Toy day

Thursdays are “toy day” at my kids’ daycare. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to pick one toy to take with you for the day.

It used to be that the kids could take a toy everyday if they wanted. However, lately there has been some kerfluffles over toys, so our daycare lady changed it so that they kids can only take a toy one day a week. Sleep buddies are allowed everyday, but they stay in the backpack except for nap time.

Tadbit was easy. She wanted a little (Matchbox) car. She put it in her backpack. Done.

Paxlet on the other hand… He wanted a stuffed giraffe (ok), with the long string leash attached (not ok, as it becomes a swinging weapon). Then he wanted a foil Moomin balloon (not ok, because of the sharp plastic piece on it and the possibility of it popping). Next he wanted one of Tadbit’s toys. And finally he asked if he could take his soft green Moomin ball (~6in diameter). Yay! Then Paxlet changed his mind and wanted to take the bracelet he made last night. After a few second’s thought, I agreed.
This might sound like it wasn’t so difficult to choose when I write it ou t, but during the actual negotiation, there was a lot of whining (from Paxlet) and negotiation/explaining (from the parental units) going on.


Tadbit’s daycare update

Last week was was Tadbit’s first week at daycare. She did amazingly well. No real fussing or crying when we dropped her off each morning. She was more worried about what was happening with her backpack. On Monday, the childminder (K) sent me a text message saying that Tadbit cried briefly after we left, but was soon eating breakfast and playing with the boys. She’s the only girl, out of the 4 kids being taken care of. I was informed that on a few of the days during first week Tadbit would cry a tiny bit, sit on the K’s lap and then be ready to go on her way. By Friday, Tadbit, and Paxlet, were so very tired. It was a good, but roughly active first week, if the 3 bruises on her face were any indicator.

So far this week, each morning when I have informed Tadbit that it is time to go to the K’s house, she has ran to me, fussing and whimpering. She becomes clingy and wants to be in my arms and my arms alone. Mr Siili is not good enough. During the walk there, it is only across the street, she is usually quite fine and normal. But the second K open’s her door, Tadbit starts fussing and crying. Poor girl. And as I hand Tadbit off to the K, my girl is crying and screaming with her hand outstretched to me. It breaks my heart, but I know she only cries a few minutes at most. As confirmed by K in the afternoons. When I get the kids in the afternoon, Tadbit is all smiles and happy.

Paxlet, on the other hand, is taking everything in stride. This is the start of his 4th year there, after all. I think he has stopped whining as much at home!

#MicroblogMonday – Fender Bender

Tadbit cried screamed this morning when we dropped her off at daycare. I knew it would come at some point. Poor girl. I’m sure she only cried a few seconds/minutes, as breakfast was ready to eat and food solves everything for my kids.


Mr Siili and I went to see the new Ghostbusters movie two weeks ago. I loved the movie! I laughed and giggled a lot. It was predictable, but it was still fun and sort of like a flash back to the original. Unfortunately, the few hours we were kid less were overshadowed by the fact I bumped another car’s bumper when I was trying to park. I’m kicking myself for it still, when I think about it. I know how big/small my car is, I was just frazzled about getting to the movie on time. I was inching forward, so the bump wasn’t so hard, but my car’s bumper left some dirt and minor scratch marks on the other car’s bumper. I rubbed the dirt off and left a note, in English, for them to call me if there was any problems. We’ve not heard a peep from them. I wonder if my note in English scared them off or if they just don’t see any marks/issues. I truly hope it is the latter.

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#MicroblogMonday – 10 years and a first day

Mr Siili and I have been married for 10 years.


I went back to work today. My day was decent; nothing out of the ordinary. Checking Deleting emails that had piled up while I was gone. I applied for program access rights again. Got my picture taken a new id card. Same ol’ same ol’.

Mr Siili’s day wasn’t so pleasant. He grumbled to me, for ages, about a project and a guy.

Paxlet whined about me not staying with him at daycare all day. But he did get dressed and teeth brushed in the morning without a hassle.

Tadbit didn’t cry when we left her at daycare. And she only had a little cry when she fell in the woods and then again before falling asleep for nap time. She seemed happy enough when I came to get her. No epic grin and slow-mo run to come greet me, but I did get a small smile and a request to come up to my arms.

I think we’ll do it all again tomorrow. How was/is your Monday?

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#MicroblogMonday – Only four more weeks

Happy 4th of July to all my readers. And Happy Independence Day to my American readers!


That’s how little I have left before I head back to work and the kids start/go back to daycare. This is my last few weeks of parental leave and being a full time stay at home mom*. I am not having any more kids (waiting for my tubal surgery date) and as such, I don’t see any more long periods of being at home with the kids in my future. I like being home with my kids, even if I am frazzled and exhausted by bedtime most days. I’m just not ready to go back to work.

This time around, I’m not as panicked and worried about leaving Paxlet at daycare and going back to work as I was when I left Paxlet for the first time. For him, this will be normal and routine going back to the same daycare lady.  For Tadbit, this will be here first time going to daycare, but she has seen this lady almost every day of her life and knows her well enough. Plus, her big brother will be there with her. I am preparing that my heart will break if she cries, but I’m not worried about it.

I’ve been so lucky to be home as long as I have with my kids (1 year and 5 months, this time), but where has time time gone? Time goes by so quickly and the kids grow up so fast. Why can’t I make some parts of life go in slow motion?

*I’m not sure if I really qualify as a stay at home mom, because I have had and do have a job waiting for me when “it’s time” to head back.
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#MicroblogMonday – Win! Win!

Today, I got a FB message saying I had won a free spot/table at a flea market (for a week?) to sell stuff. I never win anything! Much less a FB competition. But this time I did and I’m stoked about it. Now to get pricing the kids’ clothes to sell.


In another win today, Tadbit will be going to the same daycare/childminder as Paxlet in the fall!!! This topic has consciously been on my mind since December. And subconsciously since (before) she was born. We really like our daycare lady and I wanted both of my kids to go there. It doesn’t hurt that she lives directly across the street from us either. I feel spoiled.

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#MicroblogMonday – Spring grass

Isn’t spring supposed to be here already?! You wouldn’t know that here. We’ve had rain off and on the last few days, which isn’t bad as it helps all the snow melt. But today it is sleeting (räntä)! I’m ready for more warmth.

Two and a half weeks ago we planted some grass seeds, that just didn’t really come up. After a second planting of grass seeds, we finally have grass!

This was 4 days ago:

These are from a few minutes ago:

grass1 grass4
The little matchbox is where the chickies go to sleep at night. Paxlet puts them in there at night. Then in the morning he puts them back in the grass.


This little creature is a hedgehog that Paxlet made at daycare last week. I think it, the hedgehog, is having a bit of hair/spike problem from a cat (or two) taste testing it.


Although this has nothing to do with spring or grass, it was too cute to pass up. Mansi-cat desperately wanted to play with Paxlet and be fwiends (that’s not a typo). Paxlet on the other hand didn’t want to be tickled by her tail, nor did he want Mansi sitting/laying on his legos!


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