#MicroblogMonday – High School Graduation

High school graduation was this weekend in Finland. There were official parties and unofficial parties everywhere. At least that is what Mr Siili was explaining to me. I’ve not gone through a high school graduation here of my own or a close relative and my kids are still too young for many years. (Although I am sure the school years will pass by too fast.)

It got me thinking about my own high school graduation night. I remember there was an official school party. One last big hoopla with your graduating class, where those who wanted to attend were locked in the the school gym for the night and there were organized things to do.

I, instead, went to the beach with my closest friends. My mom loaned me her car for the night and we went to Lighthouse beach. We had a bonfire on the beach. We also just hung out, chatted, went swimming in the ocean and did whatever it was that we did at the beach when you’re young and free. Upon coming home, my mom told me I was home too early (midnight?) as she had loaned me the car all night.

What did you do on your high school graduation night?

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5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – High School Graduation

  1. My high school graduation got rained out (and rescheduled). So that night, none of us were sure what to do with ourselves. I ended up at the local bowling alley with some friends and then watched my best friend get high with her boyfriend and got her safely home while avoiding his desires to have a threesome.

    We had the ceremony a couple of days later and that night my parents threw me a small-ish party and that was about it.

  2. going to the beach sounds good. i actually cannot remember what i did on my last day of high school (the british system didn’t have graduation per se).. huh.. will go and ask my friends what we did 😛 those days seem like a different life ago..

  3. Hmmm, I seem to remember that my parents took me (and several friends) out to dinner at a fancy-ish restaurant. But that just seems like a lifetime ago!!

  4. I don’t remember graduation night at all, but our area has a tradition called Beach Week. I guess it was either last weekend or this upcoming weekend, but all the high school students go to the area beaches for the weekend. There are a few beaches, so it’s somewhat fragmented, but you meet up with other groups of people. I loved my beach week.

  5. Interesting. We also don’t have high school graduation as such here in NZ. I was on a student exchange overseas on what would have been my last day, so missed out on all that anyway. (I’m not complaining though!)

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