only felt pain/discomfort towards the end of the procedure. However, since the gum (and inside the tooth?) was infected and where she was working started getting painful, she couldn’t finish the root canal. I have another appointment this Friday. My tooth area and jaw was hurting when the appointment was finally over so the dentist was going to give me a Burana (ibuprofen) right then and there and then write me a prescription for it. But because I am nursing I told her I couldn’t have that and asked for Panadol (paracetamol) instead. In the confusion of it all, she forgot to write down the medicine name on the prescription form, which in my addled state I didn’t think to question when I looked at the paper and thus wasn’t discovered until I went to the pharmacy. So, I had to buy a box of 15 1G Panadol for 7,45€, when a bottle of 100, via prescription, cost me about 1€. (Even though I don’t need the bottle of 100 anymore, I took it anyway because this bottle will last me/us for the next 4 years. *big grin*)

Mr Siili is quite upset that I have already been into the dentist 3 times now and still need to go in again before the tooth is fixed (we hope). He has never had a cavity and thus never had a filling. Lucky him. I have tried to tell him that they have done something, what they could, to my tooth each time I have gone in, but that it was too painful and infected to actually do much the first few times. Anyway…I have my next appointment on Friday. This time I have booked a babysitter via the city’s services for Tadbit. Let’s see how the dentist appointment goes and leaving Tadbit home with someone completely unknown to us and for the first time.


Tadbit’s two week update and thoughts on the doula

My goodness, my little girl is two weeks old already. I’m still figuring things out, but she’s a pretty easy baby. If I have to say, she might be even easier than Paxlet was at this point. She feeds like crazy for an hour or two and then sleeps 2-4 hours, day and night.

As I said, she eats well and does everything a baby should do well. Her weight is going up and I can tell she’s getting bigger already. Some of the newborn clothes that we big on her when we got home are now fitting. (How does that happen so fast?!) We’ve also moved up to size 2 diapers.

Life is getting a bit more settled and into a routine. At least as much as it can be with a newborn in the house. Paxlet has been going to daycare each weekday, sometimes willingly others not so much. While Paxlet is at daycare, it gives Mr Siili and I some time to sleep, rest and just be. During the weekends, Mr Siili and I sort of tag team it. One of us usually gets to sleep in a bit and the other can take a nap later if needed/wanted.

We still have not figured out a name for her. I’m sort of stressing over it. We had a name for Paxlet by two weeks…we still have no clue for this little girl. Thankfully we still have time: up to two months. The way things work for registering a name in Finland are still the same as they were when we named Paxlet. And my list of rules is pretty much the same as it was then, even if I have updated it a bit. We’ve been using the name search function on the Population Register Centre website to see how popular a name is and if/when a name has ever been popular in Finland.
For example, if we use my name in the search, you can see that there has been less than 102 people registered in Finland with this name. Less than 10 males in total and less than 92 females in total. On the other hand, if you were to search Emma or Olivia, you’d get much higher numbers as those names are very popular in recent years.

My dad says they are calling her Bunny, because she was born on Easter, just like him all those years ago.


Looking back, it was nice to have a doula. We only met twice before Tadbit was born, the morning/day of delivery and we should meet at least once more in the next week or so. I really enjoyed talking things out with her about Paxlet’s delivery and what I hoped for Tadbit’s delivery. During delivery, she got me water, gave me a hairband (from her own hair!), tried to remind me to breathe and lower my tone of noise and after she took pictures. However. as both births were quite similar, in duration and events, I sort of feel like there really wasn’t much for her to do. Yes, it was nice to know that if Mr Siili couldn’t have made it, for one reason or another, she would have been there. And if something had gone different or taken longer, she would have been there for me. I am still glad I reached out and got a response.

The same sort of went for Mr Siili too. There wasn’t all that much for him to do at the hospital. He did drive me there! However, I did tell him which route to take and where to make turns.) He also held my hand when I held it out to him, talked to me when I said or asked something and got me some water too. He also went to rescue Paxlet after the birth.


I say rescue Paxlet in a loose and not so urgent way. My friend who took care of Paxlet for us did a great job and he was safe the entire time. She took him to a reptile show (lots of dead-stuffed animals), bought him a stuffed toy crocodile, fed him lots of chocolate Easter eggs and ice cream. She didn’t feed him lunch and Mr Siili wasn’t able to get him lunch until around 2pm (way past normal time). The whole day’s events also resulted in a failed attempt at a nap. Paxlet was beyond hyper and out of control. He truly couldn’t control himself physically or mentally. But Paxlet did fall asleep promptly at bed time. With a few sniffles from missing me.

