Pole dancing and Aurora Borealis

These two things have nothing in common except for the fact that I did former and saw the later tonight!

This was me second time ever trying pole dancing. The first was at a bachelorette party years ago.I’ve thought that experience over the years and longingly watched the studio near my work for some time. Finally I went at a friend’s urging. We had fun! But I am going to hurt from the tops of my fingers all the way down to the tips of my toes. And some new bruises to boot. I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

Before tonight, I have only ever seen the northern lights once. And that was up in lapland, as we were getting on the train to head back home. Most nights when the lights have been visible in my town, I either don’t hear about it until the next day, it is cloudy or I can’t be bothered to stay awake and go outside in the middle of the (cold) night. Tonight, I went out there! I drove 3 minutes away (literally) to get to a bit darker place to be able to see the northern lights. And I did see them! They are strong, moving and all over the sky. Amazing!


On Parental Holidays

I’ve never re-blogged something before, but this just hit the nail on the head for me. Just because I now have two kids, doesn’t mean Mother’s day or Infertility issues have disappeared.

Just Stop Trying and It Will Happen...

So, I just experienced my first Mother’s Day.

Well, not my first, of course.  I’ve been experiencing them as long as I’ve been a daughter, celebrating my own mother, grandmother, and the other mothers in my life.  One a year, every May, until I was married…

Then I spent four Mother’s Days preferring to eat (and drink) my feelings about not being a mother myself rather than celebrating anyone else’s functional reproductive systems.

Mother’s Day 2013 was spent feeling like I was caught in some limbo between motherhood, grief, and infertility.  That was a dark day spent thinking about how I should be cuddling my newborn Gummy Bear.

Last year, I found myself harboring the secret of our little Jelly Bean.  Unable to voice my fears and elation to anyone but the husband at the time, I ultimately chose Mother’s Day 2014 as the day we would tell our families…

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Root Canal

I went to the dentist about 6 weeks ago (2 weeks before Tadbit was born) and even with 3 numbing shots, it was still too painful for the dentist to do anything. I went back yesterday and it was still too painful for the dentist to try anything, so I now have to see a specialist for a root canal. Or just have the tooth pulled. Or have a bridge made. Or…I don’t know.

How horrible is a root canal? Would it be better to just have the tooth pulled? It is a lower molar, 2nd from the back. How badly would the gap show when I laugh and smile?

Mr Siili has never had a cavity so he is no help at all. In fact, he doesn’t understand how I can have had so many cavities, subsequent fillings and other dental work. I do take care of my teeth! I brush my teeth and tongue every day and floss, although not every day, but more often than I used to. And still, I have teeth issues. It sucks!


I just have to say, swimming while being this pregnant is amazing! I actually feel like a pretty and sleek seal instead of a big ol’ clumsy walrus (when it’s on land).

I love to swim. But before a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t really swam since before I got pregnant with Paxlet. That’s over 3 years ago! I may have gone a time or two with my MIL, but never on my own in my hometown. Since I’ve started swimming again, I’ve been reminded of the differences between swimming in the US compared to Finland*.

I remember the pool water being so much warmer in the US. In fact, as I stepped into the pool in my hometown 10ish years ago, I remember thinking it was like a lukewarm bath. Not pleasant at all. While the water is a bit colder here in Finland, we have sauna to go to to warm up.

Sauna! My goodness, the US needs sauna in their swimming halls. It is wonderful to sit in the warm/hot sauna after swimming. Each gender has their own sauna in their changing/showering areas. You can relax, stretch a bit and well, just enjoy sauna. It is also a place to bond with friends. Sauna is not about sex. Sure, some people do have sex in sauna (IN? Hmm, a bit too hot for my tastes) or during their sauna, but that is not the reason for going to sauna. As I said, sauna is a way to relax, get clean and hang out. (Sauna has also been used during labor and delivery for hundreds (thousands?) of years here in Finland.)

