#MicroblogMonday – 39

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 39.


I’ve been hating my wardrobe lately. It’s really plain, boring and most clothes have been bought some years ago (many are from 6 years ago, plus or minus). I don’t feel most of them are me anymore.

One day, not long after Tadbit was born, I happened to see these beautifully bright and vibrant clothes in the store I bought a nursing bra at. But when I looked at their price, OMG! I was not going to pay 70+ euros for one item. A few days later, I happened to mention these clothes, whose brand name I had forgotten, to my good friend R and she asked me if the brand was Desigual. Why, yes! That was them! She has a few pieces and just loves them, even if they do cost a pretty penny. A week or two later and she informs me that Desigual’s website is having a 50-70% off sale and would I want to create an order with her. After quickly painstakingly going through their sale items, I had 15 items that I more or less liked. I narrowed it down to 6 items and then 4, but I was trying to get it down only 2 items. I mentioned this to Mr Siili and asked if he’d come give me his opinion when he asked if I would like to have this as my birthday gift? Would I ever?!

One order later and an agonizing 5 day’s wait and I am now the proud owner of 2 beautiful and feel-good dresses and 2 comfy and cute shirts.

love hanaleis

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2 years, 1 month, 1 day or better late than never

I never did update about Paxlet turning two. Here’s to better late than never!

Paxlet’s birthday was much better than I had hoped for. Sure, we didn’t get the grandparents, all the aunts, uncle and cousins over, but we did have one aunt and a friend with her family over for the afternoon. And my very good friend R stopped in for a sec to drop off Paxlet’s present as her two kids were sick. Paxlet enjoyed himself. Especially the gifts, raspberry muffins (instead of a cake) and ice cream. Oh, the ice cream! This kid loves ice cream! It ended up being a relaxed day and afternoon. My boy was happy and therefore I was happy. We did Skype with Grandpa and Grandma S later in the evening.


Sometimes it is truly unfathomable to believe that Mr Siili and I have a two year old boy. Not only have 2 years gone by with him in our lives, but he’s grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, he continues to amaze us daily. Just last night in fact, as we were putting Paxlet to bed, I sang him the Teddy Bear song upon request. When I was done, Paxlet stated it was his turn to sing it. He starts off with a few Teddy Bear’s and then I help him out by singing a line and waiting for him to repeat. Can I just say, we are some proud parents with hearts bursting of joy. It was the cutest thing we had ever heard.

I know we are biased as parents, but he really is smart and a well behaved kid. Paxlet talks up a storm, mostly in Finnish, but talking none the less. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how many words he has because it truly is that many, plus more are learned each day. He really is saying “tuhma” and I still hate it. What’s worse, is when we tell him not to call us or the cats naught/stupid, he laughs and thinks it is funny.

He’s got many of his colors down (some in English, some in Finnish). This morning he pointed to his socks I held in my hand and said “brown socks” or was it “brown sukat”. Either way, he was correct. Mr Siili and I, and the daycare lady, mention colors quite often when pointing things out. It’s just a part of everyday life.

Paxlet seems to understand the concept of 1 and 2, but anything more than that is…difficult still. When we go out to the car, he quite often tells us how many cars are under the car park. Again, if there are more than two, he doesn’t quite get it and usually he counts the cars other than our car.

Paxlet loves the letter S. It is the first letter of his first and last name and he wants it drawn all the time. He also likes X and O (sometimes called circles). He points out the letter S to us quite often these days, although, sometimes it isn’t an S.

Paxlet is mostly potty trained!! By mostly, I mean that he isn’t always telling us he needs to go and we have to ask or “remind” him most of the time that he needs to go. But even just in the last month since his 2nd birthday he’s gotten much better. On the times that we still have to remind him use the potty, he will generally go without a fight. When he does put up a fight, we tell him he doesn’t have to pee, just sit on the potty. It usually works. There are only a few accidents at daycare and home each week. In the last couple of weeks, he’s even started telling us more often when he does need to go. It’s great! Especially when it is a poo. His most recent finding is the “big potty”! He loves using the it. I love it also because it is even easier to clean!!! I love how this has worked so well for us and that there hasn’t been a horrible fight to get him to use the potty (it has been apart of his life since he was 4 months old). Nights and naps still require a diaper, although most of the time he is dry in the morning.

