Tadbit’s daycare update

Last week was was Tadbit’s first week at daycare. She did amazingly well. No real fussing or crying when we dropped her off each morning. She was more worried about what was happening with her backpack. On Monday, the childminder (K) sent me a text message saying that Tadbit cried briefly after we left, but was soon eating breakfast and playing with the boys. She’s the only girl, out of the 4 kids being taken care of. I was informed that on a few of the days during first week Tadbit would cry a tiny bit, sit on the K’s lap and then be ready to go on her way. By Friday, Tadbit, and Paxlet, were so very tired. It was a good, but roughly active first week, if the 3 bruises on her face were any indicator.

So far this week, each morning when I have informed Tadbit that it is time to go to the K’s house, she has ran to me, fussing and whimpering. She becomes clingy and wants to be in my arms and my arms alone. Mr Siili is not good enough. During the walk there, it is only across the street, she is usually quite fine and normal. But the second K open’s her door, Tadbit starts fussing and crying. Poor girl. And as I hand Tadbit off to the K, my girl is crying and screaming with her hand outstretched to me. It breaks my heart, but I know she only cries a few minutes at most. As confirmed by K in the afternoons. When I get the kids in the afternoon, Tadbit is all smiles and happy.

Paxlet, on the other hand, is taking everything in stride. This is the start of his 4th year there, after all. I think he has stopped whining as much at home!


One thought on “Tadbit’s daycare update

  1. It’s so hard to drop them off when they get so upset. Everything in us jut wants to comfort. Yet I’ve witness them almost immediately snapping out of it after mom leaves.

    And yay for less whining!!!

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