6 years a Finn

Getting my Finnish citizenship hasn’t really changed my life in any day to day way, but I was happy to get it anyway.

The biggest difference I have found having dual citizenship is that when I travel to the US, I need to have both passports with me. I have been told that having a Finnish/EU passport has the potential to make travel easier to say Russia or Cuba. I’ve never had any issues traveling with my American passport or being an American. I believe being a nice person, no matter your world status, is what matters.

As for matters of Finnish-ness, I’ll never be fully Finnish. For starters, I don’t drink enough alcohol. LOL. And while I am much quieter than I used to be, I’m still “the loud American”. Hey, I speak English and don’t have a problem with letting my voice be heard. Also, this west coast accent of mine, when speaking English, is just too American. My physical features are nothing exceptional, so I can and do pass as a Finn, until I open my mouth. I do speak Finnish and sound decently enough like a Finn* as long as I don’t get into long winded speeches, which reveal my many mistakes. In fact, I think I fooled/tricked someone (unwittingly) into thinking I was a Finn that decided to speak to my kids in English to be cool, or something.

Having dual citizenship just feels a bit nerdy/geeky. It isn’t really needed, but it is cool to have because no one else has it.
Like my artsy-fartsy representation of the Finnish flag? I had fun capturing it.

*I have tried really hard to pronounce words, letters and sounds as the Finns do and not an American/foreigner speaking the language.


5 thoughts on “6 years a Finn

  1. Happy Finn-iversary (?)! I’m the only one in my little family that doesn’t have dual citizenship. And my husband keeps saying how cool it would be to have a child born here, so we’d all be born in four different countries (as opposed to “only” three)! I think it’s cool you can “pass” for a Finn without an accent. I’m curious to see what kind of accent my daughter will end up with, especially when she starts school.

  2. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in another country and hold dual citizenship. Congrats to you and your 6 years!!

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