Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth perfume

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker and I were discussing smells. Particularly, perfumes. I said how I used to be able to wear perfume and essential oils, but these days I have become like my mom and I am extremely sensitive to smells. Many perfumes, hand lotions and fragrances actually make me ill if I have to be around them. I get a runny nose, headache, itchy-fevery eyes, which just makes for an over all yuck feeling. I have had to ask Christmas flowers to be taken out of the office and co-workers to not use a certain hand lotions or perfumes. I feel bad asking this, but if I don’t I feel physically ill.

All of this led me to remember Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth perfume that I got for Christmas one year. (Anyone else?) I loved that perfume! At least I think I loved it. Or maybe it was that my friends also had it and it was popular at the time. I grew out of it and I think I ended up tossing the last bit of it out. Years later, my mom reminded me of my love for it and how she couldn’t stand it. To her, it smelled like cat piss. Thanks mom! I’m thankful she didn’t tell me that at the time, I know I wouldn’t have handled it well.

Did you ever have Electric Youth or some other celebrity’s perfume?

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10 thoughts on “Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth perfume

  1. I remember Electric Youth! And Babysoft (that one came in different colors).

    I’m like you. Strong scents make me ill, which has been a particular problem if forced to be in close quarters with someone who wears a lot of perfume or has recently had a perm/relaxer treatment. I use to feel bad about banning all perfume products in my classes until I had some students approach me and thank. E as they were suffering too.

  2. Haha the last Monday Microblog post I read mentioned dogpoop, and now yours mentions cat piss. I need to edit mine and just randomly say gerbil vomit or something.

    I generally reek of Old Spice. I’m sure I’d make you itch!

    • I can and can’t remember what Old Spice is like. It truly depends on the perfume and the…base it is made from? It’s interesting how some things make the reaction happen and others don’t.

  3. It’s not that I’m sensitive to perfumes, I just… think it’s too strong. I used to have Paris Hilton which I actually liked. (The smell, not the person.) But I like body sprays a lot more, though even those I don’t wear now with my daughter, because I feel bad when she cuddles with me, having to smell something that strong.

  4. Wow..haven’t thought about that in awhile! I definitely remember being enamored with Electric Youth perfume, but I’m not sure I ever owned a bottle. I don’t recall what it smelled like but wasn’t the bottle blue with some kind of neon thing inside? Off to google images…

  5. I don’t have that memory, but you made me think of other perfume related memories. I went through a perfume phase many years ago, mainly because my aunt decided to give it to me as a gift all the time. I haven’t worn it in years though. I don’t have the strong physical reaction to perfume that you have, I can’t say I like it anymore. The last time I bought perfume was for my brothers, because I wanted to get them an eclectic Christmas gift and I was sure they’d never buy it for themselves. I went out with my friend and we had a blast trying on men’s cologne. The gift went over well I think. Not sure about one of my brothers; he might have let it go stale in the bathroom. But the other made a point of telling me some months later how much he liked it. Alas he has asthma now so I doubt perfume would be a good choice.

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