He loves the color orange, diggers, cars, motorcycles, bikes, Legos (Duplos), coloring, drawing, crafts, baking, daycare, the park, rides on the bus (even short, 1 stop rides) and so much more. Paxlet is an all around happy little boy and is so much fun to be with.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Paxlet. I’m so looking forward to celebrating many more adventures with you.

#MicroblogMonday, on Tuesday

Thanks, Mel! #MicroblogMonday is a great idea.

Paxlet turned 2 on Saturday. I’m so amazed that I get to watch this little boy grow and learn. It’s going to be so much fun to see what the terrific twos bring us. I really want to blog his birthday, but I am generally so tired and feeling blech in the evenings that I just can’t be bothered. Some day…

Minä (I) hide hands, Paxlet says, as I get ready to wash his hands after eating.

We’re most likely going to see my family this year, sometime around Turkey Day. I just need to get my very tired behind in gear and look for flights. Any suggestions if before or after, money-wise and less craziness, would be better for traveling in the US? Also, can you rent car seats?
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Thoughts on round two

I’m 38 years old today*. In many ways, it’s just another day in the life of me. In other ways, it’s me getting another year older. I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday. Birthdays just are.

This birthday has been a good one. We, the three of us, went downtown for a late breakfast and bought some yummy desserts to bring home and eat. My goodness, were they yummy! Mr Siili and Paxlet made me a cute card with their hand prints drawn on it, some stickers stuck to it and Mr Siili colored it in.


So many thoughts about being pregnant again. Some happy, some scared, but many scattered and confused.

I was going to call my clinic, where all of our previous treatments were done at and where we have 1 frozen embryo, as soon as they opened after summer holidays  (all of July). However, as AF was supposed to arrive on the 24th of July, I would have had to wait until the end of August. That is now a moot point. If this pregnancy sticks around, we won’t be using or needing that one little embryo.

I truly never thought I would get pregnant on my own, without lots of drugs and a doctor’s help. Yet, here I am. Why me? How did I/we get so lucky? Mind you, I’m not complaining, but this is what runs through my head. We’re excited, yet a bit scared.  Not about the pregnancy itself, but about bringing a new dimension into our happy family of three. As Mr Siili said to me, “we’re just getting used to this life with Paxlet”. How different is it going to be with another? Also, Paxlet has been so easy as a baby** and now a toddler. This second child could have colic, reflux, not want to sleep or a myriad other things. I know I dreamed about a sibling for Paxlet, but now that this is possibly happening, I’m a bit unsure and as I said, scared. Things will work themselves out, it will just take a bit of time.

Getting to experience pregnancy all over again is like  a dream come true!I truly enjoyed my pregnancy with Paxlet. I had very little morning sickness (mild nausea sometimes), I only spotted once around 7-8 weeks and my back didn’t kill me like I feared it would. Although, I do hope some things will be more relaxed as I know more of what to expect this time around. So far, I’m still checking for spotting each time i go to bathroom. Or maybe even more often. Some things die hard. I also can’t wait to do weekly pictures. I want to compare the differences in these pregnancies.

Twins? Oh no! Please no! I know the first time around I thought it would be sort of cool, but this time, no way. I know how much effort one baby takes, I don’t “need” two this time around. Looking a gift horse in the mouth much?

Again, gift horse. I’m sort of hoping for another boy. I know how boys are built now and I know what to do. But girls? They would have girlie parts! LOL. On a serious note, as always, I really just want that this baby sticks around and will be born healthy and happy.

I’m glad I’ve dragged my feet and that we still have most of Paxlet’s stuff. I have sold or given some things away, but the majority of it, we still have. We will need a new-to-us bouncy seat, nursing pillow and breast pads… I will also need some maternity clothes. I do still have my favorite black pants and those should work well during the winter! Yay!

