#MicroblogMonday – Root canal update

Almost 6 months ago I asked about a root canal vs. getting the tooth pulled. I opted to have the root canal and it is finally done today!!!!

After 3-4 appointments (plus the couple before the actual root canal treatment started), around 1 000€ (roughly the same in USD) and not being able to properly chew on the right side of my mouth this whole time, I now have a ceramic crown in my mouth!

The process to get the crown was pretty cool! The way the dentist got the 3D modelling of my tooth reminded me of the behind the scenes explanations for movies using a green screen and object mapping to create special effects. Next the tooth was milled (high water pressure cut/carved, then baked in a kiln and finally glued in my mouth.

I can chew with both sides of my mouth again!

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Recap: Doula, Child’s Play and Dentist

Ugh, I just suck at blogging on Mondays. I meant to write this on Monday, but by the time I actually had both hands free and a second to breathe without a baby wrapped on me or a toddler talking my ear off, I was just too exhausted to do anything. Last night was the same, however I did manage to at least get this started so Iwouldn’t forget what I wanted to write. Yeah, I do that a lot. I think of something I want to blog about and then don’t write it down so I forget what the topic was, but not the fact that I had a great idea. Such is life.


The doula finally had time to come by and discuss my labor and delivery with Tadbit, among other things. On my hospital notes the midwife said I pushed for 24 minutes. The doula said she calculated 10 minutes. That seems more along what I remember. The doula also said the midwife was saying that “it” was taking too long. Neither of us could figure out what could have been taking too long, as my active labor was less than 3 hours! Mr Siili doesn’t remember the midwife saying anything like that. In any case, I don’t remember much of what anyone was saying to me. Especially not when there was a contraction.


After Paxlet using his word-sounds for play, I realized I do the same in English and must have done the same growing up. Because I caught myself saying “sweep sweep sweep” and “brush brush brush” the other day. I guess what struck me as interesting was hearing it in Finnish.


I went to the dentist twice last week. On Wednesday I was there for 30 minutes to get a cavity/lost filling fixed. While I was in the dentist’s chair, Mr Siili was outside in the car with Tadbit. All went well, even if my tooth is still a bit sensitive (as to be expected).

Friday’s visit was for the root canal tooth. Again, Mr Siili was outside with Tadbit. This appointment was scheduled for 75 minutes. However, I didn’t even get called back until an hour after my appointment started. Mr Siili was not too happy.

The dentist thankfully numbed my tooth very well and I only felt pain/discomfort towards the end of the procedure. However, since the gum (and inside the tooth?) was infected and where she was working started getting painful, she couldn’t finish the root canal. I have another appointment this Friday. My tooth area and jaw was hurting when the appointment was finally over so the dentist was going to give me a Burana (ibuprofen) right then and there and then write me a prescription for it. But because I am nursing I told her I couldn’t have that and asked for Panadol (paracetamol) instead. In the confusion of it all, she forgot to write down the medicine name on the prescription form, which in my addled state I didn’t think to question when I looked at the paper and thus wasn’t discovered until I went to the pharmacy. So, I had to buy a box of 15 1G Panadol for 7,45€, when a bottle of 100, via prescription, cost me about 1€. (Even though I don’t need the bottle of 100 anymore, I took it anyway because this bottle will last me/us for the next 4 years. *big grin*)

Mr Siili is quite upset that I have already been into the dentist 3 times now and still need to go in again before the tooth is fixed (we hope). He has never had a cavity and thus never had a filling. Lucky him. I have tried to tell him that they have done something, what they could, to my tooth each time I have gone in, but that it was too painful and infected to actually do much the first few times. Anyway…I have my next appointment on Friday. This time I have booked a babysitter via the city’s services for Tadbit. Let’s see how the dentist appointment goes and leaving Tadbit home with someone completely unknown to us and for the first time.

