And life goes on

Ugh, has it really been that long since I last posted?! Twenty-three days, beginning of June, according to my last published post. I knew it was a while, but I didn’t realize that long. I feel like I’ve got so much to say about not much stuff. Does that even make sense? I’ve always got thoughts of something I should/could/want to write about, but just can’t make myself get around to it. In any case, here are my thoughts in bulletin points because I can’t be bothered to write full posts about each item.

– June 16th marked 4 years of being a dual citizenship holder. Next month will be 15 years that I’ve lived in Finland. That’s basically my entire adult life and soon it will be half my life. Time just…flies.

– Paxlet is now saying 3- and 4-word sentences, sometimes even 5-word sentences. He also talks almost non-stop. Just like his momma. *big grin* This afternoon for example, as I was trying to get him down for a nap (which was unsuccessful, by the way) he was snuggling with me and then sat up a little, rubbed his hands on my shirt and said: Äiti hieno green shirt. (äiti=mom, hieno=nice/wonderful/great). This was also my first compliment from my boy!

– Paxlet. He just blows my mind. I am so lucky to have him and get to watch him learn and grow everyday. He’s picking up numbers (not that he gets the correct all the time, but he says 1, 2, 3 or third when talking about things) and he can quite often identify orange correctly and sometimes a few others colors as well. I bought him a building set a few days ago, because I thought it had a screwdriver in it, which is is in love with right now, but it only has pliers and a wrench (with a flat screwdriver bit on the edge). He loves the pliers and has even built his own “car”. He comes up with new words and actions everyday. He even makes jokes! How I love this little boy.


That’s Paxlet’s “car” he made on the right. It originally was a pig.

– I finally had my doctor appointment, but not much to be said about it. As this was through the public doctor, she only did a quick internal/external exam (no signs of endo, just like always/before surgery, but it doesn’t mean anything for me). As I have one frozen embryo at the public fertility clinic, I should go there to have that done before doing anything else. They would also be able to tell me more of what is going on inside of me (u/s machines) and what to do next (after the FET fails). The doctor could send a referral for blood work to see if anything there has changed, but I declined for now. I honestly don’t think anything has changed in that respect. I did forget to ask about my no/low sex-drive and the possibility to get progesterone suppositories. As low prog is a problem for me. I should call and try to get a phone consult (quicker than trying to see her in person, esp during the summer).

– I’ll call the fertility clinic after the summer holidays and see about getting our last embryo transferred.

– I had meant to post last week. I was going to say that there was only 4 more days until my first 2 week holiday started, but it’s Tuesday of the next week already and this is my 2nd day of official holiday, although I haven’t worked since Thursday, as it was Juhannus/midsummer this last weekend, which means no work on Thursday or Friday. Mr Siili and I haven’t killed each other yet and we’ve been home together for 6 days. Little snips and snaps here and there, but we’re doing decently well.

– There was about 2 weeks or so during this month that Paxlet just wouldn’t go to bed easily. Sometimes it took more than an hour to get him to sleep, with tons of screaming, crying, gagging from the aforementioned and lots of unhappiness. It’s been better the last few nights. But, now he doesn’t seem to want to take naps every day. He is way too young and tired to go without a nap. So we all suffer, sometimes more than others, until bed time. He also likes to wake in the middle of the night and not go back to sleep. Or he tries to go to sleep, but then wiggles and his blanket falls off him and so he continually wakes us for a while. Sometimes an hour or more. I try to remember he is still little, but in the middle of the night I’m not always at my best.

– We’ve had some beautifully warm, hot even, days. Part of the reason I didn’t blog earlier. And then (now) we’ve got some chillier days with tons of rain, some snow (it didn’t stick!), hail and thunder storms. It’s a typical summer, minus the snow.

– I found a long lost friend via FB. Every so often, I would find the letter she sent me in 1995 (people, that is almost 20 years ago!!) and I would think about her for a bit. This time when I ran across the letter, I thought to see if she is on FB. Low and behold, she is!  We’re now catching up on each others’ lives. Sometimes, FB can be good.

