#MicroblogMonday – 1 + 8

This is Paxlet’s last week of daycare before his summer holiday starts.

Summer holiday is 8 weeks long (again) this year.

After I have survived 8 weeks home with the kids, Tadbit starts daycare and I head back to work.

Talk about mixed emotions.

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7 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – 1 + 8

  1. I totally get the mixed emotions. While I am happy to turn off the alarm for several weeks, it does cause some anxiety that I’ll be “on” 24/7 for weeks and weeks.

    Here’s to settling into our summer rhythm!

  2. i wish you lots and lots of luck and patience! i have one week left to survive, before the twins’ summer ends and school begins. their ‘school’ is only four hours long (including travel time), and yet those four hours are.. BLISS 😛

  3. Not sure how summer break is going to go in our house this year. You inspired me to count the weeks. It’s more than eight.

  4. It’s the same mixed emotions every working mother (& maybe father–but most of them won’t tell you) has had since the beginning of time. When my kids were babies, I went running & screaming back to work to try to get some normalcy back into my life. Now that they’re older, I love that I work at home so I can go on field trips etc.

  5. Our daycare centre can’t guarantee a full time spot for AJ so we will pay for full time and probably send her part time (whenever I have to go to a workshop or desperately need to get something done around the house, for example). I have to research some stuff for us to do in the summer! I’m so not on top of that stuff.

  6. 8 weeks feels so short! I mean, it’s long, but it just sounds so short. It’s hard to know when everything will change again and see it looming before you — both the start of the break and the end of the break.

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