Side story: A couple of weeks ago as I was relaxing in sauna, the kids who had been having swim lessons flowed into sauna. The girls, about 9-10 years old, were talking about boys. Then the talk switched to “how crying at school is not cool”. One girl mentioned something about how she hadn’t cried since she was in first grade (7 year olds). Another said she had fallen off her bike, it was real bad, and she didn’t cry at all. Another asked her in disbelief “you didn’t cry at all?” The first replied “nope, and I hurt for a month afterward too.” The girls were quite proud of how strong they were. Finnish “sisu” at a young age. It was fun to listen to the girls interact, quite comfortable in their birthday suits.

Nakedness is not an issue, especially in sauna. Swimsuits are not allowed in sauna, says the sign on the sauna door and as a general rule. (There have been times I have been in mixed company and ages, such as a Taekwondo event, where we did keep swimsuits on.) As a kid when we had swim lessons in school, I remember most everyone hiding in their towels as we changed to and from our swimsuits. Or if a towel wasn’t used, we were very quick to get changed. The few that were very body conscious would change in the 2-3 curtained off rooms. I can’t imagine that girls are anymore comfortable these days in the US. It’s a shame. I am sure some of the girls there have some body image concerns, but all the girls were just sitting there, naked as can be, chatting away.


This is a picture of the swimming hall (uimahalli) I have used the most in Finland. It is 30 meters (about 100 feet) underground. It also happens to be the emergency shelter for the people in the surrounding buildings, should there ever be a need for it. It was and is a bit strange to take an elevator down to the swimming hall, but once there, it is like any other pool, except no windows.

*I can only compare the swimming pools I’ve ever been to. As such, the “US” pool experience is mostly from my hometown plus a couple of other places. I’ve been to more Finnish swimming pools, however my experiences in them is almost all the same.

#MicroblogMonday – Library bus

I was going to bore you all with how sick I’ve been the last few days, the fact that I went to the doctor today and got antibiotics for the start of a lung infection, but then this happened:

Library bus
Monday is library bus day! This bus stops not too far from our house each week and I never knew! Paxlet and I waited with two friends (one who goes semi-regularly and the other who was there for the first time too) to get on the bus and choose 3 books. Paxlet was so excited to get on a library bus! I know we can go to the library proper, but we just never have*. This bus however is begging to be used. And I plan to use it more often!

Do you have library buses where you live? If you don’t have a library bus, would you want one to stop near you? Or do you prefer the real library?

*Paxlet has gone to the library several times with his daycare lady. I sort of feel bad that I’ve not ever taken him myself… However, we do have a decent amount of books at home that he hasn’t gotten totally bored with, yet.

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My spoon

I have a mish-mash set of dishes/utensils at work for food and drinks. Sure, there are some provided for our use at work, but I like having my own, knowing that I will have them at my disposal when I want them. I also hand wash my things instead of using the dishwasher because it guarantees that my things stick with me. However, there are a few times I have forgotten my things in the kitchen and someone puts them in the dishwasher. I do get my things back, as soon as I remember where I’ve left them. Except for two times when my spoon disappeared!  The spoon in question walked (auto text typed “waddled”, how appropriate) away, but after I left a “lost” poster for my spoon, it was returned. The second time my spoon disappeared was early summer last year. I put up another notice and had many people ask if my spoon had been found. It had not been found or returned. I was resigned to the fact that my spoon was not coming home to me. Someone else must have needed it more.


Then today, one of my co-workers walks in with my long lost spoon!!

The funny thing is, a few of my co-workers and I were just dicussing my spoon a week or two ago. I know it is silly to have this much interest or investment in a little spoon, but I like this spoon. I specifically brought this spoon from home to use at work because of its design, shape, look and how it makes me feel when I use it. It’s my spoon.

Little adventures cont.

I forgot my house keys at home again this morning! Along with my bus card, phone, work key and mittens. All in the same place, in one bag. Yes, that was my morning.
Thankfully, Mr Siili was still at home to open the door for me.
And! I was in plenty of time that I didn’t have to run to catch the bus.