#MicroblogMonday – All drugged up

I got new allergy and asthma medications (aka drugs) today!

The new allergy meds shouldn’t make me tired. Yay! More nose spray and eye drops. Yay! And I even got a new asthma med. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with asthma and I’ve never had a different medication. After explaining that I still have some mucous-like stuff* in my throat when I take my medication regularly, the doctor said it sounded like I should try something a bit stronger. Fingers crossed I’ll be back to somewhat normal soon.

wp-1462794961505.jpeg wp-1462794968630.jpeg

Who would think that the arrival of these cute, little green leaves could make someone’s life so miserable? It’s true! Birch pollen is the bane of my existence right now. Have you ever wanted to dig your eyeballs out with a spoon? No? Well, maybe it’s just me then.

We just had the most beautiful 4 day weekend, Mr Siili took Friday off! Sun, a tiny breeze and temperatures around 22C/70F. And I was miserable from allergies and asthma the whole weekend. It didn’t stop me from going outside, who in their right mind would stay inside during the first really nice weather we’ve gotten this year?! Not this allergy and asthma suffering girl. Plus, the beautiful weather continues!

Anyone else suffering with allergies? What helps relieve the symptoms for you?

*The thick mucous stuff isn’t that bad, mostly annoying. But what I have found myself doing is clearing my throat and then spitting (when outside) to get rid of it. I really don’t want to teach my kids to spit all the time, so I hope this new medication helps. Yes, I could discreetly spit into a tissue, but I just don’t have one at the ready all the time. For snotty noses…that’s another (t)issue.

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8 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – All drugged up

  1. I am allergic to cedar pollen, which I only learned when I moved to Japan. A hot bath helps, the warm moisture in the air seems to offset the mucous reaction, but it is temporary.
    When not in Japan, my go to med is pseudo-ephedrine, as my primary reaction is a sinus headache. Also not a long term solution.

    I have been prescribed and suggested nasal sprays, which I hate, but which sometimes help. When it gets really bad, I contemplate moving.

  2. Yikes. As far as I know I don’t have any allergies, but they do sound awful. Hope your allergies go away soon!

  3. I only recently learned I have allergies. Still don’t know the culprit, but it’s terrible to be all stuffed up and mentally foggy.

    May the new meds work with minimal side effects.

  4. So, this is going to sound absolutely crazy…but I swear it helps! Have you tried eating local (birch) honey? Eating honey that has been made with the pollen of what you’re allergic to can help your body learn to deal with the reaction in a less crazy way. Anyway, look into it…it may work. Either way, I’m sorry it’s so miserable!

  5. Yes! After a lifetime of no allergies, I have suddenly developed terrible allergies to everything outside. I am taking a cocktail of Allegra, Flonase and sometimes Zaditor and it keeps everything at bay as long as I start it BEFORE the pollen comes. Hang in there. I hope the new meds work quickly.

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