PB and J

My kids like peanut butter. Yay! They also got their first pb&j sandwich yesterday and loved it!

What are some other “American” flavors to introduce them to? Cinnamon candy is definitely one.


I’m here.

Happy Midsummer! It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything, but after reading Mel’s current post today, I felt prompted to at least come and say hi.

I think I’ve been depressed lately. And by lately, I mean somewhere around 9 or so months. Maybe more. Maybe it was just winter. In any case, I felt no desire to do anything creative, couldn’t be bothered to do any of the things I knew I needed to do (only Paxlet has a valid passport still) and felt like I was shit at everything. Talk about being down on your own self. It wasn’t like this every single day, but most days (even now still to some extent) I was able to get by without thinking about anything and it would be an okay day. And then there were days it would just all crash in on me.

I know some of my down-ness is due to a lack of meeting up with friends (co-workers just don’t cut it). I am a social person and need some time now and then with girl friends. To chat, shoot the breeze and just be girls. That doesn’t happen very often anymore. I don’t know how or where to find new or more friends. It seems like all attempts I have made just leave me with less friends.

Right at this moment, the kids and I are nearing the end of week 2 of an 8 week holiday/break. Mr Siili will have 4 weeks off this summer: this week and next, and then 2 more in a couple of weeks. I wanted to take advantage of this last chance to be home for the entire summer with the kids, but at the same time I have felt/feel that I am a bit crazy for doing this. Paxlet loves to whinge and not listen and Tadbit monkeys EVERYTHING her older brother does. I’m trying to feel gratitude and enjoyment with my kids and not just wait for bedtime each evening and feel like I am only surviving. I want to thrive with my kids. Getting to bed earlier each night would probably help some with this feeling. But evenings/nights are my time.

I have been taking lots of photos and posting them to Instagram. It makes me happy. It is my place to post all of the mundane, silly and random pictures that I think everyone on FB or elsewhere in my life would get sick of or just not give a rat’s bum about. I only follow those I want, because I want to. Not because they are my friend/family/following me. If you want to check me out, I’m hopea.lohikaarme (silver dragon).

I’m not sure if I’m back to writing here regularly or not yet, but I’m not gone. At least not permanently.

Book Review – Never Broken by Jewel

Never Broken
by Jewel

My first ever CD was Jewel’s Pieces of You that I won off a radio contest. I immediately went out and bought a portable CD so I could listen to it in my car (which had a cassette player in it). I loved the CD. It wasn’t quite my regular style of music I listened to, but the words and tunes were simple, catchy and heartfelt. They were relatable.

When I saw that she had a book out, I was instantly intrigued. And I wasn’t disappointed. I learned so much about Jewel and what has made her who she is today. Her life has been far from idyllic, but she persevered and has overcome so much. When many would have given up and let life destroy them, she looked within herself, carried on and achieved what she has today.

It is wonderful to read that she has made peace with her past and found what makes her happy and works for her in life. I know I enjoyed this book when it took me less than two weeks to read (that’s quick with 2 littles in the house).

*I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

#MicroblogMonday – I had something

I had a cute/witty/funny title and short blog post for today and then I forgot what it was that I wanted to write. Instead you get a rambling me with nothing really important to say.

I have several craft projects in the works and not much energy to get them fully started or completed.
I have enough buttons, bought second hand, to make heaps of cards, bracelets, necklaces or anything else my kids and I desire.
I’ve got zippers to make flowers.
Cloth to sew bags and veggie/fruit bags, doll blankets and more.
I’ve even got a skirt to make (I’ve had the fabric for at least two years) and a dress to take in. I just need to get my behind in gear.

What projects do you have in the works or want to have in the works?

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Book Review – Endangered by Dani Hoots

Daughter of Hades: Book 1
by Dani Hoots

Another book review that is a long time coming.

I enjoyed this book. It was a light and quick read, funny, sweet and had likeable enough characters. It isn’t my favorite book out there, but it was fun. The Greek mythology kept me entertained. Chrys’ (daughter of Hades and Persephone) adventures with her two male friends were entertaining to tag along on. However, I did find the interaction between the guys to be a bit annoying. Very typical male-ego-stuff. I’d definitely read more books by Dani Hoots.

*I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review – Substitute by Nicholson Baker

Going to School With a Thousand Kids
by Nicholson Baker

This book review is a long time coming… I enjoyed the book, what I read of it. I did read most of it but couldn’t be bothered to read the last chapters. The format of each chapter, a day in the life of substitute teaching, was the same: get an assignment, id card and start the day substituting and tell every conversation that was had with all the students. The stories were entertaining. I did find myself laughing at some and just shaking my head at others. Kids will be kids and sometimes they say the darnedest things. It was interesting to see how school age kids have stayed the same and changed from when I was in school. But there wasn’t anything more to the book than 28 chapters/days of the same thing.

I would read some of the chapters again or as part of another book, but there wasn’t any sort of reason or thread to tie each chapter together. Something that explained Barker’s thoughts or why he was writing this.

*I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

#MicroblogMonday – Told you so

I hope there is a day that someone can say “I told you so” in relation to my son, and probably daughter, speaking English. I just feel so deflated and disheartened when Paxlet doesn’t speak English. I know he could, if he wanted and tried, but he doesn’t want to and only randomly tries, so he doesn’t speak it well. Tadbit seems to be going the same way. She has been wowing us with many new words a week lately, but all in Finnish. In fact, if I tell her/use the English one, she disagrees with me on it! LOL

The kids are in Finnish daycare all day, have a Finnish dad and only me for English. Once they are in school, there are city run programs for multi-lingual families, but we’ve got another 1,5 years (only?! ack!) before he starts preschool/kindergarten (at age 6).

I never thought about languages this way. Nor that it would be so difficult to get my kids to speak my mother tongue.

I don’t really have much to offer or ask for. I’m just mussing and hoping (again) that things will change in the future.

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