Tadbit’s birth story

I wrote in one of my last weekly updates that I had hoped to have a calm, peaceful and quite birth…Who was I kidding? I am so not that type of person. *big big grin*


I went to bed on Saturday night (April 4th) just like on any other night. However, at 00:50 am Sunday morning I woke to a very wet and leaky feeling between my legs. I quickly jumped out of bed and got in the bathroom where my waters continued to come out. Once I got myself and the bed a bit cleaned up, I went downstairs to tell Mr Siili that it had begun. He promptly turned off his computer and came to bed in hopes of getting a bit of shut eye before things really started. Mr Siili and I were too full of excitement, nervous energy and anticipation to easily fall asleep. Mr Siili then asked/reminded me about calling the hospital to give them a head’s up. The Ob/Gyn phone services number said to come in at 11:00 am the next morning it nothing changed. I also messaged my friend who would come watch Paxlet and the doula.

Mr Siili and I managed to get some sleep. Even Paxlet slept the entire night through without a single wake up! I did have a few contractions during the night that were painful enough to wake me, but I was able to breathe through them easily enough. When Paxlet did wake at 6:40, he came to snuggle with us for a bit. I had a couple of contractions during that time and at least one of them left me breathless and unable to move during it.

Around 7 – 7:30, Paxlet and I went downstairs and I got him breakfast. All the while having a few more painful contractions. I took to rocking my hips back and forth while leaning on the kitchen counter. I tried not to growl or moan too much and just breathe through a slack-jawed mouth. I made enough noise though for Paxlet to be able to copy me. LOL

I debated on when to “bother” my friend to come watch Paxlet. I eventually called her at 7:53, asking her to come over. (Mr Siili said I should have called her much earlier!) I then updated the doula and she said she would head to our house too. While Mr Siili took a quick shower, I tried getting last minute things ready (pick up something here, put something away there) and Mr Siili got a bit frustrated with me and told me to get ready to leave for the hospital, not play around! Upon Mr Siili and the doula’s suggestion, I thought to take a shower to see if it would help ease some of the pain. It didn’t help one bit. I got in and out of the shower quickly, as it just wasn’t relaxing.

Even though the contractions were coming more often and getting quite painful, I thought I had a bit more time. By 8:20 the contractions were intense and I was ready to head to the hospital. I told both my friend and the doula that there was a change in plans and to meet us at the hospital instead. Mr Siili got Paxlet dressed and out the door, I wasn’t far behind them. We left home at 8:47 according to the car clock. (That was roughly the same time as with Paxlet’s birth.)

During the approximate 10 minute car ride my contractions slowed down to every 5-6 minutes, but still painful when they came. When we arrived at the hospital, my friend was there waiting for us. Mr Siili and Paxlet went to park our car and my friend waited with me in front of the hospital entryway through a contraction before helping me into the hospital when I could move. I got signed in and had another contraction that wouldn’t let me move from there to the assessment area. Once I got to the assessment area, I told my friend to go find Paxlet and gave her a few last minute instructions (soup in the freezer, nap around noon-ish if you can manage and I gave her a key to our house). It was 9:03 when the midwife at the assessment area checked me in.

I was shown to a curtained off “room” and given a hospital gown to change into. In between contractions, growling, moaning and rocking, I finally managed to get into the gown. However, I think the midwife had to help me get my pants and undies off. I heard Mr Siili’s voice outside the assessment area telling a midwife he was there with/for me (men are not allowed into this area because there are potentially several women being monitored and in various stages of undress in the curtained areas). The midwife wanted me to lay on the bed so that she could see how dilated I was. For the life (or death) of me, I didn’t want to lay on my back, anywhere. I eventually made it up on the bed and the midwife announced I was 6 cm dilated. As soon as the midwife was done checking me and I wasn’t contracting, I hoped (yes, hoped) off the bed as fast as I could. Soon after that the doula showed up.

Can I have some water please?

When the midwife was stepped out of my cubicle for a second, I had the urge to pee, but there was no way I could move during a contraction, so I put the bed protection sheet/mat-thing on the floor between my legs, just in case. I am sure I peed or maybe leaked waters into the pad they gave me to wear. The midwife came back and wanted me to walk upstairs to the delivery room. I got two steps away from the bed, started to have another contraction and moved back to the bed to hold on to it. I was not leaving the bed! I was brought a wheelchair, where I tucked one leg underneath me and sat on that. It was a slightly “standing” position that felt a bit more comfortable than sitting normally. I didn’t really think about what I did, I just did it.