Root Canal

I went to the dentist about 6 weeks ago (2 weeks before Tadbit was born) and even with 3 numbing shots, it was still too painful for the dentist to do anything. I went back yesterday and it was still too painful for the dentist to try anything, so I now have to see a specialist for a root canal. Or just have the tooth pulled. Or have a bridge made. Or…I don’t know.

How horrible is a root canal? Would it be better to just have the tooth pulled? It is a lower molar, 2nd from the back. How badly would the gap show when I laugh and smile?

Mr Siili has never had a cavity so he is no help at all. In fact, he doesn’t understand how I can have had so many cavities, subsequent fillings and other dental work. I do take care of my teeth! I brush my teeth and tongue every day and floss, although not every day, but more often than I used to. And still, I have teeth issues. It sucks!

38 weeks, #2

I put it off all week, but I finally went swimming this morning. It felt good to be there, even if making myself go there was difficult. Swimming is definitely helping my neck to not be as sore as it was, but it isn’t 100%. I managed to count the laps I swam today. In 30 minutes I did 15 laps, which is 750 meters (3/4 km, almost 1/2 a mile). That’s about half my normal swimming.
Each time I have gone swimming there has been a mummo/granny that has commented on my bump or surprised that I am still out and about and able. In fact, swimming is so much easier than walking. I actually feel somewhat graceful like a seal in the water, instead of a beached whale.

I was looking for stretch marks the other day, I don’t see any new ones still.

I am finding myself waking at night and not able to get back to sleep as easily. Especially when it seems that Mr Siili takes that instant to start snoring. I know he is tired, so I don’t poke him to get him to stop. Thankfully Paxlet mostly sleeps through the night. When he does wake, it is usually enough that I go cover him back up and tell him to go back to sleep.

Tadbit is a wiggler. As much as I love feeling her movements and getting reassurance that she’s still alive and kicking in there, it quite often hurts when she moves! She loves to stick her bum out to the right side or right up under my ribs. She also kicks/punches/headbutts me right in the lady bits. Ouch!

I seriously crave junk food. Anything sweet, chocolately, salty, you name it! Going to the store today after swimming with only an apple in me was not the best of ideas.

I don’t think there are any new symptoms this week. My bump still gets in the way, I’m achy off and on, tired when I don’t sleep well and minimal swelling. I still waddle like a pro and walk slower than ever.

I miss being able to stretch my back and being able to turn over easily in bed. I know these will come back soon enough, but it sure makes things more challenging until then. I also miss not getting so winded with a short walk. Achyness is part and par for the course, I can live with it still.

I have a neuvola appointment tomorrow. I think it will be a normal appointment: weight, hemoglobin, urine and blood pressure checked. We’ll listen to Tadbit’s heart rate and check the fundal height.

While this isn’t exactly pregnancy related, being pregnancy has affected the dentist appointment. I broke down and called the dentist on Tuesday. I have two teeth on the bottom (one on each side) that are bothering me, one of them painfully so. It ended up that the tooth on the right had a huge cavity and/or chunk missing form it and was infected. I needed two sets of numbing shots and even then I just about jumped out of the chair when the dentist drilled too far. In the end, he packed the area with medicated cotton and put a temporary cover on the tooth. If the pain continues or gets worse, I have a prescription for it. However, in the meantime, I am not to chew on that side, which is a bit difficult because it is hard to chew on the left side also. And once Tadbit arrives, I am to make an appointment to get x-rays and then get both teeth fixed. I sure hope the pain stays away and that the temp filling doesn’t break.

My stepmom has said that they have mailed a package our way. I’m excited for it to arrive and to see what has been put in it.

I wrote earlier this week that I finally met with a doula. I’ll be meeting her again next week. We’ll go over some natural pain relief techniques.

I am very much looking forward to labor and delivery. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Last time I was naively ready for it. This time I feel more prepared for it in that I know what to expect from the pain and I hope to relax through it as much as possible. The biggest concerns or stresses are not knowing when Tadbit will decide to arrive and what will happen with Paxlet. But, even those things I know will work themselves out.