– Paxlet and I are hopping on a train on Saturday to go to a Renaissance fair with a very good friend and her two young daughters. It will be Paxlet’s first train trip and both of our firsts’ to the fair. And next week we’ll head to the in-laws for a few days. Tons of activities planned here. I also hope to Skype with my sister later this week. Holiday is good.

I am sure there is more that wandered through my mind. I guess I will just have to blog more once I think of it.

Love affair

I love my chiropractor! No, not in that way. I love him as the man who can make my back feel amazing after an adjustment and like I’m walking on air after I leave his office. When I tell him my back or neck hurts in a specific way or place, he listens to me, I mean really listens to me. For me, that makes a huge difference in how my back and neck feel.

Let’s call him Dr Snap Crackle Pop, or rather Dr FeelGood for short(er). I’ve been going to Dr FeelGood for 14,5 years, that’s longer than I’ve lived in Finland! You see, before I officially moved to Finland, I was here for 3 months trying to find a job and during that time my back was hurting. So, Mr Siili and I went to a phone booth*, looked up chiropractor in the yellow pages and started at the top of the list. Dr FeelGood was the first one we call. He spoke English and the rest is history.

All that intro is to say that my back (and neck, for other reasons) has been hurting lately and I am going to see Dr FeelGood on Monday. It’s not uncommon for me to have back (and neck) pains, but this has been a bit different. This pinched sciatic pain has been constant for over a week now. With each step I take, I feel the pain. While sitting down, I feel an ache. While laying down to go to sleep or when I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night, I feel pain. (Thankfully it doesn’t wake me up.) Trying to carry Paxlet, you got it, I feel pain.

I went to my work doctor** this week to have him check out my back and see if there was anything he could rule out or recommend. This doctor went through all my joint movements, reflexes, range of motions, pushing/resisting his hands and everything with my body seems to be in working order. That’s the good bit, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with my body. The bad bit is that I am still in pain and a nerve is pinched somewhere in there. This doctor suggested some physical therapy or trying out a chiropractor. That is when I mentioned my relationship with Dr Feelgood. The work doctor said that since I have such a long standing relationship with the Dr FeelGood to try that first. Since I have 2 visits left from my last referral (if I get a referral from the doctor, my work insurance reimburses 80% of the bill), I’ll use those and then let the work doctor know how I feel. If it helps, great! I’ll probably be able to get more referrals when needed. If it doesn’t help, we’ll try something else to try and get my back to feel better. I don’t really care what makes my back feel better, but I just want to stop hurting and soon.

My goodness, I’m so looking forward to my little love affair on Monday!!!

*Mobile phones existed here, quite prolifically for 1998, in the land of Nokia, but Mr Siili didn’t have one. In fact, I got a huge ol’ clonker of a Nokia phone before Mr Siili ever got a mobile phone.

** Actually, it was physiotherapist that I had not had the pleasure to meet before, but it was still through work. So no cost to me for going in to see him.

Momma instincts plus Daddy instincts

I’m reminded of the joke that goes like this:
A mommy duck, a daddy duck and a baby duck were getting ready to migrate. The mommy duck said, “My instincts tell me to go north.” The daddy duck said, “My instincts tell me to go south.” The baby bird said,”My instincts don’t tell me anything, they just stink!”

Paxlet has a runny nose again. We finally got over the influenza/cold from a few weeks ago, to have Paxlet get sick again. It started Sunday with a runny nose and slight cough from the constant drip down his throat. Monday, it was much worse. By around 9:00 pm, Paxlet had been put to bed, woke up screaming and then decided to be happy and cute playing like crazy. He was also breathing quite heavily, with his tongue out. Having his tongue out is nothing new, he does that from the moment he wakes until he passes out at night, but this time it seemed a bit different.