I was thirsty!

I vaguely remember being wheeled out into the hall, with Mr Siili joining us (midwife, doula and myself). We went in an elevator and up a floor or two. Once we left the elevator, we stopped for a sec outside of it for a second. I have no idea why. During that time though, I gave my headband to Mr Siili and asked for a hair band. The doula was nice enough to give me hers. 🙂 I had a few more contractions on the way up to the delivery room.

This is where things start getting a bit blurry and confused for me.

Once in the delivery room, I had to wait for a contraction to stop before I could get off the wheel chair. During this time, the assessment midwife called for the midwife who would help me deliver Tadbit and the assessment midwife left the room. I was in quite a bit a lot of pain during contractions, so I don’t remember the name of the new midwife and especially not her face. I couldn’t focus on anything outside of the pain inside me. The new midwife heard me speaking English to Mr Siili and the doula. She said, in English, that her English wasn’t so good, but she could try. I replied to her, in Finnish, that I understand Finnish, but that I don’t know which language I will speak in. (Basically, if I was in pain, it was English. If I wasn’t in so much pain and had a second to think clearly, I could form thoughts in Finnish.) The midwife’s English was perfectly fine.

I had another contraction standing by and leaning onto the bed. I still felt like I needed to go pee, which is where I headed as soon as the current contraction stopped. I had another contraction on the toilet! When I came back from the bathroom, the midwife wanted to monitor the baby for a second. In order to do that, she wanted me to get on the bed. No way was I getting on the bed!!! Instead it was asked that I go to the other side of the bed so she could put the monitor around me as I stood there. I eventually got there.

I needed more water!

When the contractions were happening, I tried to rock my hips back and forth, but it hurt so bad! Instead I found myself leaning more on my left leg/hip and sort of rocking in that position. And because of the way I was standing, the midwife wasn’t able to put the monitor on me. She asked if I could get on the bed on my hands and knees and she would try a different monitor (clip on the baby’s head and something on my thigh. I had this last time). I managed to get on the bed in between contractions and after a painful try or two she got it on (I think). I immediately hopped off the bed again, to stand on the monitoring wire for a sec.

The bed was quite low and I was really having to lean over onto it. The midwife said it could be raised up and pillows put under me so I can lean on it more comfortably. The doula asked if that is what I wanted and I couldn’t answer her. I think I shrugged, said “yes, no, I don’t know”. It was raised anyway. The doula reminded me a few times to loosen my jaw and try to growl/moan at a lower sound (more in the cow moo’ing range instead of a scream/yell), as that would help lessen the tension in my body. I tried to do what she said, but sometimes you can’t quite control what is happening.

I was insanely thirsty! I needed and wanted water! And more water!

Oh, my goodness, I need to push!!! (But I didn’t want to!) The midwife said she couldn’t allow me to push until she checked my cervix to make sure I was fully dilated and that there was no “lip” left. But I couldn’t get on the bed! And I was not going to be on my back. In the end, I did crawl up on the bed to lay there long enough for her to check me: fully dilated and ready to push! (Ouch!) I turned over onto all fours as quick as I could. The doula raised the back of the bed up and I leaned over that. More water please! I asked what time was it? 9:40 was the reply.

When contractions came, not too often, but powerful and long, I pushed. Or at least I tried to push. (But it hurt! It was going to hurt a lot more before it wouldn’t hurt anymore.) So while I did push during the contractions, I sort of wimped out and only made a token and weak effort at pushing sometimes. The first push I lowered my bum to the bed and the midwife said I couldn’t do that as there wasn’t room for her to see or do anything. After 4-5 contractions where I pushed (How can I do this again?!) and the baby did move down, I still wasn’t getting Tadbit out. The midwife suggested I change positions. I agreed and ended up on my left side with my right leg held up towards my shoulder.

With the next contraction, I pushed! I pushed with all my might and then I screamed bloody murder. I took a breath, pushed again and screamed again. (O! M! G! the ring of fire #@!$%&¤ hurts!) Another deep breath, push and scream the hospital down. But, the head came out. I was told to turn onto my back. With the next contraction I pushed the rest of my baby out at 10:14 am. It’s a girl!! And then I draped my right hand over my eyes and cried “That hurt! Oh my god, that hurt!”


