#MicroblogMonday – Recycling

Bleh, the original post became too wordy.

I try to recycle (and re-use). It makes me feel good. Paper, cardboard and bio-waste, plus regular garbage containers are at the ready for us to use at home. We should be getting metal and glass too, but that has been “in the works” since the beginning of the year. Until we do get them, I take the glass and metal to a store we frequent that has containers for them. In addition, this store has a plastic recycle bin!

Now that I am consciously and more carefully trying to recycle what I can, we have much less regular household garbage going out. The biggest culprit is plastics! Plastic is everywhere and takes up so much (garbage) space! In the first two weeks of this month alone, I had two over flowing bags of metal, glass and mostly plastics to recycle.

I know that I should think about a product and its packaging before I even buy it. That would help drastically with the need to recycle in the first place. But, in some ways that seems very daunting and expensive. Not everything can be purchased in reusable bags/containers, without a huge cost.

Do you recycle?

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9 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Recycling

  1. In Seattle, recycling and composting were required (you were fined if you didn’t), so we usually had very little trash. Here in Boston, we continue to keep up the habit (our landlady has a compost). I think education is the key as so many people aren’t aware of the benefit and what can and can’t.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. We do recycle, but on a limited basis right now. The area we live in doesn’t make it easy…the system is complicated and very flawed. I wish our city made it easier. We do what we can…

  3. Our town charges by the bag for garbage pick up; curbside recycling is free. So yes, we recycle. Though we do weigh the cost vs. effort on some items – everything is supposed to be rinsed clean and if it’s something gooey or would take particular effort to clean, we just toss it.

  4. Recycling where we are now is the easiest we’ve ever had it. Our garbage company does all the recycling so everything goes in one bin and they sort it. We don’t even sort trash from plastic and glass like in other places we’ve lived. It’s fabulously easy- they take it all and then sort it- I think I heard they have prisoners do the sorting but that could be a local wives tale. Whatever, I just love knowing we recycle and have no effort! LOL

  5. Yes, we recycle. I also get infuriated at the ridiculous degree of plastic packaging around some really basic products.

  6. We do, but it’s law here and everyone has recycling bins in their home, so it’s easy. One thing a lot of people do is shop at a co-op. You bring your own containers, they weigh them when you enter the store, you fill them with as much of the item as you want, and they weigh it when you check out, deducting the weight of the container. No garbage left behind 🙂

  7. india is very bad with recycling, which is sad, as it is greatly needed. there are no normal bins anywhere, forget recycling bins 😛 i think some stuff can be sold though, like paper and certain plastic bottles/containers. but i hate keeping bags of stuff around the house -we have so little space, and everything gets so dusty and attracts numerous insects so fast!

  8. Recycling is the law here too, and it’s amazing how much of it there is. I can’t believe all the stuff we recycle used to go to the landfill!! Horrible. I hate dealing with packaging and I wish there was a way to reduce it. But I don’t know how. Using your own bags or buying bulk kind of helps, but it feels like a drop in the ocean of paper and plastic out there. We have high standards of hygiene and safety, which is generally a good thing but probably increases the amount of packaging because everything must be hermetically sealed….

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