#MicroblogMonday – I had something

I had a cute/witty/funny title and short blog post for today and then I forgot what it was that I wanted to write. Instead you get a rambling me with nothing really important to say.

I have several craft projects in the works and not much energy to get them fully started or completed.
I have enough buttons, bought second hand, to make heaps of cards, bracelets, necklaces or anything else my kids and I desire.
I’ve got zippers to make flowers.
Cloth to sew bags and veggie/fruit bags, doll blankets and more.
I’ve even got a skirt to make (I’ve had the fabric for at least two years) and a dress to take in. I just need to get my behind in gear.

What projects do you have in the works or want to have in the works?

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#MicroblogMonday – This and that #3

I played adult today and finally opened/started a retirement fund-thing for myself. How am I not 18 or 21 anymore? And why does it still feel like I am playing house at times?


It has been 4 months since I first got my hair bleached and dyed. My “roots” were showing pretty bad, but I finally bleached them last night. I was so nervous to bleach my own hair, but it wasn’t so bad. I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. After that, I dyed all of my hair green again. I mixed the Marge Blue and Daisy Yellow of Herman’s Amazing hair color that I had from a previous dye job. Except I used a more yellow and got a more spring green color. I love it!
There are more hair photos at the bottom. I was having fun this morning.


Tadbit might be the sporty one in the family. She loves her brother’s hockey stick and ball. She’s even pretty good at hitting the ball with the stick. But what she really likes is this mini golf club and golf ball that we got in a Kinder Surprise egg. She saw me once show Paxlet how to use it and she has been “practicing” with it ever since. The ball is also a prized item to walk around with, when we let her. (The ball is very small and more likely to be easily swallowed than choked on, but we’d still like to keep it on the outside.)


Yesterday I gave Paxlet his very own craft box. I took crafty items from my many craft boxes, put them in a box just for him and told him to go at it. He loved it! There is stickers, tape, a glue stick, tissue paper, colored paper, cardboard bits, wooden craft shapes, straws, string, fuzz balls, and so on. Scissors are kept separately, which he can have when he asks for them.


And the rest of the pictures.


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Butterfly mobile

Butterfly mobileI finally got this butterfly mobile put together. I’ve had it in mind for a couple of years now, but just never got around to it. I made the butterflies when I was doing the glass course (2010-2011) with the intention of making a mobile, but while going through IF and treatments, I just couldn’t get myself to make it. After getting pregnant and having Paxlet, it was just a matter of laziness or being busy. But it is now made and hanging above his crib.

Butterfly mobile

Showing off the colors (and the snow outside).

Butterfly mobile

Another mobile picture with (part of) the crib included.


This is how big each of the butterflies are. I have 3 left and no idea what to do with them yet.

A song bag

One of the mom and baby groups Paxlet and I go to has a song bag. During circle/song time, each kid gets to grab one song out of the bag and then we all sing and act it out. The organizers are nice enough to have the lyrics printed out, pretty paper to glue the words on and contact paper to protect it all. The only thing missing was the song bag itself. So I made one.
This song bag was made by recycling a button-up shirt I bought from a second hand store a while ago for 1€ and an old shoelace that my mom gave me for a cat toy. (Sorry cats, I have a better use for it now.)

I can’t wait to finish cutting out and covering our songs. So far we only have Finnish songs. I need to get some English ones printed and made too.
Do you have any favorite children’s songs or nursery rhymes that we should include?

My grandmother would be so proud of me

My friends threw me a not-so-surprise baby shower on Sunday June 17th. And let me tell you, it was a great afternoon!! The reason it wasn’t a total surprise was that I knew it was going to happen, on the 17th and at 3pm. I had also provided a list of names/emails of the people I would like to invite, but it didn’t mean they would all come. Other than that, I had no idea what was going to happen.

Well, 3pm rolled around and no one had showed up yet. Finally a bit after 3 the first person showed up and after there several more arrived. They brought food, laughter, chatter, gifts and themselves! It was so hard to just sit down and let everyone handle the last minute preparations and what not. But it worked out quite well.

I had school friends, co-workers and my MIL with me on this day.

But the reason I think of my grandmother in all of this is that I sent out thank you cards. I didn’t just email everyone my thank yous, or only tell them thank you in person the next time I saw, although I have done that too, but I sent real snail mail cards to every single person who joined in on this special day. Growing up, my dad’s mom would always send each of us kids a pack of thank you cards along with the gift she sent us. We were always sure to write her a thank you card, if no one else. But this time around, I felt it very important to let my friends know how much I appreciated their efforts towards me, Mr Siili and Paxlet.
So, I made thank you cards and envelopes. They cards and envelopes aren’t anything elaborate, but I totally love them and enjoyed myself making them. Everything I used was something I already had on hand. 
The cards (first picture below) are made with postcard sized (store bought) card stock to which I sewed a same size piece of foam onto the card. I just sewed a rectangle all the way around about one and a half centimeters from the edge. I then used a dot (or two) of double sided tape to secure the handmade paper design on the front (made with cookie cutters I own). On the back of the cards I wrote my thank you.
The envelopes were made with handmade paper (top row) or paper that was decorated by myself. I quickly Googled for DIY envelopes to get an idea of something simple and quick, and the bottom picture is what I came up with.