This time around I’m going to tell some people earlier. I know that no matter what happens, I will tell these people. I would like their happiness and support no matter what. So far, I’ve told one of my brother’s (older of the two) already. I’ll tell I told my sister and my dad (& by default stepmom) if when we Skyped tonight. I will tell Mr Siili’s mom tomorrow (as for some silly reason Mr Siili doesn’t want to). I’m not sure about his siblings. They’ll learn at some point. My closest friends and I will be getting together on Thursday. I’ll tell them then. I’m excited about this and already know how I will tell them. *big grin* Work people can wait a bit, and FBb even longer.

All these thoughts, just swirling around in my head.This is such a strange place to be.


*So it’s after midnight here in Finland and technically no longer my birthday, but I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so I can still call it my birthday.

**Even when I was having a hard time with sleep and Pax wanting to be at my boobs all. Night. Long.

All my adult life, almost

Yet again, it’s been ages since I’ve actually written here. And again, I’ve composed several posts in my head, but that doesn’t get them typed up and published. I’ve got not excuses. I’ve been enjoying life with my boys, when not working.

*The dress I wore to the medieval fair (in the last post) is something I found at the Salvation Army over 20 years ago! I remember walking to (high) school, in the mornings, barefoot and even around the halls barefoot (eeew!) wearing this dress. It still fits quite nicely!

*My birthday is less than a week away. I’ll be 38 years old/young. You choose. I don’t feel any different, yet? It’s just another birthday and another year. I have no idea what I’ll be doing for my birthday, but I will be on holiday!
I bought myself an early birthday gift. Who am I kidding, I would have bought this regardless of how close or far my brithday was). I bought Diana Gabaldon‘s 8th book in the Outlander series: Written in my Own Heart’s Blood aka Moby. I haven’t started it yet, as I am still re-reading the entire series and I have only just started book 7. For the 3rd time (except book 7, this will only be the 2nd time)! Yes, I know! I love this series THAT much and I plan on reading it at least a few more times. It is THAT GOOD!
Bonus belated birthday gift? The Outlander Tv show will air on Aug 2nd. However,  it will be a live streamed showing and most likely only in the US… Unfair! So, I most likely won’t get to see it until Aug 9th. That’s not that far off! *Squeal*

How does Diana Gabaldon’s books fit into “almost all my adult life”? Well, Outlander was first published in 1991. How did it take me so long to find it and start reading the series?!

*15 years ago today, I boarded a plane and headed for Finland with my residence permit in hand. I was 22 years young. All these years later, I’m still here. These 15 years here mean I’ve spent almost my entire adult life in Finland. Although, I really don’t know if I would consider myself an adult in the years 18-21/22 before moving here. I sure felt like a kid a lot of the time, even after moving here.

*I have a purse that I still carry around, which I bought in July of 1995 or 1996. My ex and I bought matching bags at the Oregon Country Fair. I’m sure he doesn’t have his any more, but I still love mine. It’s black albeit slightly faded and definitely used looking, with 5 pockets/pouches, one of which can lock and it holds everything I could ever need or want when out of the house. This purse has traveled everywhere with me. It has even had a bottle of blood red nail polish break in it not long after I bought it. I can still see bits of red here and there on the inside.

*Two of the 6 rings that I always wear have been with me for ages and ages. The dragon ring my mom bought me when I was 16. I love this ring! And the wire thin sterling band was an 18th birthday gift to myself. I bought this ring on an out of town trip, a 45 minute drive both ways, with 2 girl friends the very first time I got to drive my moms car out of town. I nearly killed us or at least severely injured us, in a stupid stupid not paying attention close enough when driving sort of way. I never told my mom about it.


On a not so life long note:
*Only 3 more working days and then we’re starting another 2 weeks of holiday.We don’t have much in the way of plans, but that is enough. We’ll do some things to keep Paxlet entertained, which is generally quite easy. I have a baby shower to go to and a girls day/evening sans kids. Mr Siili, Paxlet and I are also thinking of heading to visit Mummi and Pappa (my in-laws) again.