I got an injection to help deliver the placenta. Mr Siili didn’t want to cut the cord. And our Baby girl was laid on me for some skin to skin time. The doula took some pictures for us. 🙂 We were left alone, with doula for a bit until she went home shortly after, to bond and snuggle with Tadbit. Eventually the midwife came back in weighed (3885 g / 8,5 lbs) and measured (50 cm / 19,7 in) Tadbit, helped Mr Siili get her dressed and I took a shower. Some food was brought for me, Mr Siili didn’t want anything.


From the time my waters broke until I delivered Tadbit, it took 9 hours and 24 minutes (00:50 – 10:14).
Active labor was 2 hours and 38 minutes:
early/latent labor was 2 hours 5 minutes,
pushing was 24 minutes, and
delivery of the placenta was 9 minutes

I only had a first degree tear needing two stitches. I also only lost 300 g (just over a cup) of blood (up to 500 g is normal).


Eleven days on and all is well. Stitches are healing, swelling is gone and I’m losing weight. I hate bleeding and needing to wear pads (they cause discomfort in my lady bits area from lack of air and the blood on the skin), but there is nothing special to report.

Tadbit is eating like a champ. I think all signs of jaundice are gone. She sleeps well and even in 3-4 hours stretches at night! We had her first neuvola appointment yesterday. She is up to 4050 g / 8,9 lbs.

38 weeks, #2

I put it off all week, but I finally went swimming this morning. It felt good to be there, even if making myself go there was difficult. Swimming is definitely helping my neck to not be as sore as it was, but it isn’t 100%. I managed to count the laps I swam today. In 30 minutes I did 15 laps, which is 750 meters (3/4 km, almost 1/2 a mile). That’s about half my normal swimming.
Each time I have gone swimming there has been a mummo/granny that has commented on my bump or surprised that I am still out and about and able. In fact, swimming is so much easier than walking. I actually feel somewhat graceful like a seal in the water, instead of a beached whale.

I was looking for stretch marks the other day, I don’t see any new ones still.

I am finding myself waking at night and not able to get back to sleep as easily. Especially when it seems that Mr Siili takes that instant to start snoring. I know he is tired, so I don’t poke him to get him to stop. Thankfully Paxlet mostly sleeps through the night. When he does wake, it is usually enough that I go cover him back up and tell him to go back to sleep.

Tadbit is a wiggler. As much as I love feeling her movements and getting reassurance that she’s still alive and kicking in there, it quite often hurts when she moves! She loves to stick her bum out to the right side or right up under my ribs. She also kicks/punches/headbutts me right in the lady bits. Ouch!

I seriously crave junk food. Anything sweet, chocolately, salty, you name it! Going to the store today after swimming with only an apple in me was not the best of ideas.

I don’t think there are any new symptoms this week. My bump still gets in the way, I’m achy off and on, tired when I don’t sleep well and minimal swelling. I still waddle like a pro and walk slower than ever.

I miss being able to stretch my back and being able to turn over easily in bed. I know these will come back soon enough, but it sure makes things more challenging until then. I also miss not getting so winded with a short walk. Achyness is part and par for the course, I can live with it still.

I have a neuvola appointment tomorrow. I think it will be a normal appointment: weight, hemoglobin, urine and blood pressure checked. We’ll listen to Tadbit’s heart rate and check the fundal height.

While this isn’t exactly pregnancy related, being pregnancy has affected the dentist appointment. I broke down and called the dentist on Tuesday. I have two teeth on the bottom (one on each side) that are bothering me, one of them painfully so. It ended up that the tooth on the right had a huge cavity and/or chunk missing form it and was infected. I needed two sets of numbing shots and even then I just about jumped out of the chair when the dentist drilled too far. In the end, he packed the area with medicated cotton and put a temporary cover on the tooth. If the pain continues or gets worse, I have a prescription for it. However, in the meantime, I am not to chew on that side, which is a bit difficult because it is hard to chew on the left side also. And once Tadbit arrives, I am to make an appointment to get x-rays and then get both teeth fixed. I sure hope the pain stays away and that the temp filling doesn’t break.

My stepmom has said that they have mailed a package our way. I’m excited for it to arrive and to see what has been put in it.

I wrote earlier this week that I finally met with a doula. I’ll be meeting her again next week. We’ll go over some natural pain relief techniques.

