#MicroblogMonday – 10 years and a first day

Mr Siili and I have been married for 10 years.


I went back to work today. My day was decent; nothing out of the ordinary. Checking Deleting emails that had piled up while I was gone. I applied for program access rights again. Got my picture taken a new id card. Same ol’ same ol’.

Mr Siili’s day wasn’t so pleasant. He grumbled to me, for ages, about a project and a guy.

Paxlet whined about me not staying with him at daycare all day. But he did get dressed and teeth brushed in the morning without a hassle.

Tadbit didn’t cry when we left her at daycare. And she only had a little cry when she fell in the woods and then again before falling asleep for nap time. She seemed happy enough when I came to get her. No epic grin and slow-mo run to come greet me, but I did get a small smile and a request to come up to my arms.

I think we’ll do it all again tomorrow. How was/is your Monday?

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#MicroblogMonday – 16 years

Tomorrow is 16 years ago that I hopped on a plane to come live in Finland.

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6,5 years

Mr Siili and I have been married 6,5 years today, but been together as a couple for more than double that.

Sometimes these lyrics by The Posies are perfect for how I feel about our relationship:
I may hate* you sometimes, but I’ll always love you.

I wuv you, Mr Siili!!

*dislike or not liking at a specific moment is better than hate. Hate is such a powerful, negative word that I truly try not to use it, especially in conjunction with people.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Mr Siili

July is now over and all of the celebrations and events to remember have come and gone. I love July and most of the events we get to celebrate and I definitely love the fact that it is summer. But nothing takes the cake on my wedding anniversary.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Mr Siili

On our 8th anniversary of being together, Mr Siili asked me to marry him. I didn’t quite believe him at first, but once I did, we were married within two and a half weeks (at the magistrate’s office). I love my guy very much, even if he does bug me at times. hehe. Here’s to many more years to us!

3 events to recognize

I love July! not only is July during the summer, but it is full of milestones, events and anniversaries that I get to remember and celebrate.

The first of which, is the loss of our cat Kantti 1 year ago yesterday (July 15th). He was only 10 years old. His death was completely out of the blue and a huge shock to hubby and I. It was something we were not expecting at all. I still miss him and can’t believe it’s been one year since he took his leave of us. He and his brother were the first cats I had chosen from kittens to live with me in my adult life. They were (and Rusty still is) my babies. Kantti was supposed to still be here when I had my non-fur babies (just like my mom). Gosh, I miss him!

Kantti (background) with his brother, Rusty.

On a happier note, and the second event to recognize this month is my mother-in-law’s birthday. It is her birthday, today!
I love my in-laws, especially my MIL. Both of them are great people and I am lucky to have them as part of my family. Many times I’ve left hubby (and sometimes cats) at home and I’ve gone to my in-laws house for the weekend. MIL and I go swimming, pick blueberries, mushrooms and just hang out. I’m glad they like me and I’ve told them how much I like them. We’ll be making a trip to visit them during my holiday (starting in a week!).

Hyvää syntymäpäivää anoppi!

And the 3rd item to celebrate so far this month is that hubby and I have been together for 13 years today*! I sometimes can’t believe how long we’ve been together. 13 years is forever! And it’s basically all of my adult life! Time sure does fly. We a still happy with each other, still in love (maybe even more so now) and we still have a great love life (I know this is better than back then!). I love you, hubby!

A little something my husband left for me on our bathroom mirror several years ago.

*Ok, there was a discrepancy all those years ago as to whether it was actually the 6th or 20th, so I chose the middle ground and decided on the 13th. Hubby still gives me a bad time about it. LOL

Keep looking back for more anniversaries and events that I celebrate during July!