*Paxlet has not particularly liked me/us leaving him at the summer daycare these last 2 weeks. He cries when I leave him (and when Mr Siili is there too). My heart just breaks! I know he only cries for a few minutes, yet it is still so hard to leave him like that. Thankfully when I come pick him up in the afternoon, he is all cheery and happy, if a bit over excited to see me.

37 whole years or Happy Birthday to me

37 years ago, on July 28th at 7:08 pm, my mom gave birth to me. When my mom was 37, I was 19 and she seemed sooooo old. I wonder what Paxlet will think of me when he’s 18… (or 37…I hope I’m still around!) Thank goodness that’s a ways off.


I want to be excited for my birthday, but it just isn’t there. There’s no party (I didn’t organize one myself and it’s summer with most people off doing family stuff), no cake (it’s to hot to turn the oven on right now and I haven’t gone and bought myself a cake) and no gifts (I didn’t tell Mr Siili that I wanted anything, nor did I buy myself anything). Honestly, I’m not expecting much from my birthday. This makes it sound like such a pity party, but it’s not. Not really. I just don’t feel the birthday this year, yet again.

I do hope Mr Siili will acknowledge it in some small way. I will be thrilled if my family calls me, heck even email or a FB message would be fine. Yes, I know I could call them, but I’m always calling them. Paxlet is too little to understand birthdays, but just having him and being with him will be more than enough.


My first birthday with my little boy. Now that thought cheers me right up! Maybe my birthday won’t be so ho-hum after all.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad is 59 years old today. That may not seem too old, but several of his friends have already passed away from heart attacks, accidents or other illnesses. And when he was here in December, I could visibly see he has aged. I mean, he’s still in quite good shape, but doing construction work all his life has been rough on the body. Also, his hearing isn’t as good as it used to be (due to loud machinery) and it felt that half the time he would just nod and smile or say “uhh-huh”. Which was quite frustrating, especially when he would ask a question to which I had just answered. But he’s my dad and I love him so.

I liked the post I did for my mom’s birthday this year and thought I’d do the same for my dad.


Unlike my mom, I’ve always called my dad by his name, Bob (Robert). I have no idea why, I just always have.

When I was little, I loved my dad telling me stories about “when he was little” for bedtime stories. The ones that stick in my mind the most are the times he or one of his friends would lay by the side of the road/street as if they were hurt. When a car would stop, they’d jump up and run away. This same group of friends and my dad would fill a coffee can full of rocks, attach a string to it and put it near the side of the road (seeing a theme here?) and when a car would drive by, they would pull the string, making it sound as if something had fallen off or was wrong with the car.

Several years ago when I was visiting my family in the US, I went out in the ocean with my dad crabbing in his little boat. This day happened to be the most perfect day for crabbing. Not only did we get a decent amount of crab, but the ocean was flat. I mean, IT WAS FLAT! No wind, no waves, just a glass like surface. That had never happened before or since for me, maybe even my dad too and that says a lot as he’s lived next to the ocean his entire life.

Camping. My dad took us camping growing up. Sometimes it was in a camping park, other times he would just pull over next to a river and we’d really camp. Catching crawdads in the river and then cooking them was always fun.
One year, he picked us kids up from our grandparents house (my mom’s mom and stepdad) and we camped on the way home. One evening a deer came close enough that we got a good picture of it. I saw the camera flash flash in the deer’s eyes. Unfortunately, that picture didn’t turn out.

When I was 20, I had a party in my apartment and the cops busted it. I went to court and was fined $1 000,00. I didn’t tell my parents about this until after it was over and I was paying the fine, slowly but surely. My parents were only disappointed that I didn’t feel I could tell them that I had had to go to court. Not long after, I got a speeding ticket (I’m still upset about this ticket, it was in the most stupid spot and the speed limit was raised soon after). I told my dad about the speeding ticket and he paid for it.

Today is my dad’s birthday. We Skyped and he got to see Paxlet crawl. I got to see my dad and talk with him. I hope it was as special for him as it was for me. Habby birthday, Bob!