I am very much looking forward to labor and delivery. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Last time I was naively ready for it. This time I feel more prepared for it in that I know what to expect from the pain and I hope to relax through it as much as possible. The biggest concerns or stresses are not knowing when Tadbit will decide to arrive and what will happen with Paxlet. But, even those things I know will work themselves out.

Earlier this week, as Paxlet and I were walking home from daycare, he wanted to hold my hand. It was one of those sweet and pure moments that melted my heart because he wanted to be connected to me. And then probably within the next 10-20 minutes he was fussing and throwing a tantrum because I asked him to wash his hands or use the potty. I love my little boy! I’m excited for him to meet his sibling, but I know it will also be a time of change. My little boy will no longer be an only child? and !

#MicroblogMonday – Meeting my doula

I met with the doula today. I feel as if we are so much alike! There are so many things about our lives and ways of parenting that it made talking to her easy. She’s lived in the US for quite many years, even though she is Finnish. She even lived on the west coast not too far from my hometown.

We discussed Paxlet’s birth, my hopes for this time around, her own births and many more topics that had nothing to do with my impending labor and delivery. (Random topics like pets, parents, in-laws, American coffee vs Finnish coffee, baby led weaning, bilingual kids, diapers, etc.) We also discussed why I wanted a doula: to have someone there with me, in case Mr Siili can’t make it if we can’t get someone to watch Paxlet. And it would also be nice to have someone who is there for me and to advocate for my wishes if the case comes up that something needs to be dealt with.

All in all, I really don’t have any worries about this upcoming birth. Even though Paxlet’s birth was an entirely new situation and a bit scary, it was a quick labor and delivery. Nothing horrible happened, unless you want to count the few stitches I needed from tearing. In my opinion, I have no trauma that needs to be worked through. However, there are a few things I would like to try differently this time around. I hope that because I do know what is going to happen that I can be a bit more relaxed (in body and mind) and more focused, thus making the whole experience less painful. Hopefully. I would also like to try and deliver while on my knees leaning over the back of the bed and not flat on my back. The only major “problem” at the moment is not knowing when Tadbit will arrive. In her own due time, I know.

I thought for sure it was too late to get a doula, but I have one now! We’ll meet again next week to discuss natural ways of pain relief, if Tadbit doesn’t decide to come before then, which I don’t think she will.

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37 weeks +1 day, #2

Last Thursday after I published the 36 week update, Mr Siili and I watched a TV show or two. One of them, Kroll Show, was new to both of us. After about 5-10 minutes of this show, I was telling Mr Siili how stupid it was and that it was going to make me cry. He laughed and we kept watching it…until I reiterated the same sentiments and really actually started crying in earnest. And then I started cry-laughing because I was crying over something so stupid. Mr Siili thankfully turned it off at that point. Talk about weird emotions and reactions that can only be because of pregnancy hormones!

In the two weeks since I last saw my midwife, my weight has gone up 1,4 kg (3 lbs). My weight gain this time around is still roughly compared to last time: a total of 18,1 kgs (39,8 lbs) so far. Seeing the the number in pounds makes it feel like SO much weight gain, which it is, but I honestly don’t think I look  like I’ve gained that much. It’s either all proportionately distributed or the weight has mostly gone to tummy and face.

I ordered some purple harram pants from a Groupon deal a bit ago and they arrived today. They are cute and comfy, even at this stage (yes!), however they will most likely be indoor only pants, once I’ve given birth. I have “stooped” to wearing sweat pants in public, I might even wear these out in public too. But once I can fit into my mat jeans and other pants, that’s what I’ll do.
(I write stooped, because I just don’t wear sweatpants in public. It feels too weird to me.)

No new stretch marks still.

I’ve had a few nights where I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while after Paxlet woke me or I’ve needed to pee. One night (early morning?) I was kept awake trying to remember the name of a guy that had a crush on me, 20 years ago. I think his name is/was Gabe. I really can’t complain too much in the sleep department, especially since I have the possibility to go back to sleep or take a nap while Paxlet is at daycare.

I honestly don’t remember Paxlet kicking and poking me this painfully! Tadbit truly loves poking out my right side with her bum. OMG She hurts me! It’s still mostly in the evenings when she does her painful movements. Sometimes she wiggles and pokes so much that I start to feel a bit physically ill.

My only cravings as such are still junk foods. And no true aversions to anything.

