#MicroblogMonday – Told you so

I hope there is a day that someone can say “I told you so” in relation to my son, and probably daughter, speaking English. I just feel so deflated and disheartened when Paxlet doesn’t speak English. I know he could, if he wanted and tried, but he doesn’t want to and only randomly tries, so he doesn’t speak it well. Tadbit seems to be going the same way. She has been wowing us with many new words a week lately, but all in Finnish. In fact, if I tell her/use the English one, she disagrees with me on it! LOL

The kids are in Finnish daycare all day, have a Finnish dad and only me for English. Once they are in school, there are city run programs for multi-lingual families, but we’ve got another 1,5 years (only?! ack!) before he starts preschool/kindergarten (at age 6).

I never thought about languages this way. Nor that it would be so difficult to get my kids to speak my mother tongue.

I don’t really have much to offer or ask for. I’m just mussing and hoping (again) that things will change in the future.

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6 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Told you so

  1. Years ago, I met a woman from Italy who expressed the same frustration about her kids who were being raised in the US. They only spoke English, despite her insisting she speak to them in Italian. What changed was when they started spending summers in Italy. Suddenly they showed they could grasp the language, but only when they were surrounded (and not doing so made life difficult).

    Do your kids talk to your family? If yes, is it in English? Is there a way to immerse them? Sadly they won’t learn for you, but they will learn when they have to.

  2. I think once they understand the benefit of knowing English, once there is something at stake, they’ll throw themselves into it. That’s what we’ve noticed. The kids didn’t want to learn Hebrew until the day they realized that we spoke over their heads about juicy things in Hebrew. Now suddenly they want to know what we’re gossiping about. So not the best impetus, but travel or finding shows they love or books they love in the other language goes a long way. Can you show them YouTube videos of really cool cartoons in English?

  3. My husband has the same fear about Missy learning his language. He speaks to her almost every exclusively in that language, but more and more, she answers him in English. She watches videos and speaks to his family (via Skype) in their language, but she has far less exposure to it than English. Fortunately for your kids, English will get them much farther in the wider world than my husband’s language will for my daughter! So that might be enough motivation for them.

  4. We have the same struggles with getting our daughter to use Finnish. We have tried everything but it seems it will be slow progress until we actually move to Finland. I’m sure your kids will learn English really quickly once they start learning it at school – it will come more easily to them because they have heard it from a young age and they will want to show off to their friends 🙂

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