Blast from the past: Cabbage Patch Kids

These are my Cabbage Patch kids! There are many emotions tied to them.

My dad climbed into the attic and dug them out for me. I’m so excited to see them and know that they are in great condition. I always knew they were there, but I never really had any need of them until my Tadbit came along and loves dollies (and Lightning McQueen, Olfa, Anna, Elsa, cats, cows, etc). I can’t wait until we go to the US next year.

Charlie Caleb is on the left. His name was Charlie Randy, but I didn’t like how it sounded with my last name, so I sent in his birth certificate to get it officially changed. Charlie is fe-male. It depended on my mood and what I dressed them/it up in. Those are it’s original clothes (and shoes I think).

Heidi was made by my mom. I didn’t appreciate her (the doll and my  mom) enough when I was younger, but my heart aches with love now at how much my mom loved me.


4 thoughts on “Blast from the past: Cabbage Patch Kids

  1. Yes for the appreciation of parents so much later on in life! I find a bit of comfort in hoping that it will happen with my children as well. I know it is natural to take parents for granted in the beginning. But I sometimes feel neglected by my children, and hate myself for that. Luckily not for long though.

  2. I love it. And that’s so cool your mom made that doll. I didn’t appreciate my parents like I do now either. I never had a Cabbage Patch doll, but I had always wanted one.

  3. I didn’t have Cabbage Patch (a little too old maybe?). But it’s cool to find that old stuff. I kept some stuffed animals that my kids have currently claimed. 🙂

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