FB posts from the other side

These days I generally enjoy getting the Memories notifications from FB. Some status updates are totally vague and who knows what the hell was going on in my life on that day x years ago. But many of them help me recall the memories just like they were yesterday. The ones that are more difficult to handle are the updates closer an unpleasant memory, such as my mom’s death.  The year before or after and days leading up to THE day. Those one generally hit me with a ton of bricks.

But the ones that don’t sting as much, are the updates the year before I was pregnant or the year I was pregnant (with my eldest). Seeing updates during the year(s) before, I can remember the yearning I had to become a parent and the misery I went through during that time while trying to get pregnant and not knowing if it would happen.

For example, 8 years ago today I posted “bleh”. Insightful, huh? But…knowing the timing of life then (and reading past bog posts), I know CD1 was a few days earlier and we were gearing up for IVF round #2. Today’s 8 year old post might not have anything to do with infertility, but it makes me think of it none the less.

On the flip side, the posts that are most fun and exciting to see are the ones during my first pregnancy, even if I didn’t mention pregnancy issues in the FB post. (I didn’t really post much about either of my pregnancies on FB. Can you say traumatized/understanding infertile?) Knowing now that I was finally pregnant and what I was experiencing then, FINALLY, is just way cool to remember.

So, FB isn’t always bad. That said, I should probably spend less time wandering around it anyway.

I hope your 2019 has gotten off to a decent start and continues to be good for you.

I’m going to be an aunt

A bit ago, my sister informed the family that she is pregnant. I’m thrilled for her! It’s only slowly dawning on me that I’m going to be an aunt! I’m thrilled for me. (I only wish I lived closer.)

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#MicroblogMonday – No tubes tied for me

A month ago I went to the gynecologist to discuss getting my tubes tied*. I was waiting for the doctor to get back to me about my endometriosis surgery back in 2009 as I couldn’t remember what was, or wasn’t, found. It turns out I did have some endometriosis and an endometrioma (cyst) removed. I’m quite bummed about not being a good candidate for going hormone free. The doctor said, that not only could stopping hormonal birth control possibly allow the endometriosis to grow/form again, and because of my age, if I had to re-start hormonal birth control again, it could cause more health issues such as blood clots (and whatever else she said), than if I were to just continue with it.

The Nuva Ring is a good birth control option for me to continue with or I can switch to the Mirena IUD. Both are low in hormones, plus they are mostly localized to the uterus/ovary area. The Nuva Ring is easy and I basically only have to deal with it twice a month. But I still have to deal with it. I have had a copper IUD before and Holy F! was it painful to get it inserted. It might have had to do with the fact that I hadn’t had kids yet, or it just is painful. Also, the IUD strings were the wrong length and they poked Mr Siili when we were intimate, which wasn’t too pleasant for him. With the Mirena, I was told that most women’s periods go away after some time. (I bet mine won’t. They like to be very regular.) I would still be able to use tampons and the IUD lasts for up to 5 years.

I’m going to give the Mirena IUD a try. The thought of less bleeding and not having to deal with birth control for several years won out. It will also be quite a bit cheaper. Just under 200€ for the IUD compared to 45€ ever 3 months for the ring. Now I wait for my appointment in a month to get it inserted.

*Actually it was getting Essure mico-implants put in the tubes to scar the tubes so that eggs can’t pass through, thus not get pregnant.)

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#MicroblogMonday – Before and after, pregnancy changes

Before I was pregnant/had kids, I firmly slept on my left or right side. Favoring my left. This was still true during pregnancy with Paxlet and after he was born. Again, when I was pregnant with Tadbit, I still preferred my left side, but I flip-flopped. As much as a pregnant lady can. However, I have recently been waking up and finding myself on my back! I’ve never really been a back sleeper, but it seems I am now.

Have you had things change in your life that you used to do differently?

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#MicroblogMonday – Four years ago…

…my waters broke. Tomorrow is my little boy’s birthday. How my world has changed.

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