Childhood depression

I had a great evening tonight. I met up with my best friend and we went swimming. It has been ages since I have swam and it felt great! I got in one kilometer. After our swim, we went to sauna (in the swimming hall) and then had a tea and snack in the cafe. It filled my being to spend some much needed time with my friend. We even went to the store afterward. She was looking for some on sale clothing items and I needed food. What we ended up getting was about 8 kilos (17,5 lbs) of candy. We are two peas in a pod* candy rats a like and just couldn’t pass candy for 1,95€/kilo. I did managed to control myself and only took 2,5 kilos as my bounty. I’ll try to ration it out and give some away. Who am I kidding?! I’ll most likely eat it all.

On a serious note, my friend told me this evening her daughter has been diagnosed with depression. The daughter is only 7 years old. My heart hurts for the girl and my friend. I know it’s not a death sentence, necessarily, but I’ve seen and heard about her struggles so far and it’s not going to be easy as she gets older. This girl knew who to pick as her mom (and dad) when she came to this world. My friend is a great mother and does anything she can to help her girls.

My friend has been looking for some books to help explain depression to her daughter. She says it is quite difficult to find ones that fit their situation. She explained one book that she has found had a creature that was incredibly “sad” and that after some time, someone gave them a gift or threw them a surprise party and they are happy again. My friend’s daughter is not “sad”, she is angry-depressed. It is a dark black depression. This girl cannot be left alone with her sister, for fear of physical violence that might be done. It has been threatened and even acted on to a degree. Already at this age, and for a few years already, this girl doubts with all her being that she is loved and worth the love she is shown. It’s truly heartbreaking.

This is where I need your help, interweb peeps. Do you know of any books or websites that might be of help for my friend and her daughter? I don’t mean self-help type books that my friend can use to make her daughter better, but rather books that can be used to help the entire family understand what depression is, how it affects the girl and those around her. Especially those that are geared towards young kids.

*That’s just too healthy of a description.


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