Earlier this week, as Paxlet and I were walking home from daycare, he wanted to hold my hand. It was one of those sweet and pure moments that melted my heart because he wanted to be connected to me. And then probably within the next 10-20 minutes he was fussing and throwing a tantrum because I asked him to wash his hands or use the potty. I love my little boy! I’m excited for him to meet his sibling, but I know it will also be a time of change. My little boy will no longer be an only child? and !

31 weeks + 1 day, #2

This is it! I’m down to single digit weeks for the count down. Eeps!

I have been feeling very full of baby lately. It is somewhat painful and exhausting.

I was about to write that I have not once felt hiccups this pregnancy! And then Thursday evening I felt some! They were delicate little things, but definitely hiccups.

Tuesday morning, my work offered everyone breakfast as a thank you for the hard work we did during year end closing. While this isn’t really pregnancy related, this pregnant lady was very thankful for breakfast and not having to pay for it or prepare it herself.
I’ve been feeling almost constantly hungry lately, but nothing specific pops out that I must have.

One of my teeth had been hurting me for the last week or so. Especially when I drank or ate something cold and ate anything sweet. Apples hurt just as much as sweets. So I called the dentist on Monday and had an appointment by Tuesday afternoon. I had a tiny cavity and badly eroded gums on that specific tooth. My tooth is still a bit tender, but I am happily eating what I want again without pain!

On Wednesday, I used my last official holiday day to take the day off and go to visit a friend, I. Paxlet, my friend R, her younger daughter and I took a train to our friends house and hung out for a few hours. We were assisted by a very helpful bus driver to get to our destination. Enjoyed yummy homemade pea soup. And then I’s son came home from school crying that his arm hurt, badly. He cried if you looked at it and screeched when his mom touched his hand. I couldn’t stop myself crying along with the son. Stupid pregnancy hormones. R and myself told I to take her son to the doctor’s now! We’d watcher her sleeping daughter and figure out our getting home situation. In the end, I’s husband made it home quickly and took their son in for an x-ray, R and myself made it to our bus and train home and there wasn’t a single break, fracture or crack in I’s son’s arm. It was a fun, exciting and exhausting day. In fact, I think I am still recovering from it today.

I think I pulled a muscle in my back on Thursday. Or I at least tweaked it a bit and was uncomfortable all evening. Thankfully a Panadol (Acetaminophen) helped.

Today I didn’t wear my support belt while at work, thinking that I’d be sitting enough that it wouldn’t make a difference. I did however forget to put it on when I went across the road to get lunch. And in the end, I’ve been very very sore this afternoon and evening. So much so, that I told Mr Siili that I just couldn’t handle walking around the store to food shop, with or without Paxlet. So we ate what we could find in the freezer (fish fillet & french fries, canned corn and fresh pear). Shopping can be done tomorrow.

My rings are going to need to come off soon I think.

I’ve been trying to decide which animal I most closely resemble or represent lately: penguin, cow, beached whale, something else? LOL

I miss being able to put socks and shoes on easily. Drying off after a shower is also more complicated.

I’ve been having night sweats most nights now. It sucks being insanely hot one second and then cold in the next.

I realized that I have a food aversion: cottage cheese! If I have to, I can mix it in with food and eat it…but it almost makes me gag when I put it on Paxlet’s plate, smell it or even just look at it.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me recently if we know which gender the baby is and are we telling. I have replied with “it is supposed to be a girl, but it can still change before it’s born”. I mean, they can’t be 100% sure which gender it is, unless you actually test for it. So, Tadbit could still be a boy…but most likely not.

We have a car seat! Well, in a month when my friend no longer needs the car seat anymore, we’ll get it. She bought it new 3 years ago and it has never been in an accident. It also looks very well kept and clean. It also has a base so that we just need to click it in and out of the car. Yay! This friend also has a stroller that this car seat can clip into/onto. I am trying to decide if I want to buy that also, and then sell our stroller.