Mr Siili and I discussed, hemmed and hawed about whether we should call (before 10:00 pm) to make a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday morning or was it bad enough to just go to the ER. We couldn’t make up our minds. I felt like Paxlet was sneezing and coughing just like he was with his last cold, minus the fever and when I took Paxlet to the doctor, everything was fine. He was coughing because of the snot. But Mr Siili kept saying he was concerned, so I was questioning myself. I called Mr Siili’s mom to ask her advice, she’s a retired midwife. (I would have called my mom is she was alive.) In the end, I just wanted my mind at ease so I took Paxlet to the ER. We spent 2 hours there to be told he was fine. Ears are clear, lungs are clear and with no fever (that showed up this afternoon), he just has a runny nose and a cough because of the snot. Ugh.

So, you mix together my instincts, Mr Siili’s instincts and we just stink. We also get a very tired momma and baby. At least the baby took a couple of short naps in his stroller today.

Tapioca pudding: it was just so yummy, I couldn’t help myself

Yesterday, Paxlet had his 4 month check up. He weighed in at 7 kilos and 935 grams (~17,5 pounds) and measured 65 centimeters (25,6 inches). When the doctor did her examination of him, she checked his moro reflex. Let me just say that Paxlet hated that, with a passion!! He screamed worse than bloody murder and even when I picked him up to try and calm him, it took me longer than normal. When he was laid back down to continue the exam, he started crying and then screaming again. After the exam was over and I was dressing him up, he didn’t want to be laying in my lap, but more so, he kept twisting his head and body to see where the doctor was. Paxlet also told the doctor what he thought of her. It’s pretty cute in a sad sort of way. I don’t think he wanted that lady anywhere near him.

Today I had a quick doctor’s appointment. I was in with the doctor maybe 8 minutes total. At around 12 weeks of Paxlet’s age (he’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow), I started noticing some white-ish/yellow-ish discharge. It sometimes smells/smelled a bit, but nothing alarming. Also, I have had no other symptoms. No itching, fever, rash, bad smell, tenderness, etc. I wasn’t too worried about it, but it was something different than what I am used to and what I’ve had before. So, I made an appointment to get it checked out. The doctor said all looks healthy and normal. If anything changes I’m to go back. I’m thinking this is just my ‘new normal’.

After the doctor’s appointment this morning, when Paxlet and I got home, I made some tapioca pudding. As soon as it was ready and in the fridge to cool, we left home again to go to our weekly Wednesday mom & kid group. Then, when we got home in the afternoon, I ate my half of the tapioca. (The box says one batch makes 6 1/2 cup servings.) I ate a bit of lunch, changed Paxlet’s diaper, twice and played online a bit. I then decided that I had to eat the other half of the tapioca. I mean, I just couldn’t stand the idea of Mr Siili eating it in front of me this evening and me not having any to eat. Plus, what he doesn’t know (that I made tapioca) won’t hurt him, right?! Bad me! LOL

6 week postpartum check-up

Before I go into my appointment this morning, I’ve got a question: How do you write a blog post with a baby on your lap? Sure, it would be easier if said baby wasn’t on my lap, but the last few days he won’t stay asleep unless he is in my lap or arms. So, I’ve got my legs propped up on the desk in front of me, the keyboard just above my knees and me typing OVER Paxlet who is sleeping on my upper lap. In other words pictures, like this:

The things I do to get my blogging fix.

My six week postpartum check-up went just fine. Not that I had any doubts, but it is always nice to have confirmation that all is well.

As with during my pregnancy the neuvola nurse checked my urine, blood pressure, hemoglobin and weight. There was nothing to be found in my urine. My blood pressure was normal. My hemoglobin was at 135, which is much better than at any point during my pregnancy or any other time that I can remember. And I haven’t been taking any iron supplements since I gave birth. My weight is down to 73,1 kilos (161 pounds) from the 88 kilos (193,6 pounds) I was at a week before giving birth. I still have 7 kilos to lose to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.

The doctor asked how the pregnancy was (I am now going to a different clinic because we moved) and how did my labor go. I was also asked about birth control. I told both the nurse and the doctor that because it took us 4 years to get Paxlet, I’m not going back on birth control. If we somehow manage to get pregnant on our own, it will be a welcome event.

