Flea market follow-up

Last week I had a table at a local flea market to try and sell some stuff. I had a lot of baby girl and bigger boy clothes, some baby related items and a few of my own clothes. Some things sold, others not so much. I had hope so much more would sell, as I marked most things for 0,50 cents to 1 euro, especially baby/kid clothes. In the end, I sold 68,30€ worth of stuff. I’m thankful I didn’t have to pay for the table (20€).


It’s not so common for people to have garage or yard sales here in Finland. I have seen and heard of yard sales put on by the people of an apartment building. And one time, when I was visiting my MIL, there was a neighborhood arranged yard sale event, with a map of the houses that were participating. There are also tailgate/blanket sales, but they are the exception, not the norm.

Most often, if you want to sell your (used) stuff, you take it to a kirpputori (literally: flea market). At the flea market, you rent a space/table, take your stuff there for a predefined period of time, already marked with the price, short description of the item and your table number. If someone wants to buy your things, they take it up to the cash register and pay. As a seller, you also generally need to go check on your table a couple of times to make sure the table is neat looking and that items from other tables aren’t put on your table and vice versa. (Some flea markets will straighten the table for you.) When your rental time is up, you take your unsold items home and collect your earnings.

Table rentals, for 6 days, generally cost anywhere between 20 to 44 euros. The more popular the flea market and closer to downtown it is, the more expensive it will be. I am sure some people make a lot of money selling their things, but the two times I have done this, I have clearly made less than 100€.

It was an experience and I did get some things sold, even if it took a bit of time, energy and gas to drive there and back several times. Now I need to decide if I try and sell some stuff on local FB groups or just donate it all.


One thought on “Flea market follow-up

  1. I wish we had something like this in the US. The best I’ve found has either been through consignment stores or online mom groups. And then, it’s a complete crap-shoot. The flea market model is nice because you get quick feedback. Something to aspire to.

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