I’m going to be an aunt

A bit ago, my sister informed the family that she is pregnant. I’m thrilled for her! It’s only slowly dawning on me that I’m going to be an aunt! I’m thrilled for me. (I only wish I lived closer.)

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#MicroblogMonday – No tubes tied for me

A month ago I went to the gynecologist to discuss getting my tubes tied*. I was waiting for the doctor to get back to me about my endometriosis surgery back in 2009 as I couldn’t remember what was, or wasn’t, found. It turns out I did have some endometriosis and an endometrioma (cyst) removed. I’m quite bummed about not being a good candidate for going hormone free. The doctor said, that not only could stopping hormonal birth control possibly allow the endometriosis to grow/form again, and because of my age, if I had to re-start hormonal birth control again, it could cause more health issues such as blood clots (and whatever else she said), than if I were to just continue with it.

The Nuva Ring is a good birth control option for me to continue with or I can switch to the Mirena IUD. Both are low in hormones, plus they are mostly localized to the uterus/ovary area. The Nuva Ring is easy and I basically only have to deal with it twice a month. But I still have to deal with it. I have had a copper IUD before and Holy F! was it painful to get it inserted. It might have had to do with the fact that I hadn’t had kids yet, or it just is painful. Also, the IUD strings were the wrong length and they poked Mr Siili when we were intimate, which wasn’t too pleasant for him. With the Mirena, I was told that most women’s periods go away after some time. (I bet mine won’t. They like to be very regular.) I would still be able to use tampons and the IUD lasts for up to 5 years.

I’m going to give the Mirena IUD a try. The thought of less bleeding and not having to deal with birth control for several years won out. It will also be quite a bit cheaper. Just under 200€ for the IUD compared to 45€ ever 3 months for the ring. Now I wait for my appointment in a month to get it inserted.

*Actually it was getting Essure mico-implants put in the tubes to scar the tubes so that eggs can’t pass through, thus not get pregnant.)

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#MicroblogMonday – Before and after, pregnancy changes

Before I was pregnant/had kids, I firmly slept on my left or right side. Favoring my left. This was still true during pregnancy with Paxlet and after he was born. Again, when I was pregnant with Tadbit, I still preferred my left side, but I flip-flopped. As much as a pregnant lady can. However, I have recently been waking up and finding myself on my back! I’ve never really been a back sleeper, but it seems I am now.

Have you had things change in your life that you used to do differently?

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#MicroblogMonday – Four years ago…

…my waters broke. Tomorrow is my little boy’s birthday. How my world has changed.

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#MicroblogMonday – On the other side

I remembered, then forgot, remembered again, forgot once more and then it just became pointless to write a “MicroblogMonday on Thursday” post. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me today is Monday and that I want to blog. The alarm went off hours ago and I almost forgot again.
Anyway, on to what I really wanted to say.

Tadbit will soon be 10 months old (and Paxlet 3 years 5 months old). I am so done having kids. I was ecstatic beyond words when Paxlet was born. I would have been happy to have him as an only child, I told myself. Because, you know, I finally got to be a parent like I wanted. And then along came our little surprise. A sibling for our Paxlet. And now I can say with 100% honesty, the two of them have made me complete*.

Now, each month when AF is due to arrive, I find myself a little anxiously waiting for her to show up (and then immediately go away once confirmation has been made). Especially when we haven’t used any protection and last month when I was two days late! I did go get myself the Nuvaring, (even if I did say I’d not use hormonal birth control again) until my sterilization (tubal?) surgery happens sometime later this year.

I can’t believe I am on the other side of the IF bridge/journey. I’m not sure I ever imagined myself here. Yet, here I am.

*Plus, I feel too old to go through pregnancy and early baby days again.

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My IVF clinic in the news

Yesterday, in my local newspaper, was an article about a woman in her 30’s who was diagnosed with cancer, had her chemo treatments and then went on to do IVF and get pregnant. Before she started chemotherapy treatments, to try and preserve her fertility, the clinic took some of her ovarian tissue and froze it. After her treatments were done, the clinic put the tissue back in her. Four months later, she had her first period and then the clinic did a round of IVF. The fresh cycle didn’t work but she did get pregnant with a frozen embryo transfer (FET). Pretty amazing don’t you think?

The article states that this has been done 4 times in Finland, but that this is the first time a baby will be born due to this procedure. In addition, there are over 40 other babies in the world where this is how they got their start.

This is amazing news and I’m just in awe over it!

Recap: Doula, Child’s Play and Dentist

Ugh, I just suck at blogging on Mondays. I meant to write this on Monday, but by the time I actually had both hands free and a second to breathe without a baby wrapped on me or a toddler talking my ear off, I was just too exhausted to do anything. Last night was the same, however I did manage to at least get this started so Iwouldn’t forget what I wanted to write. Yeah, I do that a lot. I think of something I want to blog about and then don’t write it down so I forget what the topic was, but not the fact that I had a great idea. Such is life.


The doula finally had time to come by and discuss my labor and delivery with Tadbit, among other things. On my hospital notes the midwife said I pushed for 24 minutes. The doula said she calculated 10 minutes. That seems more along what I remember. The doula also said the midwife was saying that “it” was taking too long. Neither of us could figure out what could have been taking too long, as my active labor was less than 3 hours! Mr Siili doesn’t remember the midwife saying anything like that. In any case, I don’t remember much of what anyone was saying to me. Especially not when there was a contraction.


After Paxlet using his word-sounds for play, I realized I do the same in English and must have done the same growing up. Because I caught myself saying “sweep sweep sweep” and “brush brush brush” the other day. I guess what struck me as interesting was hearing it in Finnish.


I went to the dentist twice last week. On Wednesday I was there for 30 minutes to get a cavity/lost filling fixed. While I was in the dentist’s chair, Mr Siili was outside in the car with Tadbit. All went well, even if my tooth is still a bit sensitive (as to be expected).

Friday’s visit was for the root canal tooth. Again, Mr Siili was outside with Tadbit. This appointment was scheduled for 75 minutes. However, I didn’t even get called back until an hour after my appointment started. Mr Siili was not too happy.

The dentist thankfully numbed my tooth very well and I only felt pain/discomfort towards the end of the procedure. However, since the gum (and inside the tooth?) was infected and where she was working started getting painful, she couldn’t finish the root canal. I have another appointment this Friday. My tooth area and jaw was hurting when the appointment was finally over so the dentist was going to give me a Burana (ibuprofen) right then and there and then write me a prescription for it. But because I am nursing I told her I couldn’t have that and asked for Panadol (paracetamol) instead. In the confusion of it all, she forgot to write down the medicine name on the prescription form, which in my addled state I didn’t think to question when I looked at the paper and thus wasn’t discovered until I went to the pharmacy. So, I had to buy a box of 15 1G Panadol for 7,45€, when a bottle of 100, via prescription, cost me about 1€. (Even though I don’t need the bottle of 100 anymore, I took it anyway because this bottle will last me/us for the next 4 years. *big grin*)

Mr Siili is quite upset that I have already been into the dentist 3 times now and still need to go in again before the tooth is fixed (we hope). He has never had a cavity and thus never had a filling. Lucky him. I have tried to tell him that they have done something, what they could, to my tooth each time I have gone in, but that it was too painful and infected to actually do much the first few times. Anyway…I have my next appointment on Friday. This time I have booked a babysitter via the city’s services for Tadbit. Let’s see how the dentist appointment goes and leaving Tadbit home with someone completely unknown to us and for the first time.