I’ve got to talk about it: hemorrhoids. Ugh! I had some with Paxlet, but never that bad. This time is worse and in the last day or so they have gotten irritated. I need to go to the pharmacy to ask about some cream, but I just haven’t gotten there yet. I also keep forgetting to ask my midwife if there is anything I can do about them. Maybe this next week when I see here again on Friday.

Other pregnancy symptoms are breathlessness, some swelling in fingers and ankles/calves (I decided to take ALL rings off this morning as the two that never come off were feeling a bit tight during the night), achy hips, being extremely warm/hot (I’ve only been using one blanket most of the winter and that is unheard of for me) and whatever else comes with pregnancy.

I miss being able to move around normally (this bump really gets in the way), walking (without waddling or getting breathless), bending over, cleaning (not so much) without being in pain afterward. It truly is a chore to walk up our stairs.

I can’t wait for Outlander, the 2nd half of season 1, to start again on my due date. Who will arrive first: the TV show or Tadbit? I’m also getting more excited to see Paxlet meet his little sister and see how he interacts with her. Right now it is so cute when he gives my bump a kiss at night.

We’ve had sunny weather the last few days! That makes me feel so light and giddy. They days are getting longer (sunrise 6:50 am, sun set 6:20 pm, but not dark until 7 pm-ish), the temperatures are fluctuating more wildly (-5C at night and +5 to +10C during the day) and the snow is melting!! I know it can and most likely will snow again, but these signs of spring right now are so wonderful!

I’ve seen anywhere from 37 to 39 weeks be considered full term. I think here in Finland is 38 weeks. In any case, we’re almost there!! I think Tadbit is going to be a bit stubborn like her brother (and mom).

Two of my teeth are a bit sensitive to cold and are a bit achy when I chew. One on each side. I probably should call the dentist, but…
I woke up with the start of a cold sore this morning. I haven’t had one in ages!!
I have a bit of a rash, eczema-like, on the inside of my thighs. It’s right where they touch each other the most. I think this rash came about because of how hot and sweaty I get some nights. It isn’t itchy or anything, just annoying.
Even though I went to the chiropractor on Monday, my neck has decided to not cooperate and is stuck and sore again. I think this will just be something I have to deal with until Tadbit is here.

I had a neuvola appointment on Wednesday, with the midwife and doctor. Everything looks normal and good. My blood pressure was a bit higher than normal for me (the top number), but it isn’t so high that there is any concern. My cervix is soft (softer than previously? I have no clue) and shorter. I was sure the doctor told me my cervix was closed, but when I looked at my notes it says 1,5 cm. The doctor did a very quick ultrasound check to make sure Tadbit is head down, which she is. However, she was so quick that she had the machine off before I could even ask to see the monitor also! I most likely won’t see the doctor anymore until after Tadbit is born. I’ll only have midwife appointments. The next one is next week’s Friday.


I’ve now been swimming 3 times so far and I’d still like to live in the pool for the next couple of weeks. I also bought a 10 time card today; it would be Murphy’s law if I were to go into labor before I could use even one time of it next week.

I’ve got my hospital bag mostly packed. I still need to do something for Tadbit and Paxlet. We have no idea where Paxlet will go, if anywhere, yet, but I think it will be best if we at least have a bag of clothes and stuff ready for him.

I mentioned back at 29 weeks about emailing a local doula group. Well, I did email them and for the longest time one lady replied saying that she just wanted to say hi, but that she most likely wouldn’t be around Easter weekend (if Tadbit so happened to arrive on time) and that her husband’s work schedule basically made it impossible for her to be a doula to me. I had basically given up on the idea of a doula, but just over a week ago, someone else emailed me. We’re meeting on Monday to see if we are a match and if she could be of help to me (and Mr Siili) during labor. I’ll update more once I talk with the doula.

Mr Siili and I had sex for the first time this year. This is also much later in pregnancy that we ever DTD with Paxlet. I noticed for the rest of the day that I had many more tightenings and uncomfortable Braxton hicks. Hmm, there may be something to this sex business and getting the baby out.

I thought to drink some Raspberry Leaf Tea (not just raspberry fruit tea) to help with labor when it does start, but now I’m not so sure. My midwife had nothing to say about it, as it is an “alternative path medicine” and she doesn’t know anything about it. Although she did say it couldn’t hurt. However, upon reading about it a bit more, it says a women shouldn’t drink this tea if a previous labor was 3 hours or less start to finish (that was Paxlet) and if you have endometriosis (I do), among other things. Now I’m not so sure if I should drink it or not.

