US Election 2016 results

I’m feeling a bit sick to my stomach and at a loss for words.

I think Obama said it best with “…the sun will rise in the morning…”, however I am a bit less optimistic about the second half of the sentence: “and America will still be the greatest nation on Earth.”



#MicroblogMonday – Before and after, pregnancy changes

Before I was pregnant/had kids, I firmly slept on my left or right side. Favoring my left. This was still true during pregnancy with Paxlet and after he was born. Again, when I was pregnant with Tadbit, I still preferred my left side, but I flip-flopped. As much as a pregnant lady can. However, I have recently been waking up and finding myself on my back! I’ve never really been a back sleeper, but it seems I am now.

Have you had things change in your life that you used to do differently?

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#MicroblogMonday – Four years ago…

…my waters broke. Tomorrow is my little boy’s birthday. How my world has changed.

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Thoughts on round two

I’m 38 years old today*. In many ways, it’s just another day in the life of me. In other ways, it’s me getting another year older. I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday. Birthdays just are.

This birthday has been a good one. We, the three of us, went downtown for a late breakfast and bought some yummy desserts to bring home and eat. My goodness, were they yummy! Mr Siili and Paxlet made me a cute card with their hand prints drawn on it, some stickers stuck to it and Mr Siili colored it in.


So many thoughts about being pregnant again. Some happy, some scared, but many scattered and confused.

I was going to call my clinic, where all of our previous treatments were done at and where we have 1 frozen embryo, as soon as they opened after summer holidays  (all of July). However, as AF was supposed to arrive on the 24th of July, I would have had to wait until the end of August. That is now a moot point. If this pregnancy sticks around, we won’t be using or needing that one little embryo.

I truly never thought I would get pregnant on my own, without lots of drugs and a doctor’s help. Yet, here I am. Why me? How did I/we get so lucky? Mind you, I’m not complaining, but this is what runs through my head. We’re excited, yet a bit scared.  Not about the pregnancy itself, but about bringing a new dimension into our happy family of three. As Mr Siili said to me, “we’re just getting used to this life with Paxlet”. How different is it going to be with another? Also, Paxlet has been so easy as a baby** and now a toddler. This second child could have colic, reflux, not want to sleep or a myriad other things. I know I dreamed about a sibling for Paxlet, but now that this is possibly happening, I’m a bit unsure and as I said, scared. Things will work themselves out, it will just take a bit of time.

Getting to experience pregnancy all over again is like  a dream come true!I truly enjoyed my pregnancy with Paxlet. I had very little morning sickness (mild nausea sometimes), I only spotted once around 7-8 weeks and my back didn’t kill me like I feared it would. Although, I do hope some things will be more relaxed as I know more of what to expect this time around. So far, I’m still checking for spotting each time i go to bathroom. Or maybe even more often. Some things die hard. I also can’t wait to do weekly pictures. I want to compare the differences in these pregnancies.

Twins? Oh no! Please no! I know the first time around I thought it would be sort of cool, but this time, no way. I know how much effort one baby takes, I don’t “need” two this time around. Looking a gift horse in the mouth much?

Again, gift horse. I’m sort of hoping for another boy. I know how boys are built now and I know what to do. But girls? They would have girlie parts! LOL. On a serious note, as always, I really just want that this baby sticks around and will be born healthy and happy.

I’m glad I’ve dragged my feet and that we still have most of Paxlet’s stuff. I have sold or given some things away, but the majority of it, we still have. We will need a new-to-us bouncy seat, nursing pillow and breast pads… I will also need some maternity clothes. I do still have my favorite black pants and those should work well during the winter! Yay!

This time around I’m going to tell some people earlier. I know that no matter what happens, I will tell these people. I would like their happiness and support no matter what. So far, I’ve told one of my brother’s (older of the two) already. I’ll tell I told my sister and my dad (& by default stepmom) if when we Skyped tonight. I will tell Mr Siili’s mom tomorrow (as for some silly reason Mr Siili doesn’t want to). I’m not sure about his siblings. They’ll learn at some point. My closest friends and I will be getting together on Thursday. I’ll tell them then. I’m excited about this and already know how I will tell them. *big grin* Work people can wait a bit, and FBb even longer.

All these thoughts, just swirling around in my head.This is such a strange place to be.


*So it’s after midnight here in Finland and technically no longer my birthday, but I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so I can still call it my birthday.

**Even when I was having a hard time with sleep and Pax wanting to be at my boobs all. Night. Long.

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it

I’ve been at my current job for 3.5 years. I like what I do and I like the people I work with. I work as an Accounts Receivable (AR) Specialist in the finance service center of a multinational company. This isn’t really a job I would have ever thought of doing. Sure, I did get a degree in International Business, where we learned a bit about marketing, accounting, e-commerce, etc. But I not that great in numbers, beyond the basics. Things like calculating interest, taxation, depreciation and so on just weren’t something I grasped easily in school. So, I never really thought I would I’d have a job where numbers figured big in it. What I do as an AR specialist doesn’t really have much to do with interest and depreciation, but we do deal with numbers on a daily basis. I’m just very thankful we have computers and SAP. (Although, SAP can sometimes be a pain too! lol) I think I’m quite lucky to be able to say I like my job.

The service center where I work only came into existence about 4.5 years ago. Before this center existed, each office, site or mill around the world had their own finance department and their own ways of working. Our center was created to consolidate and harmonize the ways of working. It sure has been a process with many challenges and learning curves, but this service center has shown great results.

As you can calculate (4,5yrs-3,5yrs = 1yr), I wasn’t there for the very beginning of this process, but I have been there through most of it. The team I am in only came into existence when I started with the company. Before that, the work we do was still in its own units around the world. I was the first of our team (well, our team leader was really first). Through all the other people coming and going, I am still in the same team and same department. In fact, myself and another teammate have been in our team and department the longest. (I find that so strange to think about.)

At the end of 2009, the global business climate started to change and take a down turn. Our company, and many others in the industry, started negotiations to cut back the number of jobs. Several mills were to be shut down (and did shut down) and a plan was announced that many jobs (roughly half) in our service center would be sent to China. For almost all of 2010, we didn’t know who was staying in the company, who was leaving and which sections of our jobs would leave us. As the dust settled and issues worked out, some people left the company on their own and some moved to different departments. I learned that I was going to be one of 9 people that would be staying in our department (as I have a permanent contract). Yay! But, I also learned that almost all of my team’s work was going to transfer to China. Un-yay.

Fast forward about a year and some of our Chinese counterparts came to our office, learned some of our tasks and took them back with them. This part of the change was ok. Only some of what we did was transferred to China at this point, and actually it was part of what I liked the least. *big grin*

Fast forward again to the beginning of this summer and several more Chinese came to our office to take the major part of what will be transferred to China. This is where the change happened. Friday was the last day for me to officially handle the tasks that I’ve been doing for the last 3 or so years. What I went to another country to learn and bring back to Finland is now being transferred to China. I’m quite sad about this, yet I knew and know it is a part of work and life. I really liked the tasks I was doing and the people with whom I was in daily communication with. Sure, I’ll still be in contact with the same people, just not as often. I’ll also still be doing the same basic tasks, just not my original countries. Life will go on and I’ll learn new stuff. Change happens, it’s inevitable. But I just don’t always have to like it!