#MicroblogMonday – Great and not as I expected news

Great news first: I won a 50€ gift certificate! It was because of this photo below and the hair dye I used: Hermans professional, Bella Blue (and Patsy Purple). I can’t wait to get more hair dye and have a rainbow on my head.


And now the not as I expected news: I had my pre-op appointment this morning to get my tubes closed, but I might not be able to get it done because of my endometriosis. I wanted to cry as I left the office. I’ve been waiting since the beginning of the year for this appointment and my endo has to go and screw it up. I’ve always disliked this totally silent, pain-free and symptomless partner of mine.

I can’t remember what (how much endo) was found when I had my laprascopic surgery back in November 2009. But if there was a decent amount found and removed, I should now stay on hormonal birth control to help keep the endometriosis calm and at bay. I am using NuvaRing now, but I could switch to the Mirena IUD instead.

I’m now waiting again. The doctor has asked from the hospital for my surgery details. Once she gets that, she’ll send me her final recommendation of how to proceed. I’m quite sure she’ll recommend no surgery and to continue with the hormonal birth control.

Do you have any experience with the Mirena IUD that you’re willing to share? 

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2 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Great and not as I expected news

  1. Loving the hair and the gift certificate.

    Hating your news about endo reemergence. That’s just awful. I have a copper IUD as I’m suppose to avoid the hormones, but I’ve heard good things about Mirena.

  2. I have had the Mirena for about 1 1/2 years. I had my tubes tied in 2004 after the birth of my youngest son. TMI coming up: About 3 years ago my periods started being very heavy and lasting a long time. When I finally talked to my doctor they did a biopsy and for me, I had 3 options, hysterectomy, burn the uterus or MIrena (least invasive), so I went with the Mirena. After about 2 months, no more periods. It also helped with my moodiness, but heck who wouldn’t be moody if they were bleeding most of the month. (sorry if this is to much TMI) I love the Mirena. I have had no issues, I will keep it in for the 5 year total which should put me in to menopause age. They’ll take it out and hopefully everything will dry up like it’s supposed to and I’ll be done with it. If not, I’ll have another one placed.

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