#MicroblogMonday – This and That #5 aka Mind-dump Monday

Welcome to the next year, everyone! I hope 2017 is kind to you and that it lives up to your expectations.

Sorry for the long post today, but this has all been percolating in my brain for some time.

I learned about my good friend’s daughter’s diagnosis of depression last week. It’s sad to see it affect someone so young. She’s only 7. If you have any book suggestions or resources where they can look, I’d love to be able to pass it on to them.

I’m glad Xmas is over. Such a build up to the event and then it’s over in an evening/morning. Many years it feels as if I stress and stress and it doesn’t really go like I planned or thought it would be in my head. This year was no different. Both kids were mildly sick (fever and snuffly-coughs), so we didn’t make it to the cousins for Xmas. It would have been the first time, ever. We didn’t have a tree, but we did have decorations we made and lots of Xmas food I made. I don’t know what exactly it is I expect of or from Xmas, but I was bummed. However, as I drove to the cousins’ house to drop off/pick up gifts, I cried and worked out my stress and frustrations. Xmas is about being with family. This year it was going to be with the cousins, instead of at my in-laws (or my own family, which has been waaay too long). When that didn’t work out, I was upset. But then it dawned on me, I have my own family now! A family that I have longed for and wanted for so long. That realization helped me calm down and mostly remain focused on what I wanted from Xmas this year: to see my kids (and Mr Siili) happy and loved. It worked.

I did get to Skype with my family on Xmas eve (their morning). It was great to see them all in one place at one time. I still missed my Mom.

I’ve been feeling quite down on myself lately. I feel like I am not good enough. At many things. Being a mom, wife, worker, person. It sucks.

I got my Mirena IUD, had a week of nothing and then I started spotting/lightly bleeding, which has now lasted for 2+ weeks. Yay.

For 3-4 weeks leading up to Xmas, I had excruciating back pain. I’ve had back pain off and on since I was 14 and a passenger in a car wreck. This time, however, it was bad, very bad. Many days a paracetamol would only take the edge off. The pain was bad enough I went to the doctor for it. She prescribed me a week’s worth of mega-pain meds and some muscle relaxants (I only took a couple day’s worth). After the week of mega-pain meds my back was fine for a day or two and since then the pain has crept back. I head to the physiotherapist tomorrow morning. If he can’t help, I’ll head back to the doctor in another couple of weeks to see what happens next. I’m tired of back pain.

I need to stop eating so much sweets. And not just for the holidays, but all times.

When I was at the post office before Xmas to mail my cards, there was an addressed post card that didn’t have a stamp. Someone dropped it and didn’t notice. I felt bad that the receiver wouldn’t get their card, so I paid for the postage (,80 cents).
Then the next day, I found 24 euros worth of stamps on the ground. There was a receipt in the bag with them, showing that they had been paid by a debit card. I returned the stamps back to the store in hopes that they would be able to return the money to the card. I’m assuming it happened like that because the store never contacted me to come get the stamps. I would have felt guilty every time I used one of those stamps if I had kept them without trying to return them first.

I love my kids! Even if they drive me bat-shit crazy at times.
Paxlet is so smart, inquisitive and observant about the world around him. He loves his little sister. He tells her “Sä ot mun pikku sisko” (You are my little sister) and it melts my heart every time. Yet, he whines and moans about everything I do or don’t do. (Why is putting one’s clothes on such a difficult task sometimes?)
Tadbit is the cutest and most stuborn drama queen there is. We’re going to be in trouble. For now, it’s just cute when she dramatically pouts when we tell her to not hit the cat, take a smaller bite or not throw things. She’s consistently saying 2 words together and more and more 3-word sentences every day. She also growls. I think she might have gotten some of that from me.

Our house NEEDS to be de-cluttered. I need to just give up on the idea of trying to sell things on FB and donate the stuff. We need it out of our house more than we need the money.

We crafted quite a bit during December. But those were kid-friendly crafts. I finally got my sewing machine out yesterday and did some adult crafting! I made two reusable veggie-fruit bags. I had only been meaning to make these for a couple of months. They are from all recycled material. I can’t wait to try them out next time I go food shopping.


And that’s some of what has been in my head. How was/is your first Monday of the year?

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#MicroblogMonday – Xmas glass

I’ve almost got my baking sorted for gifts. This year every cookie/sweet recipe I think of making has chocolate in it.

This year, we’ll be going to my BIL and SIL’s for Xmas. We’ve always gone to my in-laws (for the last 17 years, minus one year in the US), so this is going to be…different. My kids will get to see and meet Santa for the first time. (Paxlet doesn’t believe in him. Thanks Mr Siili.) However, Santa won’t be showing up until 8:15pm. My kids are usually asleep by then. It’s going to be a looong Xmas eve.

Here’s some glass stuff I’ve finished, just in time for the holidays. I have a couple more of these hearts finished, in different colors, and many more waiting to be soldered.


These Santas/elves and stars I made 5 years ago, but only just got the beads put on them to hang them. I had sort of procrastinated on it, but in the end it was good I did. My current glass “teacher” has this ultraviolet glue thingy that can attach beads to glass and they stay put much better than epoxy and metal clasps.


These angels are another thing from 5 years ago. I had everything soldered together except the heads and halos.


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#MicroblogMonday – cats, glass & advent calendar

The cats have come out of hiding a tiny bit. Last night, Mr Siili and I wiggled a toy and white-face played with it. She doesn’t want you to try and touch her, but she will play some. Black-face has let me touch her once or twice, while she is under the bed. Yeah, we don’t have names for them yet, so we are calling them white-face and black-face. Original, huh?

