#MicroblogMonday – Fender Bender

Tadbit cried screamed this morning when we dropped her off at daycare. I knew it would come at some point. Poor girl. I’m sure she only cried a few seconds/minutes, as breakfast was ready to eat and food solves everything for my kids.


Mr Siili and I went to see the new Ghostbusters movie two weeks ago. I loved the movie! I laughed and giggled a lot. It was predictable, but it was still fun and sort of like a flash back to the original. Unfortunately, the few hours we were kid less were overshadowed by the fact I bumped another car’s bumper when I was trying to park. I’m kicking myself for it still, when I think about it. I know how big/small my car is, I was just frazzled about getting to the movie on time. I was inching forward, so the bump wasn’t so hard, but my car’s bumper left some dirt and minor scratch marks on the other car’s bumper. I rubbed the dirt off and left a note, in English, for them to call me if there was any problems. We’ve not heard a peep from them. I wonder if my note in English scared them off or if they just don’t see any marks/issues. I truly hope it is the latter.

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7 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Fender Bender

  1. I bumped someone like that once, we were in traffic and I just didn’t brake hard enough, fast enough. For them, the miniscule scratch wasn’t enough to go through the trouble of filing it with insurance. Hopefully, the owner of the car feels the same way. In my mind, this is why cars have things called “bumpers” – they are gonna get bumped. 🙂

  2. Dang! I’m still cringing over a minor fender bender I had when I was 17 (and I don’t want to do the math and figure out how many years ago that was! LOL!). Glad to hear you enjoyed Ghost Busters – one of these days I want to see it myself.

  3. I understand how you must feel. I was rear-ended once and hit the car in front of me. I felt guilty even though it wasn’t my fault.
    I know my car’s bumper is plastic so heating it with a hair dryer makes it flexible enough to fix dents. Maybe the damage was easy to fix or not worth following up on.

  4. That was really nice of you. I have to confess that I’ve hit a few bumpers parking but never caused any damage but I never left a note. Sigh, I miss rubber bumpers.

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