#MicroblogMonday – Mohawk and Pigtails

Aaaand it’s Tuesday.

Paxlet finally asked for a hairstyle. A mohawk!!! And off we went to the hairdresser, as it was time to get it cute anyway.
wp-image-708545592jpeg.jpeg wp-image-210508635jpeg.jpeg wp-image-1941421891jpeg.jpeg
I think if he still likes this style, next time we can get the sides even shorter and the ‘hawk part more defined. And as soon as I’m not feeling lazy, we’re going to color his mohawk also. Green? Purple? Blue? I’ve got them all, he just needs to decide.

Little miss Tadbit isn’t to be outdone, either. Her hair is getting long enough for pigtails and a hair pretty on the front (to keep her bangs/fringe out of her eyes). The hair clip is quick and easy to put in and she loves it. The pigtails or ponytails on the other hand result in screeches as I am attempting to put them in. In addition, they only stay in for a few minutes.
wp-image-1044701192jpeg.jpeg wp-image-2061434494jpeg.jpeg

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7 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Mohawk and Pigtails

  1. Love the mohawk! They’re both very cute! Missy now asks me to put her hair in a “bun,” which I put in quotes because she doesn’t really have enough hair for a true bun, so it’s more of a looped ponytail, but she’s very pleased with it! A big improvement from when, like Tadbit, she used to rip the ponytails out of her hair (along with a huge chunk of hair she couldn’t afford to lose!).

  2. Nice styles! I opt for one pigtail sticking out the top of AJ’s head. She looks adorable in a ponytail at the back but it gets messed up. It’s great you are encouraging Paxlet to have a sense of style.

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