White-face watching me. This is as far as she will come downstairs, that we know of.

I finished a couple of heart decorations today and added heads to two angels that I started 5 years ago. Pictures to come, someday.

As it is December and the countdown to Xmas is on, it is advent calendar season. I don’t remember them much, if at all, in my childhood, but here they are big. You can buy chocolate filled, toy filled, pictures only and any other fillings you can think of, usually for a price. There is also the endless diy versions too. I don’t want to feed my kids more sugar, nor buy toys for them, so I set out to create my own advent calendar with mostly crafts to do and moments to have with Paxlet and Tadbit. What we have done so far…

A gingerbread igloo and penguins with eggs.

Snowman cards.

Joulutorttu (Christmas tortes/pastries)

Glue colored rice on stars.

Glitter and glitter-glue on stars.

Paxlet cut out his stars. I cut Tadbit’s. Then we decorated them.

Xmasy stickers on stars.

I gave them a set of bracelets each (,50 cents each 🙂 ).

There were glowsticks in this. We went for an evening walk with the glowsticks, then they got to take them into their bath to play.

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#MicroblogMonday – this and that #2

First blog post of the year… I’ve been thinking (hoping?) it is Monday for the last few days. It’s the post holiday fog after Christmas but before New Year and Loppiainen (January 6th). Here’s some random thoughts that have been going through my head lately.

– Christmas was decent. Better than I was feeling leading up to it. We ate well and the kids enjoyed themselves. I think the grandparents were exhausted when we left.

– I’ve been sucking something major lately about reading blogs and commenting. It’s even worse than how little I blog here. Bleh.

– It’s -16C today. It’s cold! But sunny and we got some snow last night, so it’s pretty too! But it’s cold!

– I got 2 adult coloring books. I scoffed at the idea when I first heard about coloring books for adults, because my mom and I were coloring together years ago! The designs weren’t solely for adults or kids, they were simple and not so amazing as now, but we were coloring, together. Way before it was trendy.

– I haven’t made any New Year resolutions in years, but this year I thought it might be time to try going sugar-free for a while or at least drastically cut down my sugar intake. I’ve mostly failed already. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

– Sometimes the re-realization that my mom isn’t here to tell me little things just completely overwhelms me. This evening was one of those moments.

– I was sure I had more interesting thoughts in my head. I mind-blogged about them for the last week. Hmm, they must not have been that important if they can’t be recalled now.

I hope your holidays and new year was decent to you.

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#MicroblogMonday – Bah hum…Merry Whatever

I was going to write a post today about how both kids got sick and had ear infections (Tadbit’s first and Paxlet’s second), I’m feeling under the weather, there’s no snow, I miss my family and friends, how I don’t like xmas and I’m not in the mood for it and how I feel even worse for it because I always said once I had kids I’d actually do something for xmas. But I’m over that now. I think I thought it out too much.

In reality, I have it pretty good. I have a good home, Mr Siili who loves me (even if we grump at each other at times), two kids I love more than anything (even if Paxlet tries my patience more often than I care to admit and Tadbit has found it is fun to bite me now that she has two teeth), family-in-law to bake xmas gifts for, two relatively healthy and alive cats and whatever else I’m not thinking of right now.


Paxlet made these for his daycare provider. He did it all by himself, I only closed/looped the metal so they stayed on.


I’m still not over my bah humbug-ness, but I’m in a better mood this evening than I have been the last few days. May you all have a merry whatever you celebrate!


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Acrylic painting on cloth – update

I went ahead and tested one of the wash clothes/sponges with the acrylic paint. Rather, I gave Paxlet the brush and paint and let him have at it.

I’ll use this one at home and see how it holds up. If it keeps its colors well, then I know we can use the paint for other wash clothes. If not, the paint will continue to be used with paper and possibly cloth that won’t be continually washed, because I am sure it will stick to an extent. Acrylic paint isn’t water soluble once dry, that much I know.

And because I found our cloth markers*, I let him decorate two more of the wash clothes. These two, along with the rest we have will become part of this year’s xmas gifts to family.
100_3132 100_3133

*4,5 working markers out of 8 ain’t bad for 16 year old markers. The black half works.

Surprise trigger

Christmas is almost here and for most people, me included, it means family time. Mr Siili, Paxlet and I are spending Christmas with his family. And I hope to Skype with my own family in the US sometime during this week. Everyone but my mom, that is. As I’ve mentioned many times before, my mom died suddenly 2,5 years ago of a heart attack. I still miss her a gi-normous amount, but most days I am able to carry on like normal.

However, the other day while driving, I heard  Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us song on the radio and I got weepy. I then heard the song again a week later or so and promptly burst into tears. I’m not exactly sure why this song has affected me so like this, but I do have a couple of thoughts on it. I’ve never really heard or listened to this song before, but I do (did?) like Michael Jackson. And for as long as I can remember, I have liked his song Rockin’ Robin (released 1972 on his first solo album). My parents had the cassette tape, which I would listen to over and over. And Robbin just so happens to be my mom’s name. 🙂

But mainly, Michale Jackson was born the same year as my mom and I remember when he died (2009), I was here at my in-laws and called my mom to talk to her about it. I was shocked that he died and it also brought home how young he was because my mom was the same age. Two years later when my mom died, she was still young and it is still hard to think of her not being here. Especially when this time of the year is about family.