I have my next neuvola appointment on Monday. I will talk to the midwife about my aches and pains. I wonder how much weight I’ve gained in the last 3 weeks.

30 weeks + 2 days, #2

I’ve been so lazy and tired lately. Or rather, if I don’t absolutely have to do it, I probably won’t. Which is why this weekly update is late again. I just couldn’t be bothered to do it on Thursday and again Friday. I was so tired! I did however, manage to get Mr Siili to take my 30 week Tadbit photo on time.

There are only 10 weeks, 70 (68 now) days, until the EDD. That’s 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy. And only a month left at work. I’m not sure which number is more exciting or scary. LOL. I think Tadbit will stay put past her EDD, but then arrive quickly when the time comes. Just like her big brother.

Aches and pains. There are lots of those lately. I have realized this week, that for the most part, I’ve come to accept them as a normal part of this pregnancy. Back at 22 weeks when we had just come back form the US and the aches and pains were really just starting, I was a bit scared of them. Now, I’m not so worried. I think part of it has to do with knowing that I am far enough along in this pregnancy that if Tadbit does decide to come, she will most likely survive (80-95% or something like that). I definitely don’t want her to come yet, but if it were to come to that…. we all would be okay.

It has been ages since I have been able to twist my back to stretch and pop it. Oh, my, how I miss being able to pop my back.

Earlier this week I bought a new (to me) pair of black stretchy pants. They are so comfy! But also black… Now I have 2 pair of black pants and 2 pair of leggings, which are ok to wear every once in a while, but they are just that uncomfortable in the lady bits area.

Sleep has been hit and miss. I know I should get to be earlier, but it just doesn’t always happen.

Last night, Tadbit changed positions! She has been laying with her back up and down the right side of my tummy. When I woke up in the middle of the night, my entire right side was empty! And all day today, I have been feeling kicks and wiggles in places I haven’t felt before or in a while. I think she might be laying on the bottom of the uterus now. I’m not really sure.

I need to go to the dentist. I have a tooth that is hurting and it isn’t going away. Anything cold or sweet touching that tooth sends pains through my mouth.

I am hungry quite often lately. Several times this week, I’ve really wanted something to eat, but I have no idea what. Something salty more than sweet, but we didn’t have much in the house that would have been easy to fix.

Thursday morning I walked half a kilometer to the bus stop, at a slightly faster pace than was comfortable for me at the moment and I paid for it the rest of the day. By evening and night, I was in horrendous pain. 😦 Thankfully an ok night’s sleep helped with most of the discomfort. I won’t be doing that again for a while!

Friday night my co-workers and I went out for a work-paid dinner. We had appetizers, dinner and dessert. They had alcohol, I had 1 hot chocolate and lots of water. I ate TOO. MUCH. And I knew I was eating too much, but my goodness it was so yummy! And I wasn’t paying for it. Thankfully no heartburn for me, only major discomfort. I did wonder how I was going to lay down to sleep last night without it all coming back up. I stayed awake long enough for it to settle a bit. This morning however, I had a definite food-hangover.

Next week, Paxlet, my good friend R, her daughter and myself will be going to visit a friend in a nearby town by train. I’m using my last holiday day. Paxlet is excited to go on the train again. And it will be great to see two of my friends!

14 weeks, #2

Second trimester, now matter which way you look at it.

I feel the need to admit, I don’t feel so connected to this pregnancy or as jazzed this time around. In a miniscule way, it sort of bothers me, but I know I have time to get more excited as time goes on. I think the biggest issue is that no matter what happens, good or bad, I will still have Paxlet.

This last weekend there was a flea market and I bought 2 maternity shirts and 2 maternity pants for 11€ , for me! The jeans are a bit big and slide down a bit still, but they are comfortable and I am sure I will grow into them as my tummy grows. I also bought some things for Paxlet, as that was the main point of this adventure: a winter overall, spring/fall overall in the next size, some wooly socks and a magna-doodle (for .50 cents). I call this a score!

