When keeping ones mouth shut is the right thing to do

This morning, Paxlet found a two-part card base in some craft stuff and wanted to use it. I told him to get ready for the day and then he could have it. When I gave him the card, he immediately informed me that he was going to cut off a section of it and make a door for his castle. On the tip of my tongue was a comment that he shouldn’t cut the card up… because it should be used as a card. Huh?! Why did it need to be used as a card? I don’t know! I got those card bases TO BE USED in any which way the kids wanted. And my boy wanted to use it. I caught myself and kept the words to myself. Instead I nodded at Paxlet and said ‘uh-huh, ok’. I know the rest of the card may never be used, but you know what? Paxlet was occupied, not poking at his sister, being silently (mostly) creative and very happy about it. He was so proud of his castle door when he was done. And I was so proud of myself for letting Paxlet be himself.