Reverse Birthday Gifting

 As I said earlier this week, my birthday is July 28th. I’ll be 35 years old/young this year. I’m not quite sure what to think about it, really. It seems that as I’ve gotten older, my birthdays cause me more confusion. I want to be excited about my birthdays like when I was a little kid. I have great memories of birthday parties, even if I do have a summer birthday. Yet, these days, it is rare I have a party. Most of my friends are off doing their own thing, especially being that it is summer. So, I try not to get up my hopes nor have any sort of expectations and still I can’t get this sort of undercurrent buzz out of my system that my birthday is coming.

This year isn’t any different. Up until today, I haven’t really had time to consciously think about my birthday. Work has kept me very busy for the 3 weeks and after work I’m just so tired and hot that I don’t think about much. But today marks the first day of holiday and I’ve finally got some time on my hands. Yay! But I have still had that undercurrent buzz I always have, but I also know this year’s birthday will be a little different. The differences this year are my mom and my age. This is the first birthday without my mom. I’m a bit sad about it now, but I think it will effect me more on the day. As for my age, I’ve never been particularly worried about it. For the most part, age is just a number and some days (mostly) I feel younger than that number and other days older. But 35 seems to be the ‘magical age’ of when TTC gets harder and pregnancies become higher risk. But I’ve (we’ve) already been having a hard time TTC for the last 3 years, how much harder can it get?! This stresses me.

So, as usual, I’m trying not to have any sort of expectations for my birthday. I don’t really want anything that can be bought. Although, it would be nice if Mr Siili would make dinner (or suggest going out without me having to decide where to go) and maybe a cake. Other than that, let’s see what happens.

Now, about that Reverse Birthday Gifting (in other words, give away) I mentioned earlier this week and probably the only reason you’ve read this far… (hehe, I hope not.) I really liked what Mel at Stirrup Queens did for her birthday. She gave some games away instead of wishing for gifts. I’ve always liked giving and this seemed like the perfect timing.

I thought about this for quite some time of what I’d like to offer. I love doing crafts, but I wasn’t sure what I felt would be worth giving away. I’ve made bookmarks, phone cozies, dream catchers, collage items and more. And then I also have glass jewelry that I make. I love making these items and I’ve gotten amazing compliments on them, so I thought I’d offer one (or two) up for the prize. Above you can see some (additional) examples of glass pieces I’ve made over the last 2 years.

The glass pieces I’m giving away are below. I have decided that the lucky person can choose 2 pieces of the following 12 items.

I know the picture doesn’t do them justice, but I think I did pretty good at getting the colors quite true. But just in case the coloring looks different on your monitor than mine, I’ll explain them quickly.
1. red & yellow base with a smokey-clear-black cover
2. black base with a blue metallic design and covered with clear
3. black base with metallic rainbow and covered with clear
4. white base with bits of metallic orange and covered with clear
5. red bits in the shape of a star
6. a see through grey stripe flanked by 2 green stripes and covered with clear
7. lime green base with a metallic clear/pearl strip and covered with clear
8. purple base with orange strips (same orange as in #4) and covered with clear
9. 3 stacked layers of milky purple, each one progressively smaller
10. lime green base with a metallic clear/pearl on top (no clear cover)
11. metallic turquoise base with a darker turquoise piece in the middle and covered with clear
12. black base with a metallic green/yellow piece and covered with clear
The 12 pieces above have not yet had their backing put on them (so you can choose which way you want them to hang). The backing will look like the following. A metal bit glued onto the glass and then a hoop for the necklace.

When signing up for my Reverse Birthday Gifting, I’d love to know your favorite color.

Please make sure that I have a way to contact you in case you are the lucky one to receive my gifting. (If you don’t want your email here on my blog, you can email me at rowan6 at gmail dot com. Make sure you put Reverse Birthday Gifting in the subject. Sign-up for this will end at midnight July 28th local Finnish time (UTC/GMT +3 hours). I’ll draw a name at random (using a random number generator thing online).
Best of luck and Happy Birthday to all!

Winter holiday

My winter holiday week off from work is almost over and what a wintry week it has been. It has snowed a significant amount at least three days this week with much dark grey cloud cover and it has been quite windy. A bit more sun than  we’ve seen lately would be nice.
I never feel as if I’ve done anything during my holidays when I’m just at home. I know lots of people say that is the point of a holiday, but I’d like to feel as if I did something. I know I have accomplished a few things this week:
-starting up at the gym again (BodyBalance, BodyCombat, new workout program w/the personal trainer, Balletone & …),
-visited a friend in another town with 2 other friends,
-worked on our financial stuff some (although I really need to do more),
-gone to the dentist to have a filling replaced,
-hungry out with kitties & hubby,
-done a little arts & crafts (but want to do more),
-and I’ll go meet another friend today.
So this hasn’t been a total slacking week, but I also haven’t done some of the things I really should do (get organized & stuff ready for the fleamarket). Can’t do everything, right?
I had a point I wanted to get across in this post, but I’ve completely forgotten what it was while I’ve slowly typed this up on my phone. Ah well, it couldn’t have been too important.
Edit: As soon as I published this I remembered my point!  Being that this is my holiday week, why do I keep waking up between 7-8 each morning without an alarm?! Especially when I’m going to bed after 1am.