Once I hopped up on the exam table, the doctor checked where my stitches had been and said they might be a bit tight or uncomfortable in the beginning (when we start to have sex again). My uterus feels normal and like it has shrunk back down to where it should be and my lady bits look just fine. The doctor also asked if I’ve had any infection or swelling in my breasts (nope) or any other pains (nope).

And that was that. There wasn’t much to be asked from me and I didn’t have any questions for either the nurse or the doctor.

Another trip to the doctor for allergy meds

It’s been 2 weeks now since the birch trees have let their pollen into the wind and I am still suffereing! Most of the symptoms during the day are managable. In addition to my regular allergy pills and daily asthma med, I have another asthma medication for when my chest feels constricted from an acute asthma attack, I have eye drops for when I want to scratch my eyeballs out and I have nasal spray that sort of unblocks my nostrils, for a short while, sometimes. While none of these seem to fully relieve my symptoms, they do well enough that I can survive until it rains again and the birch, plus other pollens, lessen.

It’s during the night that I’m having problems. I am not a mouth breather normally, so sleeping is difficult to do when you have to sleep with your mouth open. The reason for this is because one of my nostrils is usually fully blocked and the other one isn’t fully open either. Although, which nostril it is seems to depend on which side I am sleeping on and they switch every couple of hours anyway.

So, after a particularly bad night last night for Mr Siili and myself, I called to our work nurse again to ask for another appointment with the doctor to see if there was anything else I can take to help with my nose. Our work doctor wouldn’t be in the office until Thursday, so I was booked with a general doctor in the same building (still paid for by work).

This doctor was one I had seen last November for a throat infection when I was going through IVF #3. He was quite nice then and now. After asking what’s the problem and me telling my symptoms, he started suggesting things I could use. I quickly interupted that I am pregnant. When I mentioned this little fact, he remembered that I had/we had been trying to get pregnant and congratulated me. Next the doctor spent probably 20 minutes looking through his medicine book to try to find something more or different I could take for my blocked nose. Unfortunately I am already taking at least one type of medication in each form that I can while pregnant.

The only thing I can really do is to try some other non-medicinal nose sprays or washes. Which, has brought me finally get up the courage and try the Sarvikuono (rhino horn), which is the Finnish version of the Neti Pot. So, this evening I’ll be mixing up my solution of sea salt and warm water and rinsing out my sinuses. Wish me luck!

Went to the doctor for my cough

Like the title says, I went to the work doctor today to ask about my cough. I explained that I’ve had the cough since the beginning of the flu (almost 3 weeks now), it’s quite painful and sometimes I cough so much and hard that I almost puke. It’s not in my lungs, just my throat. Sometimes I can even cough junk up. (Yay for me, gross!) I haven’t taken anything for it, because well, I’m pregnant and taking meds for stuff just don’t occur to me very often. I did up my asthma meds during the worst of the flu, which is what I’ve been told to do. In all fairness though, as of yesterday, I do think the cough is sort of getting better. The coughing bouts are less and not nearly as harsh (most of the time).

The doctor said that there is nothing on the Finnish market that he can prescribe for me. There used to be something that could be prescribed in almost all cases, but it was pulled from the shelves and he doesn’t know why. *shrug* Basically he said that I just need to wait it out and eventually I’ll get fully better. He agreed with my upping my asthma meds and also recommended inhaling some steam (see, sauna is good!).

I was also able to get a referral to the chiropractor for 4 times. Aaaah, relief! (So long as I get a referral from the doctor for the chiro, my work’s sickness fund will reimburse me for 80% of it! Double relief!) I believe that sitting and laying around for the entire week of my flu has helped my back to act up. Now that I’m feeling much better, I’m hoping to get back into walking more. (Just in time for the snows to be melting and icing up. Lovely!) I should also stretch a bit more.. I did a few stretches when I got home this evening and I noticed a marked difference already.

It’s going to be another long day at work tomorrow. It’s month end and a lot of the units I look after are closing in the afternoon, so I should get some beauty sleep so I can last the whole day.