#MicroblogMonday – This and That #5 aka Mind-dump Monday

Welcome to the next year, everyone! I hope 2017 is kind to you and that it lives up to your expectations.

Sorry for the long post today, but this has all been percolating in my brain for some time.

I learned about my good friend’s daughter’s diagnosis of depression last week. It’s sad to see it affect someone so young. She’s only 7. If you have any book suggestions or resources where they can look, I’d love to be able to pass it on to them.

I’m glad Xmas is over. Such a build up to the event and then it’s over in an evening/morning. Many years it feels as if I stress and stress and it doesn’t really go like I planned or thought it would be in my head. This year was no different. Both kids were mildly sick (fever and snuffly-coughs), so we didn’t make it to the cousins for Xmas. It would have been the first time, ever. We didn’t have a tree, but we did have decorations we made and lots of Xmas food I made. I don’t know what exactly it is I expect of or from Xmas, but I was bummed. However, as I drove to the cousins’ house to drop off/pick up gifts, I cried and worked out my stress and frustrations. Xmas is about being with family. This year it was going to be with the cousins, instead of at my in-laws (or my own family, which has been waaay too long). When that didn’t work out, I was upset. But then it dawned on me, I have my own family now! A family that I have longed for and wanted for so long. That realization helped me calm down and mostly remain focused on what I wanted from Xmas this year: to see my kids (and Mr Siili) happy and loved. It worked.

I did get to Skype with my family on Xmas eve (their morning). It was great to see them all in one place at one time. I still missed my Mom.

I’ve been feeling quite down on myself lately. I feel like I am not good enough. At many things. Being a mom, wife, worker, person. It sucks.

I got my Mirena IUD, had a week of nothing and then I started spotting/lightly bleeding, which has now lasted for 2+ weeks. Yay.

For 3-4 weeks leading up to Xmas, I had excruciating back pain. I’ve had back pain off and on since I was 14 and a passenger in a car wreck. This time, however, it was bad, very bad. Many days a paracetamol would only take the edge off. The pain was bad enough I went to the doctor for it. She prescribed me a week’s worth of mega-pain meds and some muscle relaxants (I only took a couple day’s worth). After the week of mega-pain meds my back was fine for a day or two and since then the pain has crept back. I head to the physiotherapist tomorrow morning. If he can’t help, I’ll head back to the doctor in another couple of weeks to see what happens next. I’m tired of back pain.

I need to stop eating so much sweets. And not just for the holidays, but all times.

When I was at the post office before Xmas to mail my cards, there was an addressed post card that didn’t have a stamp. Someone dropped it and didn’t notice. I felt bad that the receiver wouldn’t get their card, so I paid for the postage (,80 cents).
Then the next day, I found 24 euros worth of stamps on the ground. There was a receipt in the bag with them, showing that they had been paid by a debit card. I returned the stamps back to the store in hopes that they would be able to return the money to the card. I’m assuming it happened like that because the store never contacted me to come get the stamps. I would have felt guilty every time I used one of those stamps if I had kept them without trying to return them first.

I love my kids! Even if they drive me bat-shit crazy at times.
Paxlet is so smart, inquisitive and observant about the world around him. He loves his little sister. He tells her “Sä ot mun pikku sisko” (You are my little sister) and it melts my heart every time. Yet, he whines and moans about everything I do or don’t do. (Why is putting one’s clothes on such a difficult task sometimes?)
Tadbit is the cutest and most stuborn drama queen there is. We’re going to be in trouble. For now, it’s just cute when she dramatically pouts when we tell her to not hit the cat, take a smaller bite or not throw things. She’s consistently saying 2 words together and more and more 3-word sentences every day. She also growls. I think she might have gotten some of that from me.

Our house NEEDS to be de-cluttered. I need to just give up on the idea of trying to sell things on FB and donate the stuff. We need it out of our house more than we need the money.

We crafted quite a bit during December. But those were kid-friendly crafts. I finally got my sewing machine out yesterday and did some adult crafting! I made two reusable veggie-fruit bags. I had only been meaning to make these for a couple of months. They are from all recycled material. I can’t wait to try them out next time I go food shopping.


And that’s some of what has been in my head. How was/is your first Monday of the year?

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7 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – This and That #5 aka Mind-dump Monday

  1. You’ve been busy! Glad that Christmas was generally good, though hugs about your mom. I’m also sorry about your friend. Depression lies, plan and simple. But for a 7 yr old to battle it? My heart hurts.

    Well done on the veggie bags!

  2. I love those bags! I really only use the plastic bags for onions or if I get a big amount of oranges or apples so I feel bad for the cashier, but those are so fun!
    And wow! You’ve been busy. I hear you on the decluttering. Right now I’m trying to sell what I can to try to finance an FET in 2018.

  3. Sending a hug that will hopefully reach you as your feeling down. I have to imagine Christmas is hard because there is so much pressure put on this one day. And then sometimes life doesn’t line up with that one day. It’s almost as if one needs to sneak up on Christmas. Or their birthday.

  4. Happy new year! I was nodding along with so much of this post (including the part about the sweets!). I’m glad Christmas with your little family ended up being enough. I keep having to remind myself that it’s enough for us, too, but it’s hard being so far away from extended family. Big hugs to your friend and her daughter, too. That must be so hard on their whole family. I hope they find some help for their little girl.

  5. I totally understand the way you feel about Christmas! Ever since I’ve had kids living with me for Christmas (this was our third) I’ve put this immense amount of pressure on myself to have the “perfect” Christmas worthy of a Norman Rockwell painting. Only, that doesn’t fit me or my kids and only sets me up for emotional defeat. I must try what you did, to remind myself that we are a family now and our Christmas will be unique just like we are unique. Wishing you a very happy, healthy (less sugary?) and de-cluttered New Year!

  6. I think starting a young child on a routine of short meditations (also breathing exercises)
    (like 5-10 minutes) might be a good idea. It’s great for anxiety and depression and overall sense of calm at any age. It’s a skill she can use to quiet her mind throughout her life. Happy New Year to you. Hope it’s a wonderful one! xo

  7. I quite like the idea of a mind dump Monday, and may copy you in the future.

    I’m glad you managed to work through some of the emotions around Christmas, and that your two are keeping you entertained. And I hope doing those good turns helped you feel better. They may be little, but they were still important.

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