I’ve been noticing the last week or so that I am definitely having my share of BH and bump discomfort. This isn’t necessarily new, but what is new is my attitude towards them, most of the time. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that if Tadbit arrives now, she should be just fine. And so, I am finding that I mostly carry on with what ever it is that needs to be done without worry about could it send me into labor. I am at the end of my pregnancy and there is no way around the discomfort and labor to come. It will happen and it is not a bad thing to happen anymore. So, if the pain is really bad, I’ll stop for that instant, but will generally continue on what I was doing. However, I do play up the pain and discomfort a bit for Mr Siili. 😀 It doesn’t get me too much extra sympathy.

29 weeks + 3 days, #2

I have been so tired lately that I just haven’t wanted to do anything in the evenings. I think about writing a blog post, but just can’t be arsed. Work has also been quite busy, so no time to write at work either. This morning when Paxlet walked into our room, Mr Siili got up with him, fed him breakfast and entertained him for almost 2 hours so I could get a bit more sleep. actually, I don’t think anything could have dragged me out of bed this morning. I was just so freaking tired! I feel much better at this moment.

It seems on the nights when I actually do go to bed a bit earlier, Paxlet wakes me up more times during the night or earlier than usual. It’s one of those “why do I even bother” feelings. Ugh. On particularly tiring morning, I was grumpy and not very patient. Paxlet didn’t seem to want to cooperate and I couldn’t get myself out of the funk. However, when I dropped him off at daycare, he was frowning as I took his boots off. I asked him about his frown and he turned it into a huge cheeky grin. I looked down and continued to help him take his boots off and when I looked at his face again, he still had that cheeky grin in place. I couldn’t help but laugh and grin back at him. Then he gave me a huge hug as I left and my entire day was turned around. I love that little boy!

I’ve been achy and sore most of the week. Nothing new, just a fact of pregnant life. Some days are worse than others, but again a fact of pregnant life.

I’m sick of winter. More specifically, I’m sick of bundling up, which takes ages, to stay warm whenever I have to head outside. I finally found a pair of outdoor pants that fit (men’s xl) and are a pretty cool color! However, I don’t have many other pieces of regular maternity clothing that are fitting too well. And I plain refuse to go shopping for more clothes that I am only going to use for a couple of months at most. Yeah, first world, pregnant problems.

My tummy is getting to the point that Paxlet can’t really sit on my lap anymore. I mean, he can, but it just isn’t comfortable for me. When I’m brushing his teeth before bedtime, he almost falls off my lap as I can’t keep my leg crossed over my knee. My foot slides right off! My tummy is also in the way of sitting forward, going pee and wiping. LOL. It’s sort of comical really. But mostly, I just feel fat with a round hard bump on the front, rather than pregnant.

Tadbit loves to move. I’m getting kicked, punched and prodded all over the place. Her movements have definitely become much stronger, as I’ve noticed that I have to stop what I am doing at times to catch my breath or recover from the kick that landed in an inappropriate place.

I seem to be hungry a lot of the time. Yet I usually have no idea what I want to eat. So it is all very random: ribs, apple, pb microwave cake with ice cream, grapes, cereal, etc…

I really need to email/call a couple of friends to see if they would be willing and hopefully available to watch Paxlet when I go into labor so that Mr Siili can come with. On the same note, I should email the local doula group and find out about the possibility of having a doula with me too. I worry I’ve left this one a bit late in the game, but I hadn’t really thought of it until recently. On one hand, I am sure I can manage the whole labor and delivery on my own, but on the other, it would be nice to have someone there with me.

Speaking of the whole labor and delivery thing, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. A big part due to the continued watching of One Born Every Minute. I know I wasn’t a screamer last time, I did growl and moan, loudly, quite a bit though. I was also quite scared. That was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I know I said, like many others, that I couldn’t do it and that it hurt too much. However, here I am again, with another wanted pregnancy. This time around, I wonder if I can be more stoic, less noisy and just get down to business? I would also like to go non-medicated again, if possible. I truly believe a short labor makes a huge difference in whether a person wants or asks for pain relief. If I had to go on hours and hours laboring, I think I would have eventually asked for an epidural or something. As it was, there just wasn’t time for anything! I think labor and delivery will be a bit scary again, but this time it will be a known-scary. I’m also excited for it, still? again? Yeah, again!

Five and a half more weeks of work. Woohoo!!