Paxlet and I stayed home on Tuesday. He had a low grade fever and a non-stop runny nose. I woke up with a brutally painful throat and not feeling so hot myself. It was a loooong day. Wednesday, Paxlet was feeling well enough to head back to daycare and I was able to take one more day to feel better myself. I’m feeling better, but still recovering. I’m very thankful this wasn’t worse and now I think I need to find out when I can get a flu shot for the season.

As for the other type of sickness, it is getting better and better. I think I only wore my Sea.Bands once this week, when it was really bad. Evenings are still the worst, if I am going to feel yucky. This evening it was very short lived. I “blame” it on the pickle juice I drank.

Ok, so I don’t really have any craving-cravings, but sometimes when someone talks about something or I see something, I just got to have it. This evening the pickles jumped out at me from the back of the fridge as I was making some mini-roll breads. As I opened the jar of pickles, I just couldn’t help myself and had to take a huge gulp of the juice (that is not uncommon for me). But it tasted so so so good! Enough so that I had to have a second sip. Ahhh! That truly hit the spot!

I  had a dentist appointment this week. It had been scheduled for 4-5 months, so I just couldn’t miss it (even if I was sick). The dentist immediately took me to his computer and showed me an x-ray of my teeth in question and said that he doesn’t think the spots are cavities and that he wants to take some x-rays. I asked him if my being pregnant would be a problem, knowing it would. He recommended getting the xrays after the baby is born. In the mean time, he explained why he didn’t think these spots were cavities and I was cool with that! He did get me in the chair, poked around a bit, checked a few things and was impressed with my gums during pregnancy (nice and healthy looking, not bleeding a lot). He also said that whatever cleaning routine I do is great, because there wasn’t any plaque or tartar to be found. The only minus he said was that I brush a bit too hard on my teeth/gums, but he does that too. I also totally forgot to take my tongue piercing out, like I usually do, but he said nothing about it. Not. A. Thing! I liked this dentist!

I generally sleep decently well. However, last night I had horrible sleep. Or rather lack thereof. If it wasn’t Paxlet waking up, the cats (meowing, jumping on and off the bed, puking, I think, I never did find anything), breathing through mouth and then needing a drink of water, then having to go pee because I drank so much water, a dream, or a nightmare (riding on top of a tourbus that crashes and survive, even though I was told I couldn’t/shouldn’t have survived), it was something else. Then Paxlet decided he had enough sleep 30 minutes before the alarm goes off and he won’t go back to sleep. Ugh! Phew, that makes me even more tired just typing it up.
I found the dream funny enough that I thought I would share it. In my dream, I was hanging out in bed with a former teacher. He’s an Aussie that was a teacher here in Finland and still a friend. We were both IN bed, chatting, laughing and talking, but there was nothing sexual about it. What, so, ever! We could have been sitting on a couch, but instead we were in bed. I have no idea where this came from and even remember questioning it in my dream.

This week I have been so happy, proud and excited that Paxlet has been telling me/us that he needs to go pee and poo. I know this isn’t baby #2 related, but it deserves a mention here because having Paxlet out of diapers when Tadbit arrives will be amazing!

I have felt all sorts of flutters, gurgles and wiggles in my tummy this week. However, I am quite sure most, if not all, of them have been gas and digestion movement and not Tadbit. Unlike with Paxlet and my tummy was almost 100% quiet, this time around it just won’t be quiet. I can’t believe how much gas I have had (both directions) and how much better I feel sometimes after releasing it into the wild. I do wish it would die down some so that I could hopefully feel some Tadbit movements sooner rather than later.

I have a doctor’s appointment next week’s Thursday. Or is it the week following? It is some time in the next two weeks. I hope to hear the heartbeat again.