Book Review – Never Broken by Jewel

Never Broken
by Jewel

My first ever CD was Jewel’s Pieces of You that I won off a radio contest. I immediately went out and bought a portable CD so I could listen to it in my car (which had a cassette player in it). I loved the CD. It wasn’t quite my regular style of music I listened to, but the words and tunes were simple, catchy and heartfelt. They were relatable.

When I saw that she had a book out, I was instantly intrigued. And I wasn’t disappointed. I learned so much about Jewel and what has made her who she is today. Her life has been far from idyllic, but she persevered and has overcome so much. When many would have given up and let life destroy them, she looked within herself, carried on and achieved what she has today.

It is wonderful to read that she has made peace with her past and found what makes her happy and works for her in life. I know I enjoyed this book when it took me less than two weeks to read (that’s quick with 2 littles in the house).

*I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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